August 2, 2022

What is SCPM Client on Android?


SCPM client is an app package you might have noticed installed on your android device. If you want to know more about SCPM clients then keep reading this article to the very end.


SCPM Client

SCPM Client

What is an SCPM Client?

The smart certified project manager is an app package on android enforcing the device power administration policies. The client operates along with a smart manager on your android to optimize the power usage of your device.

It is a built-in app installed in Samsung android phones to keep the power-saving database updated to optimize the frequently used app for better performance.

Is SCPM Client Safe?

It is absolutely safe and also there is no evidence of it being a virus. It is a preinstalled app on Samsung android phones to monitor the apps on your phone.

You might see errors about the SCPM client stopping but it may be related to other app errors instead of the SC PM client itself.

If you are facing some problem with the SCPM and frequent notifications “unfortunately SCPM client has stopped” then you can simply download SCPM APK from app stores.

How Can You Uninstall SCPM Client?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to uninstall the SCPM client from android. As most of the other apps installed on android have some purpose that helps the device to run smoothly and perform well.

Uninstalling it may cause a drop in the performance of the app as the basic purpose of installing it on your device is to monitor the apps.

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