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Why is iPhone Battery Yellow & How to Fix It?



If you own an iPhone then you might experience the iPhone battery icon turn to yellow. Most of the time, this icon turns from white to green when plugged in for charging. So, if you want to know why is iPhone Battery Yellow and how to fix it, then you can follow this guide on Geeknism and you will fix this issue in your iPhone battery.

So, what is the real reason behind the yellow color battery on iPhone, and how to fix it? Here, you can learn how to change the yellow battery icon on your iPhone.

Why is iPhone Battery Yellow?

Why is iPhone Battery Yellow

Why my iPhone Battery Turn Yellow in First Place?

If you are here, then you didn’t turn on Low Power Mode by yourself. If you had, then you must need to fix it.

Whenever your iPhone battery touches 20%, a window opens on your iPhone screen to warn the user that your battery level is getting lower and asked you to turn on Low Power Mode. Your iPhone battery turns yellow as soon as you click on Turn On.

The Low Power Mode will automatically turn off when you recharge your iPhone battery crosses 80% battery level.

Why is iPhone Battery Yellow?

Your battery icon turns yellow because Low Power Mode turns on by itself. If you don’t want that your iPhone battery turns yellow, then you must need to disable low power mode on your iPhone by following the below steps.

How to Turn off Low Power Mode to Remove Yellow Icon on Battery of iPhone?

Below, you will learn how to turn off low power mode on iPhone and remove the yellow icon on the battery of the iPhone.

  1. First, open the Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Now, scroll down and click on Battery
  3. Now, go to the Low Power Mode option to disable the option.

So, this is the easy way to disable the low power mode that will help you to increase the battery life of the iPhone, dims the brightness, stops push mails, refresh the background apps to save the apps, and more.

When your iPhone or iPad touches 20% battery life, you will get a low battery warning to place your device in the low power mode.

If you want, you can enable this low power mode to increase the battery life or your iPhone will automatically disable the low power mode whenever you charge your iPhone to 80% or more.

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So, this was the reason for it, and now you know Why is iPhone Battery Yellow. If you still have any queries related to this, then you can use below comment section and we will get back to you with the answer as soon as possible.

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