March 10, 2024

Why Are Custom Company Signs Good For Business?


Custom company signs are very important for businesses of all sizes. They help bring in new customers, make your brand easy to remember, and help your business grow.


In this article, we will take a closer look at why custom signs are so good for your business.

Why Are Custom Company Signs Good For Business?

Why Are Custom Company Signs Good For Business


Banners and sign printing are marketing tools that are widely utilized in every business to communicate a powerful brand connection. Signs, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, act as silent salespeople, attracting customers’ attention.

If you neglect the effects of signs in your marketing strategy, you may miss out on a great opportunity to entice passers-by to stop at your business.

If you’re a small business owner, one of the most crucial things to consider is how you’ll accomplish long-term growth in your first few years. Regardless of the industry, this is usually the make-or-break time for any small business. 

You’ll grow stagnant without an infusion of revenue, which will ultimately decrease your prospects of success.

If you haven’t done so already, you should seriously consider partnering with a seasoned sign firm that understands the need for effective signage for any expanding small business.

Top 6 Reasons Why Customer Business Signs will provide growth to your Business:

Reasons Why Customer Business Signs will provide growth to your Business

#1 Reason: Attracting Customers

One of the main reasons to use custom signs is to get the attention of people who might want to buy from you. Here’s how custom signs can help:

  • Easy to see: Custom signs with bright colors and interesting designs are easy to spot from far away.
  • Tell people what you sell: Signs can tell people about the products or services you offer.
  • Show people where to go: Clear signs point customers to your business location.

Here are some examples of custom signs that work well for bringing in customers:

Type of Business Example Sign
Food Place Big sign with menu items and prices
Clothing Store Window signs showing sales and new items
Car Repair Shop Sign by the road with services and hours

#2 Reason: Building Brand Recognition

Using custom signs can also help people remember your brand better. When you use the same look on all your signs and marketing materials, it makes your brand stronger. Custom signs help by:

  • Keeping things the same: Make sure your brand looks the same on all your signs.
  • Being memorable: Creating unique signs that people will remember.
  • Looking professional: Using high-quality signs to show that your business is trustworthy.

Some well-known businesses with strong brand recognition thanks to custom signs:

  • McDonald’s Golden Arches

McDonald's Golden Arches

  • Apple’s Logo

Apple's Logo

  • Nike’s “swoosh” symbol

Nike's "swoosh" symbol

#3 Reason: Communicating Business Identity

Your custom signs can also tell people about your business’s personality and what makes you special.

This helps you:

  • Show your values: Use sign designs and words that match what your business stands for.
  • Stand out: Be different from other businesses by showing what makes you unique.
  • Connect with customers: Make people feel good and want to connect with your business.

Examples of businesses using custom signs to show their identity:

  • Whole Foods Market’s signs about organic and natural foods.
  • Ben & Jerry’s fun and colorful signs match their playful brand.
  • Patagonia’s signs show their love for the environment.

#4 Reason: Cost-Effective Marketing

Custom signs are a cheap way to advertise your business all day, every day.

Benefits include:

  • Always working: Signs promote your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Long-lasting: Good quality signs can last for many years, giving you marketing benefits for a long time.
  • Reaching local customers: Signs get the attention of people who are near your business.

Examples of businesses that have gotten a lot back from their custom sign investments:

  • A local coffee shop that sold 30% more after putting up a new sign.
  • A pet grooming business that got new customers with a bright, eye-catching sign.
  • A car wash that used a big, lighted sign to bring in people driving by.

#5 Reason: Versatility and Adaptability

Custom signs come in many types and can be changed easily to fit your business’s needs.

This flexibility allows for:

  • Many sign options: Pick from the storefront, window, vehicle wraps, and more.
  • Easy updates: Change your signs quickly to show new products, services, or sales.
  • Seasonal changes: Update signs for holidays, special events, or seasonal items.

Examples of businesses using flexible custom signs:

  • A small shop that changes window signs to show new products and sales.
  • A food truck that uses vehicle signs to show their menu and where they’ll be.
  • A pop-up shop that uses temporary signs to advertise limited-time offers.

#6 Reason: Enhancing Customer Experience

Custom signs that are designed well can make the customer experience better by:

  • Making it easy to find things: Clear signs help customers find and move around your business easily.
  • Creating a welcoming feel: Signs can make your business feel nice and welcoming.
  • Matching your brand: Signs can add to the overall brand experience and make customers happy.

Examples of businesses using custom signs to improve customer experience:

  • An amusement park that uses signs and maps to help visitors find their way.
  • A spa that uses pretty, calming signs to make people feel relaxed.
  • A kids’ play area that uses bright, fun signs to get children excited.


Custom company signs are helpful for businesses in many ways. They bring in new customers, make your brand memorable, show your business’s personality, give you low-cost marketing, let you change things easily, and make customers happy.

By spending money on well-made custom signs, business owners can see long-term benefits and success.


Take a look at the signs you have now and think about getting custom signs to help your business do even better.

Talk to a sign company you trust to learn about your choices and start making great signs that will get people’s attention and help your business grow.

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