5 Uses of Domain Age Checker Tool

A lot of people face scams because they do not have a proper approach with a preventive strategy.  An illegitimate website would not have an advertisement for illegitimacy. It is up to the user to use his intelligence and avoid such websites. If you don’t know how a legitimate website can be differentiated from an illegitimate one, you would end up in a risky situation every now and then.

Domain age is a strong parameter that helps you in differentiating between websites that are professional and the ones involved in scams. What does a domain age checker do? It provides you with the time from which a particular domain is being used by a website. This is actually an important piece of information for website owners as well as standard users. Website owners have to be smart so that they do not establish business relations with the wrong stakeholders.

The Domain Age Checker by Prepostseo.com is Useful

The Domain Age Checker by Prepostseo.com is Useful
The Domain Age Checker by Prepostseo.com is Useful

When talking about domain age checker tools that are seriously productive, the domain age checker by Prepostseo is surely an amazing alternative. There is no need to go through a learning manual to use this tool because it has very simple options.

  • To use this tool, simply enter the URL of the website for which the domain age has to be checked. A maximum of 10 URL addresses can be added at the same time. Thus, you do not need to add one web address at a time if you have to perform the process for multiple domains.
  • The Prepost SEO domain age checker tool is 100% online which means that users do not need to go through unnecessary downloads. Simply click the link to the tool and start using it. In addition to that, this tool is completely free without any usage limitation. You can check the domain age of as many domains as you want without paying a dime.
  • Unlike a lot of other tools, this tool does not allow users to use the features for a limited period of time. Users can use the tool for as long as they want. Users do not have to make any payments for using any of the features. It is a completely free tool through which users can determine the domain age of as many links as they want.

Uses of Domain Age Checker Tools

Domain age checker tools offer several benefits to its users. Given below are 5 key uses of these tools.

  1. Better Business Relations

If you are running an online brand, a lot would depend on the business relations you have. Being connected with substandard stakeholders would bring the reputation of your website down. Domain age is one key parameter through which you can check the standing of the website you are connecting with. If you see that the domain age of a website is low and it is claiming to be present for several years, you can reach the conclusion that the website is not dependable. Before you connect with another website for constructing business relations, always check the standing of the website by determining the domain age. The Prepost SEO domain age checker is a smart tool that can be used for this purpose.

  1. Avoiding Scams

Scams are among the negative products of internet usage. We daily hear people getting robbed after entering their details on scam websites. Why do scams happen in the first place? Lack of knowledge and hasty attitude are two key components in this relation. People are not careful about checking websites. You may enter your financial details immediately if you come across an attractive offer without checking the reputation of a website. This is a major error which most users commit. A lot of information presented by most websites is exaggerated. By checking the domain age of the website, you can determine the actual caliber of a certain website.

  1. Identifying Illegitimate websites

Whether you are a website owner or someone who likes shopping online, checking the legitimacy of a website is a key factor. Illegitimate websites do not use a domain for a long time but they make claims of having immense experience. By checking the domain age, you can easily identify such websites.

  1. Constructing quality backlinks

If you have a new website, constructing backlinks would help you grow. Websites with quality backlinks easily get high SEO positions. The key point is that you should establish backlinks with any website randomly. Only websites that are better than you would help in the growth of your brand. Connecting with substandard websites would result in a downfall. The best way to deal with this situation is by checking the domain age of a website you plan to connect with. If the website has been using the same domain for a long span, you can rest assured that it is legitimate and should be considered for constructing backlinks. In other cases, you should opt for better alternatives.

  1. Preventing financial frauds

These days, most people like purchasing things online. No one has the time to visit outlets, fill shopping baskets and perform other cumbersome tasks. Through online shopping, you can pick your favorite products in less time and even get them delivered to your doorstep but there is a flip side as well.

  • If you accidentally get connected to a scam website, you may end up losing a lot of money. Scam websites misuse the financial details submitted by people. Even if you feel that a particular website is highly suitable for you, do not take chances. Instead, check the domain age of the website. The domain age checker by Prepost SEO is a good tool for this job.

Summing It Up

If you think that all websites are truthful about how experienced they are, you need to rectify your perception. Most websites exaggerate the information they present to the customers. By checking the domain age, you can know how dependable the website actually is.