If you are looking for a synchrony bank routing number, read the complete article below which is going to guide you with routing no and its use in the financial world. You will also know about how you can find routing no. on your check and more. So stay connected and read the complete article below.

Synchrony Bank Routing Number

Synchrony Bank Routing Number

What is routing number?

  • Routing no. is an American bank unique code no. consisting of 9 digits numbers. It is well known by routing transit number (RTN) or American Banker Association routing number (ABA number).
  • When you are making any online transactions, you will be asked for your Routing no. frequently.
  • You can find these numbers in the online banking portals of many financial institutions.
  • In the check issued by a bank, you can find this RTN at the bottom of the check and the first 9 digits of the MICR code is nothing but Routing no.
  • Mostly ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions require routing no. where ACH includes direct deposits and electronic transactions online.

Routing No. First Two Digits Out of 9

  • Among these 9 digits no. The first two digits ABA no must be ranging from 00 to 12, 21 through 32, 61 to 72, or even up to 80.
  • Here if it is 00 which denotes government of USA.
  • When you find numbers from 01 through 12 then you should understand that it is NORMAL routing no. and corresponding to Federal Reserve Bank. For instance, if you have no. as 0260-0959-3 then form the first no. 02 you must understand that it indicates the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
  • If you find no. from 21 to 32, it indicates thrift institutions like credit Unions and saving banks. If you find no like 2254-8687-2, then the first two digits ‘22’ indicate the thrift banks.
  • And if you find the no. from 61 to 72, you should understand that this no. is used by non-bank payment and clearing houses and also termed as ETIs (Electronic Transaction Identifiers).
  • If you find 80, it is only used by traveler’s cheques.

Four main synchrony bank routing number online

  • 021213591 is the Routing no of Synchrony bank of Morristown, NJ, and facilitates synchrony bank wire routing number
  • 124085008 takes you to Draper UT and having Process of synchrony bank wire routing number
  • 042202688 is also the routing no. of Draper UT but not eligible for Process Fedwire.
  • 124085024 denotes the routing no. of Pasadena, CA without a Process fed wire facility.

Synchrony Bank – Customer Support

If you have any problem or any issue with the Routing Number of Synchrony Bank of the particular branch of Synchrony bank you can contact the voice service via dialing 1-866-226-5638 this no. and they will help you with any related query.

Routing Numbers of Synchrony Bank – more information via official site

  • If you want to connect Synchrony bank directly and want to get any related information about it then you can surf through its official site i.e www.synchronybank.com
  • It will satisfy you with your queries like synchrony bank routing number California, synchrony bank routing number texas, synchrony bank routing number Georgia, synchrony bank routing number NJ, synchrony bank routing number Arizona, synchrony bank routing number Florida, synchrony bank routing number Illinois, synchrony bank routing number new York, synchrony bank routing number NY since many of of the people have a problem in finding it.

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Final words:

From the above article, we have discussed routing no. and it’s very useful. We have given you the Routing Number of Synchrony Bank and tried to help you with 3 more others. You can contact on the customer voice support no. in case of confusion and problems which is mentioned above. Visit the main website of synchrony bank via www.synchronybank.com for more detailed information if you want any.

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