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Probably you might be clear with the service and products that are offered by Scottsmiraclegrorebates that you can access via and that is the reason you are reading this article so that you can avail the extra rebate on it.

Don’t worry, as you will go below and read the information completely here below, you are guided step by step about how you can avail scotts miracle gro rebates 2019 and other benefits as well.

Scottsmiraclegrorebates at



You are shown the process and instructions that help you track your scotts grubex rebate 2019 and also helps you to submit you’re the instructions. Not only that the contact details and other information will help you further about Scotts fertilizer rebate 2019. Hence in order to know the complete details about Scotts miracle gro rebates you can simply follow the below-given instructions here:

Scots Miracle-Gro Rebate Promotion [Ways to Do it]

Now in order to avail the rebate you simply have to follow the below-given steps here:

  1. First of all, you will have to submit or track a Scots Miracle Grew discount status online initially.
  2. This is powered by Inmar Inc. with permission from Scots
  3. Customer must find Scots Miracle-Gro product in inquiry to give a discount
  4. To track the discount status, the customer must enter a 16-digit discount deposit offer code (this code was provided to the customer at the time of submitting the Scots rebate online and must be confirmed via email)
  5. It will take about 4 minutes to submit the discount

Examples of common discounts offered by Scots include “savings of up to $ 8 on an ortho home defense insect killer”, “savings of up to $ 150 on a Scots 4 Step Annual program”, and “savings of up to $ 10 on a Scots Premium Original”. Rebate proposal only 50 United States and D.C. Is valid to participate in local independent hardware and/or Garden Center stores where eligible Scots products are sold.

Once the rebate has been credited, allow up to 60 days to receive the rebate, shipped to an address provided by a Scots customer (Scots Company LLC is responsible for any lost, late, stolen, damaged, incomplete, Is not responsible for wrong, unqualified, illegal, incorrect or post-due mail). [Things to Consider]

  1. Discount offer not valid with any other offer, coupon or discount
  2. Customers will receive confirmation of discount within 24 hours of submission
  3. Most (but not all) allow individuals to submit a single offer for a special offer
  4. When customers see the term “duplicate submission”, they are already discounted for the product
  5. Please keep a smartphone with the camera while submitting the discount online Online Submit Instructions

In order to gain the rebate, you will have to submit scotts turf builder rebate form 2019 online that helps you regarding the same. Just follow the below-given step by step process and instructions to do that.

  1. Purchase a qualifying Scotts product
  2. Navigate to the rebate URL com
  3. Find the purchased product
  4. Accept the terms
  5. Select online submission
  6. Provide customers mailing address
  7. Wait up to 60 days for the rebate to arrive


What is an Offer Code?

The offer code is a specific identifier for a specific offer. Often, this identifier can be found on your waiver submission form. Other designations used for this important information are offer ID, department #, and program #. The same offer code you can also find directions on the rebate status detail page on the official website. You can also see that this number is included in the dialog with us regarding your submission. If you need to contact Customer Care about your submission, providing an offer code can help us get through more quickly.

Do rebates expire?

Yes. Although this differs from the offer, exemption submissions are accepted for a fixed period of time. Please review the details of the offer on your rebate form or website to find the specific timeframe to participate.

If I’m asked to provide the “original UPC,” what does that mean?

This means that you need to cut the printed bar code (Universal Product Code) on the product package and send it along with the rebate submission form. The UPC is a string of thick and thin vertical lines (usually with the number 12 listed above) and, most often, is found under the box or on a flap.

However, some product packaging may contain more than one bar code! If you are not sure which code is UPC, please call Scott’s rebate 2019 Consumer Care or email us using the form on the contact page of the website.

I can’t print my submission confirmation page or my confirmation email. Can I still participate in the rebate?

Some manufacturers will allow alternative means to participate. For questions about submitting for a specific discount, please call Consumer Care using the form on the Contact Us page on our website or email us.

How long should I expect to wait to receive my check (or other advertised item) if I resubmitted missing information?

Please allow the allotted processing time as stated in the official terms and conditions. If you have additional questions, please call Consumer Care or email us using the form on the Contact page of the website.

Scotts Rebate Customer Care

Any questions regarding a Scots Miracle-Ground exemption can be directed to a Scotts Rebate Phone Number at 888-770-9020.

Further, the contact is available between Mondays to Friday between 8:00 am to 6:00 Pm EST and hence you can conveniently reach the admin help center via above given no.

You can also connect via email from the contact us page of the site as well.

Final Verdict

Reading and going through the article above about Scottsmiraclegrorebates has helped you and guided you with the complete step by step process for availing miracle gro garden soil rebate 2019 and not only that the process that helps you track your order as well. Follow the instruction that regiven you above regarding Scotts miracle gro and you are clarified with it.

Another thing is that the contact details and Scotts rebate offer number in the form of customer support will further help you with your query.

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