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Putlockers New Site 2021 with 50+ Putlockers Alternatives Free



If you are a movie maniac then every now and then you might have come across the name Putlocker and do you know about a new Putlockers New Site 2021 and the updating in its features? Whether or not these sites are going to delight you with your music streaming and download.

Not only that is some way or the other you have either tried it before or have recently tried, or have been using it for a long time now and want to check out the alternative sites like Putlocker 2021 and that list also you are going to find it right below.

For those who are yet not clarified about what is Putlocker and want to know about it, for then better to know that Put locker is basically a free online movie streaming and downloading site where if you wish to watch movies online then for that you don’t have to pay a penny but you can enjoy the movie stream completely free of cost.

Putlockers New Site 2021

Putlockers New Site

The updated 2021 version of the Putlockers new site name 2021 comes with easy user navigation and in this case, you can simply start movie streaming you want immediately by typing the movie in a search engine of the site and start streaming the movie you want to stream.

Here are Current Putlockers New Sites 2021 Editions:

  • HouseMovie
  • 123 Movies
  • Solar Movies
  • Movie DLL
  • Digital Library
  • Streaming Media
  • Video on Demand.

Current Putlockers in 2021

Now while you have seen about put locker, you might be searching the top 7 sites like Putlocker that has been recently updated in Nov 2019.

Here are some of the Best Putlocker Alternatives:

The features and the collection of movies are the same and free here on these sites as well and if you want to try a new free site as a locker alternative and check out then below is the given list of the best 7 out here. All the movies that are now released and are in the market can also be seen in the HD format on these sites below:

  1. Los Movies
  2. Popcornflix
  3. 123Movies
  4. Primewire
  5. SolarMovie
  6. Rainierland
  7. Watch Online Series
  8. M4UFree.Info

Putlocker Alternative Sites 2021

Putlockers New Site 2021: when the matter comes for free movie streaming online there are many sites that come in mind and you will have to choose from such as Popcornflix, Crackle, and more. This is basically one of the best sites where you can simply stream your favorite movies irrespective of the time and place you want to watch the movie.

The only thing you will have to ensure is that you have a proper internet connection to your device and you are ready to watch your favorite movie anytime you want.

With this Putlockers new site, today watch movies online that too without paying a penny for it. And if you are yet not updated with Putlockers new name 2021 then you should know that the site has changed its name and now this is available with the name putlockers.CAFE

Putlockers New Site 2021

This new site of Putlockers has one of the largest collections of hosting file servers. This in turn means that the categories you can find are numerous and you have options to choose from. The best part about the site is that you can even select your country and stream your favorite movies in that country.

Not only that you have TV series collection as well and you can enjoy it if not always a movie. No worries, as you will follow the sections below, ascendingly you will come to know more and more features about the site you are still not aware of.

Specification of Putlockers New Site

As you are already informed above that putlocker is basically a free movie and Tv series hosting platform and here you can simply stream your favorite movies or TV series directly from the site with features and wanted locations as well. The site was originally hosted in 2011 in the United Kingdom and the beginning of the site was really very good.

From the beginning of the week itself, the site started getting thousands of visitors every day but the UK government approved and order to close this Putlocker New site as the site was known to be the best production company in the country.

Does Putlockers no More Exist?

After this put locker site went online even after changing its extensions many times but giving the same content.  So, literally, it can be said that the extensions have been changing but not alternation in their content, and hence they returned to the internet world. To the date you can find the site using its extension as “.cz” and the best part is that whatever modification it does with the site, this never has charged a penny but provided the content absolutely free for user entertainment but the only thing required is an Internet connection and online free streaming.

And as the sites have returned to their functions, many things have been changed and it is better to have a look at the functions of the site here below:

Alternative Website Website Name
1 Putlockers site
2 Snag Films
3 Afdah
4 TinklePad
5 LosMovies
6 NiterMovies
8 HDMovie Center
9 PopcornFlix
10 N3tfl1x
11 Zona
12 All123Movies
13 Viewster
14 Waifu
15 Popcornflix
17 Watch Online Series
18 Ololo .to
19 Yify
20 Primewire
21 DuckieTV
22 Rainierland
24 Hulu
25 Popcorn Time
26 123Movies
27 SolarMovie
28 Movies123 .top

Putlocker New Site That Works in 2021

S.No. Websites 93% Free
1 Websites 67% Free
2 Websites 82% Free
3 Putlockers New Site Websites 73% Free
4 Websites 87% Free
5 123Movies Websites 82% Free
6 OpenloadFreeTV Websites 95% Free
7 FMovies Websites 84% Free
8 Websites 96% Free
9 Websites 95% Free

Best Putlockers Alternatives of 2021

Now with the above-given information we have shown you the list of sites like putlocker and not only now you are with the single option to enjoy movies online but you have a list of similar sites to try. But wait! Now you are going to see Putlockers Alternative Sites that you can try and get your movie streaming out of the best experience. So, any way you have the list here below to try out these alternative putlocker sites 2021.


You have the latest collection of movies, TV series, Trending movies, and a frequently updated news section. Besides this, you have a simple and streamlined interface.

Even though having several genres such as Trending, Top IMDB, TV series but also comes with a vast collection of TV shows as well as movies to choose from.


Even though not having a variety of media content as that of the original putlocker, video streaming here is organized based on their similarities.

Choose any movie on your favorite topic and the site automatically recommends you related to that movie topic.

Afdah gives you the option to search via year, genre, country, especially movie quality with moves and TV shows.

You can search a movie via actor, director name and track your favorite actor’s movie in a convenient manner and highly updated way.


Tinklepad has a vast collection of movies and series and a simple interface with various tools increased your efficiency to search movies and save time and tide.

You can search a movie by search tags such as release year, genre, movie title, and the content you want directly from the search bar.


Find your favorite movies and TV shows content via available tags of genres, release time, actors, directs, and also the trending collection with the trending tab option on the top of the row in the current chart.

The only hitch with the site is that it is having a number of ads but you can block it using an adblocker extension.


The best site for Netflix lovers, since it is like the Netflix interface. So, enjoying free movies and series from the homepage and the easy interface of Niter is amazing.


A massive collection of HD and FHD movies can be found here with the major content of US and European gov. you have tags to search the video contents via country, Tv series, Top trending movie list.

No ads botheration and hence free and convenient way to watch.


A worth visit site for HD movie content and help you curiosity via trailer, rating, poster, and even the actor information.


Video keeper has some advanced features. While other sites only allow you to watch a movie (even though free streaming) online, this site allows you to download it that too with your compatible device configuration. Want to watch your desired movie without the internet; this is the best-suggested site for you.

  • N3TFL1X

With this site, your video streaming becomes easier and the interface is similar to that of Netflix and has a high-quality movie collection. If you are ready to watch these free series online, it is worth visiting.

  • ZONA

Zona gives you service a little different with little additional features. Apart from watching movie collections with different genres, you can listen to music, radio, and even can play your game here.

More to that, you can also save it for later if you are unable to finish is and with the filter options, you can find the best movies that you want to watch.


Don’t be confused with the name since it matches with 123 movies. You have a collection of TV shows and movies and slow it takes you to the film market. You can search for movies based on genres or trending options for the latest movies update.


The viewer is the best site for anime movie lovers and the content here is delightful. No need to register here and pay any fees but directly you can use the content.


Movies with subtitles in various languages like English, French, and Spanish can be found here. You have a lot of animation movies collection in 720p.


A massive collection of high-quality movies and from comedy to sci-fi and till romance, everything is seen here and you can choose from.


If you lack patience then, this site is best avoided. But if you can resolve the complex procedure then reward also is pleasing.

You will have to navigate to the site and from there you will have to download the related apps on your phone or PC and start enjoying. Little complex but once done, enjoying it for sure!


As the site name itself indicates, this site delights its use by various interesting web series lists and this you can do online.

The site has a really interesting collection from Sopranos to Simpsons, everything you have here, that you can ignore. Not only that, all you can find is HD quality.


Ololo has gone to another level. At this site, you can enjoy various sites’ video content and the bots of the site update every link every day.

You have the site like flix555, vidcloud, vidox, rapidvdieo, etc and all at the single place.

  • YIFY

Enjoy the vast collection of movies, TV series online with Yify and can enjoy its library without downloading, you can easily stream high-quality movies in your browser.

The site also helps you with things like genres, ratings, actors, popularity, etc. no ads to disturb you and moreover, you can stream movies without any subscription, no paying fee and you will have more benefits without signing up.


With a vast collection of movies of different genres and from indie movies to Hollywood, you have everything to enjoy.

The site also provides you a usual option for video quality from low to medium or high and helps your keep data in check.


You can also use this site as an extension to chrome or opera and can also use it as an independent app. You can simply enjoy movie streaming is trending and the latest collection, as well as the TV, shows easily.


The name may sound weird but the site has a top-notch collection of movies with a simply well-organized homepage. All you will have to do is to click on the movie and start watching on a single click.


The best site for a classic content lover but don’t panic, you have newly updated lists as well here. No advertising, no non-functional links, and hence here with you have the convenience and best streaming video content.

  • HULU

Hulu is a familiar name to many and it is the most reliable and secure website for movie streaming. The site is linked with many other TV networks and hence expanding its video entertainment.

Even though comes with a little registration fee, it is worth visit the site and currently, it is limited to the US.


Come with a plethora of categories such as newly added, upcoming, trending, top watched, and more. This helps you mining out the best movie for you.

Popcorn time being an app, it is easily available for Android and Windows phones. With these apps, not only do you enjoy movie streaming online but you can download it for later use as well.

  • 123MOVIES

123Movie is a familiar name among movie lovers and help you streaming movie online. Apart from the lucrative layout, it has a massive collection of movies and TV shows in various categories of drama, Cartoons, Anime, and all that is marked from different sites.

The site doesn’t have its own hosting and hence you will have to download NordVPN as a third party assisting VPN and this makes 123Movies legal streaming.


Best collection of fascinating movies and the latest movies and you can stream it via various genres, countries, TV series, Top IMDb Tags, and more.

You have a movie with HD quality, IMDb rating, or movie description that is too free of cost. However, as a registered user, you have various benefits to use from.


You might be thinking about mentioning it in the last position but this is also a site for movies and TV Programs streaming online and definitely serves your purpose.

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Final Verdict:

How effective and useful wat the given Putlockers New Site 2021 with some of its alternatives that allows you to even download and stream the video free of cost.

Out of the site list given you above, you are going to surprise with the content they possess and that too gives you free streaming, only thing is that you should be having data on your PC or phone.

As you have seen some of these Putlockers Alternatives 2021 list also gives you the site names that specialize in a particular category such as animation, some in web series, some in TV shows, Some in Movies, and not only that you have also seen the name of the site that not only gives you streaming feature but also downloading and later save feature for later video streaming by saving it.

Apart from these, you have a site name that also allows you to play songs, FM, music, movies, etc in addition to the video content you can stream.

How delightful was this information for you? Do you have any queries or issues related to the article? Don’t worry, you are given a separate section that is our remark section below, and this you can use to share your opinion there.

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