Download MX Player AIO ZIP (EAC3 Codec for MX Player)


We all love using MX Player to watch videos on our Android devices. It’s smooth, packed with features, and usually plays anything you throw at it.


But lately, some folks have been running into an annoying issue – getting an error saying “EAC3 audio format not supported” when trying to play videos with DTS soundtracks.

What gives? Well, turns out MX Player had to remove some custom audio codecs a while back due to licensing restrictions. This means the app can no longer play certain audio formats like DTS and EAC3 out of the box.

The good news? You can easily regain DTS support by installing an additional audio codec package.

I’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step in this post. Let’s get crackin’!

Download MX Player AIO ZIP (EAC3 Codec for MX Player)

Download MX Player AIO ZIP

What Are These Audio Codec Packages Exactly?

In a nutshell, audio codecs are pieces of software that allow media players like MX Player to decode different audio formats. The codec does the heavy lifting of translating the audio into something your device can make sense of.

Without the proper codecs installed, MX Player doesn’t know how to handle less common formats like EAC3 and DTS. So it throws up its virtual hands and asks you to look elsewhere!

The codec packages we’ll install add back support for these formats, so you can keep enjoying all your videos in MX Player.

Where To Get The Audio Codecs?

Now for the good stuff! Here are handy download links for the most popular MX Player audio codec packages:

Direct Download Links:

  • MX_NEON.ZIP (for most modern Android devices) [mx player aio zip]
  • MX_TEGRA3.ZIP (for Tegra 3 devices)
  • MX_AIO.ZIP (all-in-one pack for maximum compatibility)

Or grab them from the Play Store:

  • MX Video Play Codec
  • MX Video Play Codec ARMv7 NEON
  • MX Video Play Codec Tegra3

I’d recommend the all-in-one MX_AIO.ZIP pack [mx player aio zip 1.25.0 download] unless you specifically know your device needs the Tegra or NEON version. Can’t decide? No worries, the AIO codec has you covered!

Installing the Downloaded Codecs

Now that you’ve grabbed the codecs, it’s time to set them up. This is a breeze and just takes a few taps.

If you downloaded the ZIP packages:

  1. Transfer the ZIP file to your Android device.
  2. Open MX Player and tap the menu icon in the top-right.
  3. Choose Settings > Decoder > Custom Codec.
  4. Select the downloaded ZIP file in the file picker.

The codecs will install automatically and MX Player will reboot. Enjoy your newly regained DTS powers!

For the Play Store codec packages, simply install them like any other app. MX Player will detect them automatically.

Either way, you’ll now be able to play DTS and EAC3 audio without pesky error messages. Let the media bliss continue!

Bonus: Latest Versions of MX Player

While we’re on the topic, make sure you’re running the newest version of MX Player itself:

  • MX Player (Free)
  • MX Player Pro

The latest builds add even more performance fixes, UI tweaks, and format support. Paired with the audio codecs, they deliver the ultimate viewing experience!

FAQs about installing audio codecs for MX Player:

  • Q: Do I need to enable some special settings for the codecs to work?

A: Nope! Once installed, the codecs automatically integrate with MX Player without needing any extra configuration.

  • Q: Can the audio quality be improved by using headphones?

A: Yes, you will typically get better sound quality by using wired headphones or external speakers compared to phone/tablet speakers.

  • Q: What happens if I don’t install the right codec for my device?

A: You may get an error that audio decoding failed. Try installing the All-In-One codec which supports most chipsets.

  • Q: Will battery life be reduced by having these codecs installed?

A: There shouldn’t be a noticeable battery drain. The codecs just enable audio decoding – the playback itself still uses the same amount of power.

  • Q: Do I need to reboot my device after installing the codecs?

A: No need to reboot your Android device. The changes take effect immediately after installing the codecs.

  • Q: Can I play Ultra HD and HDR videos with these codec packs?

A: Unfortunately no – these packs only enable audio codec support. For Ultra HD and HDR video playback other hardware and settings are required.

  • Q: What if my device uses an Exynos or MediaTek chipset?

A: Try the AIO all-in-one codec pack first. If issues persist, search XDA forums for a specific Exynos/MediaTek codec.

  • Q: Can I use these audio codecs with other video player apps?

A: Sadly, no. These codec packs are designed solely for use with MX Player software. Other apps would need their own codec implementation.

  • Q: Do the codecs work if I stream videos instead of playing local files?

A: Yes, streaming videos via services like Netflix still go through MX Player’s decoding, so the codecs enable DTS/EAC3 support.

  • Q: Can I use the codec ZIP packages on Amazon Fire devices?

A: Unfortunately not. ZIP package codecs only work on Android. For Amazon Fire tablets and TV devices, you’d need to sideload the standalone APK codec apps instead.

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Wrapping Up:

Well, folks, that about wraps things up! You now have zero excuses not to watch that Karl Urban action flick or binge Buffy the Vampire Slayer with DTS audio bliss on your trusty MX Player.

No more dealing with annoying “audio format not supported” messages. Just grab one of the awesome codec packs we covered, perform the quick install, and enjoy your favorite videos in their full glory once again!

Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments below.

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