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How to Calibrate iPhone Battery & Improve It?



The one who has spent money buying the leading Smartphone brand Apple iPhone is not going to damage it in any way. If you are using your iPhone on a frequent basis then chances are high that its battery will be damaged. People can even access the internet on mobile and know various things so in this case, we highly recommend you this guide to understand how to calibrate iPhone battery and improve it. 

How to Calibrate iPhone Battery & Improve It?

How to Calibrate iPhone Battery

Below mentioned tips will help you to know how to calibrate & increase the battery life of your iPhone:

  1. Turn off the Services that are not Required: You should always turn off the unnecessary services that are not in use at that point in time. It includes Bluetooth, WiFi,3G, services linked to the location, etc. You should be aware of the fact that these services consume lots and lots of batteries even if they are not in use and just turned on only. So, you should turn them off so as to enhance the battery life of your iPhone.
  2. Correct Method of Charging the iPhone: You might not be aware of the fact that you should charge your phone when the battery is completely nil. Most people overcharge their phone as well by leaving it on charging even if it is fully charged. But the best way to enhance the battery life of your Apple iPhone is to charge it when the battery is finished. This is a simpler and easier way to save battery life.
  3. Remove the Case before Charging: Though the case of the iPhone protects it from external damage whenever you are going to charge your phone you should remove the outer case so as to save the battery from getting damaged. The fact behind this method is that whenever you are charging your phone it produces lots of heat. If your phone is inside the case then this heat can damage the battery cells because it can’t come out properly. So it is advised to remove the case properly.
  4. Lower down the Brightness: Auto-brightness is a feature that adjusts the light of your screen as per requirement. So you should lower down the brightness as a bright screen consumes much battery in comparison to a normal screen. Brightness in between 25 to 30 percent is the most accurate during different periods. The constant level of brightness is good for your eyes as well as for your screen.
  5. Turn off Unnecessary Sound Effects: It is always advisable to turn off all the unnecessary sound effects that consume much battery during execution. It will help you in saving battery life as well as it will prevent extraordinary noise. Sound effects of the keypad, lock are counted under unnecessary features. Lowering down the ringing volume, turning off vibration can help you in saving the battery. Thus, the removal of unnecessary sound effects helps you in saving the battery.

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When it comes to the battery life of any phone, you cannot do anything to save it forever but by taking into consideration a few points you can enhance the battery life of your iPhone, so share this guide on “How to Calibrate iPhone Battery & Improve It?” and help others. 

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