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[TOP 8] Best Study Apps for College Students



Being a student is not easy enough – learning the majority of disciplines and writing a quality dissertation, research paper or accounting assignment is always very difficult. However, modern technology can come to the rescue here, making life easier for students. Nowadays, you can come to a legit confidential cheap essay writing service and purchase affordable nonplagiarism custom research papers for money. To find such a professional company, type ‘hire writers to make me my paid urgent cheap essays’.

Best Study Apps for College Students

Best Study Apps for College Students

Consider our interesting and top-rated helper mobile applications that will be useful to students.

Top 8 Apps to Complete Your Assignment

iShpora: All Algebra at a Glance

Algebra is one of the most difficult school subjects. And some have to continue the study of quadratic and return equations in higher education. Download the iShpora app for iOS, and mastering this difficult discipline, as well as completing homework, will become much easier.

The program has four tabs: quadratic equations, return equations, theory, and information. Using the first two, you can easily solve complex equations: just enter the necessary coefficients – and iShpora will communicate the roots. The third tab contains many well-structured cheat sheets on various topics. To navigate the text more conveniently, the application highlights the most important thing – definitions and formulas.

iShpora has two separate versions – for iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. The latter is more “advanced” and is distinguished by the presence of pop-ups: it is possible to solve equations in it without breaking away from studying the theory.

TED Talks

The TED Talks application is a piggy bank of the most advanced ideas and thoughts. More than 2,000 speeches by wonderful people on a variety of topics: from technology and science to the surprises of their own psychology. At the same time, it helps to pump English skills, you can start watching with subtitles. In general, stay informed and do not lose inspiration!


A unique program that offers the user to take online courses in various subjects. The courses offered are developed by the best world institutes and colleges, and anyone who installs this program gets an excellent opportunity to undergo training from the best world experts with the receipt of an appropriate electronic certificate.

Quick Graph: iPhone Charting

A graphical representation of various functions is one of the most important features of the mathematical sciences. Therefore, for those who study these sciences, convenient tools for building graphs are simply necessary. The good news: in addition to many commercial applications that can create graphs according to specified parameters, there is also a free utility – Quick Graph. It takes full advantage of the iPad and iPhone screens and makes it possible to build both two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics. When constructing them, you can control the shape of the curve, and in the case of a three-dimensional graph, its depth.


The standard calculator in iOS is not bad. But there is one thing – access to additional and trigonometric functions in portrait orientation is missing. In this regard, You can, of course, flip it horizontally, but then you don’t get to the buttons. In search of something similar in the AppStore, you can get lost.

The design of the application will be familiar to users of the TweetBot twitter client, and all because the application developer is the same. As in the standard iOS calculator, upon entering we see a line with numbers, buttons for dialing numbers and buttons for simple actions – +, -, *, / and that’s all.

Unlike the standard calculator, in calculations with more than one action, everything you type does not go anywhere, but the entire course of the solution and the result after the last of them are displayed.

iA Writer

This application is a simple text editor ala notepad on a PC. Suitable for those studying in the humanities, if you often need to write all sorts of essays and arguments, and as we know, the most intelligent thoughts come either in the same place or somewhere away from the computer. Everything is done in a laconic design, there is synchronization with Dropbox. The editor opens in full-screen mode, and the keyboard changes and displays the most common punctuation marks and cursor arrows.


We cannot but mention the most advanced and powerful notebook for iOS and Android. The time when students collected information in paper form, arranging everything by daddy, has sunk into oblivion and now everything is stored in digital form. Evernote is the most powerful notebook for mobile devices at the moment. It’s quite easy to adjust this kind of note-taking to the educational process – a couple of browser extensions (for exporting the text to Evernote and notepads), common notepads, and tags. Quite an Evernote can serve as your personal library of information.

Pocket and Other Deferred Reading Services

It often happens that students have to study on the road and there is no way to get out without such applications. All that is needed is to find the article and add it to the service and it is always available, you can study wherever you are. No need to print anything else or always search the Internet – the article is always with you. An article on our Readability vs. website will help you choose one of the services. Instapaper vs. Pocket. A comparative review of deferred reading services.

These are the main applications that you can use in the educational process. They are simple and many of you have been using them for a long time, but perhaps you did not try to tune everyday applications for study. Climbing the AppStore, you can find a lot of different applications, but, in fact, they are all similar. Take a look around and, perhaps, the most commonplace applications that were not conceived as “Student Applications” can become educational and useful.

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