Have you exploited the full potential of Microsoft Word? Most users barely scratch the surface. As long as you can type your document and format it to appear presentable, nothing else matters among the features offered by MS Word. Here in this guide, you will get Best Microsoft Office 365 Word Features and you can’t miss them while using MS Word. 

Best Microsoft Office 365 Word Features

Best Microsoft Office 365 Word Features

Typing your essays or documents on MS Word can take less time. It will also produce better results if you know how to use the features offered. You can buy college research papers online from online writing services instead of having to spend all your day in the library or hostel working on assignments. 

Apps like Microsoft Word are designed for the most basic computer user. However, it has advanced features that make it easier to type or format documents. Here are some of the features that will give you a seamless college life while using MS Word. 

Top 5 Best Microsoft Office 365 Word Features

  • Copy, Paste, and Cut Shortcuts

The process of writing essays and drafting documents involves a lot of copying and pasting. You want to add sections to your essay from other journals or books. You may also copy sections from the internet to add to your paper. These additions enrich your discussion. They also help you to avoid capturing the details erroneously when you depend on memory. MS Word allows you to copy and paste the text, images, videos, and many other formats. 

The conventional way to copy the content is by dragging the cursor over the content. It takes time as you right-click on the selected sections. How about a shortcut for copying, cutting, and pasting? It will reduce the time taken to execute the commands and also enhance the level of accuracy. 

The shortcuts use the Ctrl- button. Ctrl+C helps you to copy the selected text or file. Ctrl + X will cut the content off the original document. To paste copied content onto Microsoft Word, you use Ctrl + V. These shortcuts reduce the time taken to create documents and will also make the copied sections more accurate. You do not have to waste time dragging content around the pages or across documents.

  • Delete 

Deleting words from an MS Word document requires you to hit the Backspace button severally. Alternatively, you can long press the button to keep deleting the word. It takes time and is a tedious activity especially when you have to delete large chunks of words. There is a shortcut you can use. 

Microsoft Word allows you to delete one word at a time instead of a letter at a time. You need to press Ctrl + Backspace. Instead of deleting one letter at a time, the action will clear one word at a time. It is faster and does not tire your fingers as you press the Backspace button for an entire paragraph. 

You may want to delete a section of the paragraph on the right of the cursor. You do not have to place the cursor in the end and begin deleting it up to the desired point. Once you place the cursor at the boundary of the section to remain and the part to delete, you press the “Delete” button. It will clear all the words or content on the right of the cursor. 

  • Spelling Check

Good grammar is a crucial part of any academic writing. Do not submit substandard work while you can spell-check and edit your work using MS Word. You accomplish the task by running a full Word Spell Check from the Review Section. 

MS Word will indicate the words that are not in the official dictionary. You can decide to keep the words or fix better ones to make your work more sensible. You can choose to write in different types of English from the UK to the US and Australia, among others. 

  • Mail Merge

Do you want to prepare a similar document with varying salutations? For instance, you may want to send your cover letter to different employers, all at the same time. Use Mail Merge. Whether you wish to print or send emails, it changes the salutation so that the resulting letters or emails are distinct. 

  • Add a Watermark

Watermark makes your work unique. It is difficult to spot but will protect your work from copying. Add a personalized watermark and save your document as a PDF. 

Microsoft Word comes with inexhaustible features. When utilized fully, the features will change how you prepare documents. Get good topics to write about technology and other research areas for your essay. These Best Microsoft Office 365 Word Features to transform your document generation experience. 

By Karan Bhardwaj

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.