Coding is not a cup of tea for everyone. Despite the passion and dedication of numerous hours, sometimes it does not add up. However, you can still work in the tech industry once you know about these Best Career Options for Non Coding Background. 

Coding requires a lot of analytical skills. You must be patient enough to develop and test projects. Create time to learn by hiring homework help services or sacrificing time during other college activities. 

Top 5 Best Career Options for Non Coding Background

Best Career Options for Non Coding Background

While coding is at the center of tech jobs, some branches do not require advanced skills. Other jobs require you to work with templates and pre-coded resources. Here are 5 tech jobs for IT enthusiasts who do not like coding. 

  • Technical Writing 

Technology has different phases, each of which has a unique set of users. While manufacturers and developers release products, it takes technical writers to sell these products in the market. A technical writer helps tech pros to understand the capability of a product. They also assist the common user with little to no tech knowledge to understand the capability of a product. You can start technical writing while still in college. IB extended essay writing service will help you with all types of coding and IT assignments to enable you to master your technical writing skills. 

A tech technical writer must understand the product being marketed. For instance, you need to understand a computer or laptop that you are sending to the market. It is such understanding that helps you to describe it in such a way that both the IT guru and the common user with no IT knowledge can understand the product. 

  • Graphics Design 

Coding can be regarded as an artistic trade. However, it involves developing systems, apps, and software in the background. There are user-facing elements that do not require coding. The role of a graphics designer is to assemble the right combination of colors and features to make the front end more appealing. 

A graphics designer works with already coded software. Your role will be to manipulate the templates and communicate the intended message. For instance, you may be required to develop a logo or a poster. Graphics designers also work with video producers to develop credits or other features within the video. 

One of the most lucrative jobs for graphics designers is video-game production. Most video games depend on graphics. You have to combine sounds, colors, and action to achieve the desired effect. With graphics design skills, you can develop a viral video game and earn a fortune while at it. Graphics design requires zero coding skills yet it is one of the most lucrative tech jobs. 

  • Data Analyst 

Data analysts use computer software to understand data. They enter data into the software and use a particular formula to understand trends. The trends are then used to predict the future or draw conclusions based on the hypothesis under examination. 

A data analyst needs to understand the data collection processes. You also need to know how to handle data using different applications. Individuals researching for academic purposes will require your services. Organizations also assess their operation markets using data to help them make better decisions. 

The best data analysts understand how to extra information from data. Each set of data can give multiple stories based on the subjects under examination. It will take your ingenuity to extract this information from the data. You do not require any coding skills. 

  • System Administrator 

A system administrator works at the front-end of operations in a factory or business. Your role is to ensure that different elements of the system are in perfect working order. You monitor operations and alert the necessary technicians in case there is a breakdown. You do not require any coding skills to be a system administrator. Instead, you should understand the system you are managing and the message passed by different signals on the system. 

  • Product Manager 

Do you love IT and marketing at the same time? You fit into product management. Your role is to market and manage products coming out of the factory or development lab. The products include gadgets, software, systems, and tech services. You will be dealing with IT technicians who need the technical details about the products you are offering. 


IT knowledge is important for some jobs without the need for coding. Basic IT skills are enough to help you deliver on your mandate in the tech industry. It is a chance to avoid coding and still work in the lucrative tech industry.

By Karan Bhardwaj

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.