September 23, 2023

How to Sell Digital Marketing Services?


In the bustling world of digital marketing, you’re not just any provider. You offer a specialized set of services that cater to a niche hungry for online success.


Yet, isn’t it perplexing? The way your sales strategy zigzags, sometimes meandering aimlessly, with no real structure in sight.

The million-dollar question then becomes: how to sell digital marketing services? The roadmap is simpler than you think. Firstly, delve deep to understand the core needs of your potential client. Next, align your pricing structure to the business challenges they’re grappling with. And finally, sculpt a sales mechanism that empowers your client to nod in agreement, both swiftly and assuredly.

Dive into the video and accompanying article to unearth a systematic approach to elevate your sales game. Ready to embark? Let’s dive in.

How to Sell Digital Marketing Services?

How to Sell Digital Marketing Services

How Do I Sell My Digital Marketing Services?

What stands out as the paramount sales strategy for digital marketing services? What’s the mindset you need to harness?

There are a couple of pivotal insights to anchor to:

  1. Always underscore the fact that your digital marketing clientele consists of real, breathing humans. Behind every decision is a unique individual, characterized by a myriad of demographics and interests. Yet, irrespective of these variables, they’re fundamentally seeking clarity and assurance in their buying journey. Your role? Facilitate that path, making it both seamless and secure.
  2. A golden nugget of wisdom? Your ideal client isn’t starting from scratch. They’re already entrenched in the digital sphere, keen on amplifying their current foothold.

Pausing to ruminate on that, envision your top-tier client as:

  • A content titan, akin to the Wall Street Journal, churning out an avalanche of articles daily.
  • A retail powerhouse, reminiscent of Nike, orchestrating countless transactions around the clock.
  • A software maestro, delivering an eclectic range of apps, tools, and downloads.
  • Or, perhaps, steering a subscription-driven platform where most interactions are nestled securely behind a premium gateway.

Whichever avatar they assume, the crux remains unchanged: these clients possess an established digital footprint. And they’re beckoning you to fine-tune, augment, and extract unparalleled value from that digital landscape.

Find Out What Your Client Needs from Your Digital Marketing Agency

Navigating the labyrinth of client needs can be daunting, but let’s simplify and categorize them into three distinct echelons:

  1. Beginner: Here’s a client with a foundational customer base but whose digital footprint doesn’t quite mirror contemporary commerce standards. Their sentiment? “We need to mark our territory online.” They’re eager to leverage the digital realm to stretch beyond their conventional boundaries – be it geographical or demographical. For them, an online presence symbolizes an extended arm of influence. Recognizing the gaps in their setup, they’re open to injecting resources – be it time, manpower, or capital. Your role? Decode the magnitude of this foundational investment and project the probable yield from such commitments.
  2. Intermediate: This client’s digital journey has already commenced, albeit with a few bumps and pitfalls. They’re equipped with a system; it’s just that the gears don’t always align perfectly. Think of it as some persistent glitches that mar an otherwise functional mechanism. The essence? They’re scouting for a troubleshooter. Someone with a keen eye to dissect their setup, pinpoint the flaws, and recalibrate for optimized performance. In layman’s terms, this clientele seeks a robust fix-and-refine solution.
  3. Advanced: Speed is the name of their game. Equipped with a robust setup that’s operational and effective, their next mission is acceleration. They’re not novices in measuring this pace; terms like ROI and ROAS aren’t jargon but part of their daily lexicon. Fluent in the language of investment, they aren’t skittish about pouring resources. However, there’s a catch: they yearn for tangible returns. Your mandate? Delve deep, unearth opportunities that promise stellar yields, action the enhancements, and quantify the results.

By discerning where your client fits in this continuum, you’re better poised to tailor your offerings and drive monumental impact.

You Must Avoid Basic Mistakes

Dive right into this golden nugget of wisdom I’m about to share. In the digital marketing arena, the mantra should always be: cater to the convinced, not the cynical. Your primary audience should be those already dipping their toes in the vast ocean of digital marketing.

Here’s where many aficionados slip: they spot a gleaming chance—a shift a business could make, a tweak a client might implement—and are instantly tempted to champion these suggestions. But here’s the catch: if your pitch falls on ears that haven’t recognized the potential or efficacy yet, you’re setting yourself up for an uphill battle.

Pitching to the skeptical? You’re not just selling a service; you’re peddling the very foundation of digital strategy. That’s no easy task. Persuading them means not only battling resistance but often also settling for less than premium rates.

On the flip side, those who have already embraced digital marketing’s prowess understand its value. They recognize its lucrative potential and believe that partnering with you can amplify their gains. It’s akin to pouring fuel on an already roaring fire.

So, a word to the wise: channel your efforts toward those already aboard the digital bandwagon. Evade the temptation to don the “evangelist” hat for the skeptics. It’s a taxing venture with diminishing returns.

How Can I Price My Digital Marketing Services?

Diving into the framework of hourly, project-based, and retainer-based structures, it’s evident that these models are tried and true, fitting seamlessly into various business dynamics. Which one you pick hinges on your client’s profile and your company’s modus operandi.

But, let’s cut to the chase: pricing. Glancing at the “monthly retainer cost” graph, a clear picture emerges. Most services hover between a price tag of $500 to $7,500. A vast gamut, right? Of course, pushing the boundaries on either side is feasible, but this provides a palpable feel of the prevalent market rate. In a monthly context, the norm usually sits within this bracket.

Wondering why such a price spectrum exists? Want to elevate your service charges? Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Scope: Embracing broader horizons can justify a higher fee. Consider this: rather than orchestrating a single or a handful of content pieces, you’re juggling thousands. Scaling up the magnitude paves the way for heftier pricing.
  2. Complexity: Entering the realm of intricacy is another ticket to premium rates. Perhaps you’re helming fewer content bits, but they’re delving into topics as intricate as quantum physics. Greater nuance demands greater compensation.
  3. Opportunity: The sheer promise of what your services can unlock is a vital metric. Whether it’s untapped revenue streams or cost-saving strategies, if your digital maneuvers can help clients seize these golden opportunities or avert looming costs, you’ve got leverage. When clients recognize the fiscal implications—either gains or losses—of their marketplace moves, it grants you the license to nudge the pricing scale upwards.

Thus, understanding the factors at play can assist in sculpting a pricing strategy that’s both competitive and rewarding.

Craving those premium charges? Are you planning to sit atop that pricing echelon? Well, there are certain intricacies you’ll need to navigate.

But hold on. What deflates the price? Why might a client lean towards a more economical deal?

  1. Pre-built Foundations: If a client parades into the room with a ready-made infrastructure – be it a team, top-notch software, or valuable assets – it simplifies task execution. Having already invested in these foundational elements, there’s no rationale for them to shell out an added premium.
  2. Operational Blueprint: When clients sport a pre-organized team, a system, and established workflows, they essentially bring their own orchestra. If they’ve got the sheet music and the conductor, why would they need yours? These existing elements keep their expenditure grounded and pragmatic.

Charting your course with potential clients? Your compass should point towards their unique landscape. Ponder on these elements when setting a price. If clients present challenges that necessitate a steeper rate, that’s the game.

Conversely, if they boast efficiencies that hint at modest pricing, that’s still part of the game. The crux? Ensure your price mirrors the client’s reality. After all, your prime mission is to solve their specific conundrum.

How Do I Pitch a Client for Digital Marketing Services?

Craving a methodical blueprint to peddle your digital marketing prowess? Let’s slice it down. It’s a dance, really. First, you spot the right dance partners. A gentle hand extends a shared rhythm, and voilà – you’ve twirled into a deal.

Dive deeper, shall we?

  1. Spotting the Right Faces: The marketplace teems with potential. Peek beneath the surface and hunt for glitches you’re equipped to fix. Some might flaunt a digital footprint that just…feels off. It’s like a puzzle with a missing piece; you know there’s a gap to be bridged.
  2. The Gentle Nudge: Now, when you muster the courage to say hello, it isn’t a sales pitch right off the bat. Instead, it’s akin to a coy, “Seen that glitch? Fancy a chat?” The goal? Not selling, just gauging if deeper dialogue aligns.
  3. Chit-Chat Time: In this tête-à-tête, you’re a detective verifying a hunch. Does that perceived hiccup truly exist? If yes, chart the path ahead. If it’s a mirage, recalibrate. This isn’t a hard push; it’s more of a reconnaissance mission.
  4. Sealing the Pact: If they nod in agreement, wasting time is blasphemous. No red tape, no needless rituals. Simply dive in, ready to mend what you once speculated was awry.

A fleeting pause for a touch of realism: While this appears deceptively linear, there’s artistry in the simplicity. We often trip over our own feet, forcing a choreography instead of letting the dance evolve organically.

The goal isn’t just about clinching deals; it’s about ensuring both dancers sway in harmony, ending on a perfectly synchronized note.

How Do I Land Digital Marketing Clients?

Eager to dive in, eyes set on the prize? Here’s the inside track to kick things off.

  1. Go with friends and family: Your inner circle—friends and kin—are your goldmine. They’ve seen your hustle, they get your vibe. Why not begin your journey there? It’s the perfect springboard.
  2. Use Social Media Platforms: Your digital pals, those clicks, likes, and shares? There’s magic there. Channel the rapport you’ve built to steer that online energy into tangible momentum.
  3. Use freelance networks: Platforms like Upwork are bustling bazaars of opportunity. Designed to spotlight go-getters like you, they usher in those ready-to-ink deals. So, why wait? Cast your net. Read: Where Can I Find Clients for Digital Marketing.

Navigating this journey isn’t sans challenges or intricacies. Yet, regardless of the path you tread, remember this: your mission is to simplify the buyer’s journey. Streamline it, make it a cakewalk, and watch them eagerly say, “Let’s roll.” Wishing you stellar strides ahead!

You Must Understand Your Client Vision

Ready to dominate the digital marketing arena? Sure, but let’s set some ground rules first.

  1. The Digital Footprint: A significant web presence? Non-negotiable.
  2. Eyes on the Prize: Know that target audience. Who’s the end-user here?
  3. Metric Magic: They ought to have some metrics that resonate with their goals. These aren’t just numbers; they’re signposts on the road to success.

Think of it like boarding a luxe jetliner. The crew’s ready, the captain’s at the helm, and there’s a plush seat with their name on it. All they need to do is hop on, enjoy the journey, and trust the process.

By the time they disembark? They’re exactly where they dreamt of being – be it in terms of engagement, traction, or that cha-ching in the bank.

Now, the million-dollar question for you: Is your service suite crafted this meticulously?

  • Have you thrown down the gauntlet, challenging clients to prep up before you step in?
  • Is there clarity that a seamless, efficient process awaits them, with a team already in the wings?
  • Do clients visualize the effortlessly chic journey you offer, ensuring they savor every bit of it?
  • And, the pièce de résistance: Do they grasp that by the journey’s end, they’ll be right at their coveted destination?

Your service blueprint should scream these promises. Not just in words, but in action, ensuring when the curtain rises, you and your squad are all set to make those promises a reality.

Falling short? That might be your hiccup in clinching deals. Fret not, though. I’ve dished out a slew of videos and reads, dissecting this magic formula for every digital niche out there.

Web wizards, wordsmiths, social media moguls – there’s something for every maestro in the mix. Dive in!

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