Arguably, a viable and profitable marketing strategy is what separates the several unsuccessful start-ups from the industry top-guns. But what if your implemented marketing strategy isn’t as fruitful to your business as you initially expected it to be? Sometimes, small businesses find themselves stuck in puddles like this. The problem can usually be attributed to using an irrelevant marketing medium, which is primarily advertisements. As a result, the business generates fewer sales revenues, customers, and clients. So, to fix this issue, we shared some easy but effective Marketing Techniques to Increase Leads and Sales in your business.

Companies often assume that by simply placing some catchy advertisements, they can reach their desired sales target and future success. In reality, the modern marketing landscape necessitates much more effort than traditional advertising. Instead of imagining marketing as a one-time solution, see it as a process that gradually progresses with the life of your business. What does marketing entail? For starters, it involves setting clear marketing goals and accomplishing said goals through impactful marketing strategies. 

Top 5 Easy Marketing Techniques to Increase Leads

Marketing Techniques to Increase Leads
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Doesn’t it sound like a relatively uncomplicated and easy process to navigate through? It is. Yet, for their marketing tactics to be effective, businesses must figure out their needs and be willing to put in the necessary grind. This article will go over some typical, tried-and-tested marketing strategies firms can employ to boost sales and expand their customer base.

Focus on Creating Lead Magnets

One of many impactful marketing tactics is to create and use suitable lead magnets. When a site offers relevant lead magnets to its target audience, it increases sales leads and customer reach. The first step here is to figure out your customers’ pain points. After doing so, you can use your lead magnet to offer a solution to the identified customer problems. 

Consider the problems specific to your business’s niche and target audience. It might also help to question your business motivation and vision before developing lead magnets. An accurate idea about these things from the start can help firms better address customer problems using lead magnets.

Carefully choose the type of lead magnet you’re using. The different kinds of lead magnets include ebooks, checklists, cheat sheets, infographics, and videos. And using a lead magnet creator can provide new businesses with a headstart in generating effective lead magnets. Besides hosting lead magnets, a website’s pages must also contain an attractive sales copy to generate more significant traffic into its sales funnel. However, lead magnets can be a good starting point in increasing a business’s customer reach and sales. 

Employ SEO tactics

Given its recent, rapid integration in most business sectors, it’s hard to ignore SEO’s role in marketing and sales. And although a worthwhile future investment, SEO isn’t the most straightforward marketing strategy to master or execute. 

Below are some basic SEO tactics that can prove beneficial as marketing tactics for one’s business:

  • Niche-specific sales copies that cater to the target audience’s needs 
  • Valuable information that maintains originality and keeps the viewer interested
  • Unique infographics, videos, and images for better site optimization
  • Engaging content that promotes higher scroll through rates
  • Last but not least, keyword integration into our content

Optimize Video Content

Not long after the inception of the World Wide Web, content has been around in one form or another. Recently, digital marketing has experienced a surge in video content used to attract more web traffic and sales. A rule of thumb in marketing says to follow where the customer leads. And since videos tend to engage customers more abundantly, it’s a good idea to repurpose your website’s content into videos. There won’t be a better time than now to capitalize and use video mediums to attract and convert prospective leads. Though it doesn’t matter if you keep it short or make it detailed and lengthy, it’s essential to keep all video content mobile-friendly.

Some ways to capitalize on video content include:

  • Promotions and reviews from influencers
  • Instructional videos and tutorials regarding business products or services
  • Client testimonials
  • Immersive/360° videos
  • Videos on social media 

Exploit Email Marketing Sequences

What’s one thing all successful sales funnels share in common? You guessed it. It’s a powerful email marketing sequence. These sequences comprise automated messages that users receive after they subscribe to a website’s mailing list with the help of the first tactic we mentioned in this article – a suitable lead magnet. Email marketing is a dynamic approach for building and strengthening customer relationships. The only condition is one maintains transparency and authenticity while doing so. And avoiding being spammy when sending them out.

You can break the mailing list into further segments. For instance, observe which customers click on which links and try to gauge their interests. Then, market to them according to their needs. When you make a sale, tag that user as a buyer. Knowing your subscriber’s interests and potential buyers can do wonders for segmenting your audience and fine-tuning future campaigns.

Also, it’s a good idea to do a split test when sending out emails. All business aspects carry a certain level of risk. One never knows the effectiveness of a strategy until it’s put to the test. So, split testing can help businesses understand and drive their audience responses. Consequently, they can improve their client communications, enhance their customer reach, and convert more prospects into leads.

Invest in blogging

Nothing kills business quicker than an absence of a website blog. To run a successful marketing campaign, updating an existing blog or start a blog is crucial. Blogging can seem like a futile and tedious endeavor for businesses lacking site authority or visibility. For that reason, it’s best to figure out where you stand and what you’re trying to accomplish from the get-go.

Moreover, effective blogging isn’t limited to a business owner’s ideas or opinions on their blog. Authority blogging is one way to go about it. You can try posting your content across multiple platforms. For instance, you can write for sites like Medium or answer queries on LinkedIn and Quora. Posting on high-authority domains allows businesses to reach a bigger and diverse audience and increase customer reach instantly. Blog about whatever appeals to your audience and ensure the content is top-quality and informative. Providing content that’s compelling and adds value to your customer’s life might be the most effective marketing tactic out there.

In summary

Sales and marketing are two parts of the same profit equation; there’s no means to generate sales without appropriate marketing. Business success relates directly to the efforts and resources one directs towards your marketing strategy. And a combination of Marketing Techniques to Increase Leads, such as Optimize SEO, creating lead magnets, and automated email marketing, can significantly help companies achieve desired business results. 

It’s important to remember that even if you employ the strategies above, there’s no guarantee of an instant spike in your customers or sales. But, if one’s business offerings are attractive and constantly improved upon, one can expect a slow but sure increase in sales and clients over time.

By Karan Bhardwaj

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.