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Tips to Leverage Artificial Intelligence To Boost Your Brand Marketing Strategies



It is a well-established fact that graphics have a higher recall value as compared to any other medium, and a person watching a video is more likely to retain its contents as compared to someone reading the same content in the text. In recent years the preference has shifted from image to video. This has led brands to make the most of the video and use it as a marketing tool to promote the products and services that they have to offer.

Artificial Intelligence To Boost Your Brand Marketing Strategies

AI for Brand's Marketing Strategies

Considering that a good fraction of the overall population now has access to smartphones with an internet connection, the popularity of video marketing has seen rapid growth in recent years. With marketing professionals across the world, recognizing the potential of video, there has been a constant pursuit to improve video marketing. It is such endeavors that have led to the adoption of AI in video marketing.

The central idea of AI is collecting data, processing that, and using the results to make better-informed decisions. The use of AI and data analytics can help brands understand their customer’s interests, which will help them in strategizing their future videos.

A superior customer-centric result can be envisioned with AI, and that will give brands an upper hand in striking a chord with their existing and potential customers. Here are some contributions of AI that can enable it to find a place in your brand’s marketing strategies.

Providing Content Based on One’s Taste

When a regular customer visits your shop, they like it when you remember their tastes and show them something that they will like. With a combination of artificial intelligence and video marketing, you will be able to show content to your viewers based on their past taste.

A good example in this regard is that of YouTube. This platform has multiple ways of motivating users to click on content that is similar to the ones they have engaged with.

Another case where AI can help you hold back customers who are about to leave is by arranging for alternate products. Suppose a customer visits your site looking for navy blue trousers and they are not currently available. With AI, the website can inform them of the same while showing trousers in other shades of blue.

Considering that the alternate solution is very similar to what was initially requested, this increases the chances of the customer making a purchase. Moreover, the system can also be programmed to send a notification to the user when the trouser that he wanted becomes available.

Using AI-Powered Chatbots

For smaller firms having a 24 X 7 customer support team is not a viable option. With an AI-powered chatbot, a human-like conversation can be replicated at the convenience of the customer. For most businesses, the common questions asked by any customer include details of payment, return, and refund policies.

A chatbot can be fed with all such information so that they are able to convey the same to potential buyers. If a customer asks a question that is beyond the scope of the chatbot, it can collect the contact details of the person and transfer the details to a customer care executive.

Also, not every potential customer will be well versed with the finer nuances of e-shopping. Having a chatbot will allow them a guided shopping experience thus increasing their chances of making a purchase from you.

Making Culturally Relevant Videos

Most brands look up different video editor software like this one here and invest their efforts in coming up with videos to attract potential customers.  For brands that have a diverse demographic as their target group, creating a video is often challenging as things that are acceptable in a region may be so in some regions.

Religious and cultural inhibitions play an instrumental role in deciding one’s taste and brands are often forced to create multiple videos with small tweaks for people of a different region. With an AI platform, videos become much more flexible, and based on updated data, the tweaks can be automated. This leaves room for a lot of creativity and goes a long way in increasing the reach of a video.

Artificial Intelligence & Video Planning

The AI analytics can be extended beyond the videos on your website and applied to those in your social media platforms as well. That way, when a Facebook (or IGTV) video is being played, the AI analytics tool can tap into the engagement and collect data based on user interaction.

These can then be used to evaluate the reactions on such a video to understand which points were better received. The brand can make a note of this and use that while creating their future videos.

AI to Help Users Recover Abandoned Carts

If your brand has an online shopping portal, you will realize that often potential customers add items to their shopping carts and then leave it as it is and exit from the website. Understand that most such incidents happen because the buyer is not digitally well versed and may have clicked on the exit button by mistake. Considering that they have to go through the hassle of choosing their favorite product all over again, they choose not to put off their shopping plans.

Another common scenario is when some urgent work pops up while they are window shopping and that forces them to abandon their virtual shopping cart. As a brand, an effective way for you to make the most of situations like this is to leverage the power of AI.

With AI tools, you can send an email to the registered user with details of the items on their abandoned cart asking if they would want to reconsider their decision. Since the items that they would have added to the cart are things that they like, chances of them making a purchase are considerably higher.

By having an AI-based mechanism on your website, it becomes easier for you to personalize your offerings and strike a business relationship with each individual user. This makes them prone to choosing you over your competitors thus giving your business the boost you had always wanted.

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.