Are you looking for the methods and ways to learn How Do I Transfer Files from iPhone to Windows 10 or the ways to transfer photos from iphone to pc, you are at the right place my friend, read the complete article below and you will come to know about different methods to get your files off your iphone? So if you want to know, go through the complete article below.

How Do I Transfer Files from iPhone to Windows 10?

How Do I Transfer Files from iPhone to Windows 10

If you want to transfer your file from iphone to your PC then it might be to normal window PC or to your Mac. Let it be any you will not have to search again for the solution after going through below.

How Do I Transfer Files from iPhone to Windows 10?

We have covered total 6 methods. Choose any of these whichever solves your problem. These method mentioned are for window PC.

  1. Transfer Photos via AutoPlay
  2. You can import photos via window’s Photo application (Applicable for windows 8 and 10.
  3. Transfer Files From iPhone to PC using wifi (an AirDrop another alternative for window PC)
  4. Syncing files via My Photo Stream and iCloud photo Library.
  5. You can go with the iTunes alternative.

Sharing Files from iPhone to Mac

Follow any of the 3 method works for you.

  1. Import form iPhone to mac via Photo App.
  2. Go with Photo Stream and iCloud Photo library.
  3. Transfer from iPhone to Mac files via AirDrop.

  1. Transfer Files from iPhone to PC – Import via Autoplay

Required: USB data cable to connect.

AutoPlay makes you go with dead easy way to transfer files from iPhone to pc with USB. It is the simplest method and even work with older version of window OS like windows7 or XP.

  • First, connect your iPhone to your PC via USB cable grand the permission to the PC to access your iPhone data.
  • Click on Trust when the pop-up message asks PC permission to iPhone.
  • If it doesn’t open, go for manually setup in your Personal computer setting.
  • For that go to setting, choose PC and Devices, Click on AutoPlay and check Use Autoplay for all media and devices and finally save it.
  • Now you have different options to choose from in the AutoPlay window but you have to Choose the Import Photos and Videos option and now you can import files from iPhone to PC.
  • If you want to go with few specific photo transfer then better you choose Open device to view files.
  • If you don’t see any folder in the drive, Unlock you device and reopen the drive and you will see DCIM folder there.
  • Open this DCIM folder and go through the subfolders inside it. Now transfer your files between iPhone and your PC.
  1. Transfer Photos Via Windows 10 Photo Application (Applicable for Windows 8 and 10).

Required: USB Cable Operation.

Photo app has made it easier to transfer files between iPhone and PC having windows 8 and above software.

  • To go with, first, connect you iPhone to PC via USB cable.
  • Double click on the PhotoApp of your PC to open it.
  • Click on TRUST from the message popup in your iPhone.
  • Now in the Photo app you will see Import option in the upper right corner, click on it and choose from a USB device.
  • After scanning your phone you will have an option to select the photos on your PC.
  • Select the photos and click on continue button below.
  • You will be asked to change your destination (PC) folder name and here you have facility even to save it by month or year category.
  • Click on import and once you are done you will be notified by the app on your PC.
  1. How do I transfer files from iPhone to Windows 10 using Wi-Fi (an AirDrop Another Alternative for Window PC)

Here you need not to worry about any USB cable rather you can go with you Wi-Fi connection.

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi connection via hotspot file transfer enabling. You need not to worry. It’s not going to consume your data.
  • ZAPYA is another most important application and another alternative of AirDrop. With the help of the app you can transfer you data between different devices. Having free access and is working for Android, iPhone, Windows, web browsers, etc.
  • If you don’t have a pre-installed Zapya App, then first install it.
  • Connect your PC to you iPhone via Hotspot of your phone.
  • Launch Zapya app for both Phone and Pc.
  • Click on the transfer option of Zapya on your iPhone.
  • Then it will search for a network, the same you have to do with PC Zapya and when both are connected you can transfer your files.
  • It is completely like any other transfer application.
  • Select your file, photo, videos, etc you want to send to your PC and tap Send option.
  • Now you end up transferring. Go with the file location of your PC’s Zapya and access your file from there.
  1. Syncing Files via My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library.

Required: Both the device should be connected to the internet.

  • Here are two other options you can go with one is My Photo Stream and another is iCloud Photo Library.
  • Upload your files to iCloud and you will be able to download from there.
  • My Photo Stream – With this app, you can maximum upload 1000 photos and can download them within 30 days. Only images file like PNG, JPEG, TIF are allowed to doesn’t consume your iCloud storage.
  • iCloud Photo Library – You can upload both pictures and videos, but here it consumes your iCloud storage. As long as you have iCloud storage, you are eligible to access your transfer. Another feature is that you can access these files from Apple watch too.
  • Since both are applications, you have to first download and install.
  • Then open the setting in your iPhone and go to iCloud, then click on Photos, here you will find the option to enable and disable iCloud photo Library.
  • On the PC, go to photos and check beside a box of it and then on option.
  • From here you have an option to go for iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream, Choose according to your need.
  • You have other options, check from them according to your ease.
  • One folder will be created name iCloud Photo in File Explorer. Your photos will automatically start uploading to the cloud as soon as you give it an internet connection.
  • If you face a problem now also, restart your Pc and go for it.
  1. You Can Go with iTunes Alternative

Have you heard about WinX Media Trans? It is a full-fledged device manager for iOS users. Apart from just transferring your photo between the iPhone and PC, it also features ebook transfer, Podcasts, ringtone, Music, and video transfer between your PC and iPhone.

  • After installing the application on both PC and iPhone, open the app and you get the easy interface for file transfer.
  • To transfer your photo, Select PHOTO TRANSFER from your iPhone. You will find the photos according to your album, day, month, and year. Choose the photos from there and click on Export.
  • Go with the file location to access your files on PC.

Sharing Your Files Between iPhone and Mac

From the above information, we have seen different methods of file transfer between iPhone and Windows PC, now we will go through different methods of transferring between iPhone and Mac. So, go with the alternative from below whatever works for you.

  1. Import From iPhone to Mac via Photo App

Required: A USB cable to connect between devices.

  • First, connect your iPhone with your Mac via USB Cable.
  • When it connects you will see the photo app automatically gets open on your Mac, if not so, then open it manually.
  • At the top of the window, you will see the option of import and select your iPhone from the left sidebar.
  • Go for Import All New Photos to import only the new photos you want. Now, click on Import selected.
  • If you want to see your imported photos, select Last Import from the sidebar.
  1. Go with Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library

Required: Internet connection in both the devices.

  • Before transferring you need to set up My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library and for that Enable the option in your iPhone and Mac.
  • First, in your iPhone, Open the Phone setting and select your Apple ID which you can get by tapping your name on the top of the screen and then, click on iCloud and select Photos.
  • This is the place from where you can both disable and Enable My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Library options.
  • Coming to your Mac, go to the Apple menu and open System Preferences from here.
  • From the option, list chooses iCloud and then enable it for Photo App. for that just check the box of the iCloud drive.
  • Next, click on the options button beside the Photos and you can check iCloud Photo Library and My Photo Stream to turn it on.
  • Later click on done and the settings will be saved.
  • The important thing to notice is that your Photostream will only sync Photos taken when you turn it on. So better you test this feature by taking a new photo or screenshot.
  1. Transfer From iPhone to Mac Files via AirDrop

Required: Both the device should have a Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth connections.

AirDrop is the best native feature for iOS and macOS which features instant sharing of photos, documents, videos, and more between two apple devices.

The only thing is your phone and Mac both should be connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network before transfer.

Let’s go steps wise

  • First, in your Mac, Turn AirDrop on and go to finder and then to Menu Bar.
  • Choose AirDrop and then click on Allow me to be discovered by, Now Contacts only or everyone.
  • Now, coming to your iPhone, Select the Photos you want to transfer to your computer. And tap on the share icon from the left corner of that page’s bottom.
  • Now if you haven’t on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth you will see the AirDrop icon new.
  • So, tap on it and turn your both connections On. You will see the enabled devices surrounding your iPhone device. Select your computer address and when both are connected, files will automatically start transferring.
  • You will find one pop-up on your Mac, asking your permission to allow the coming file to it, Tap on Accept and you will start receiving the file.
  • If your devices are using the same iCloud account, photos will start transferring automatically without asking your permission.
  • Once the transfer is done. You will receive a notification on your Mac to poke you with a message of file receipt.
  • Now by opening it, you can view and download your files directly.

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Final Conclusion:

From the above article on “How Do I Transfer Files from iPhone to Windows 10”, we have seen the different methods to transfer the file between two different devices like iPhone to Windows and also between iPhone and Mac. Not only that we have discussed different methods to go with if one doesn’t work. I Hope, you have found the information useful to you with details and an easy stepwise solution for it.

So, if you find the above piece of information helpful to you, write your feedback in our comment section and if any queries are related, do not hesitate to contact us via our mail.

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