How to Add Perk Points in Fallout 4?


Fallout 4 offers players tremendous potential for customizing their character’s skills and abilities to create a truly unique gameplay experience.


As you progress through the wasteland and level up, gaining access to the complete arsenal of perks becomes an exciting metagame itself.

How to Add Perk Points in Fallout 4?

How to Add Perk Points in Fallout 4

In this guide, we will explore core concepts around perks in Fallout 4 – what they are, why they matter for builds, and most importantly, detail multiple methods for unlocking unlimited perk points to push your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills to the absolute max! Whether playing new games or upgrading existing saves, endless possibilities await.

What Are Perk Points in Fallout 4?

For newcomers, perk points are essential progression currencies earned each time your Fallout 4 character gains an experience level. The number of points awarded on level-up depends on your Intelligence stat.

These perk points can then be invested into upgrading one of your seven primary S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributesStrength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.

Each point into a core stat then unlocks access to deeper related perks. For example, increasing Perception grants access to sniper-focused perks. There are 275 perks total spanning multiple tiers of progression.

Additionally, some perk points unlock completely new functionality like settlement building capabilities or crafting recipes beyond just stat increases.

Overall perks allow tremendously customizing your character through unlocked passive buffs, bonuses, and gameplay options. Choosing optimal perk loadouts remains essential for succeeding in higher difficulties.

Why Add More Perk Points Via Hacks or Cheats?

Naturally, players wish to unlock access to these powerful perks faster to specialize their builds. However, the default perk point system is purposefully slow and limited to prevent easily maxing out every skill quickly.

Players might spend dozens of hours carefully accumulating enough points for desired higher tier perks. Many also regret early investments into lackluster perk options once the gameplay impacts become clearer later on.

As a result, the Fallout community developed trainer programs and script extender mods providing players more perk points to redistribute beyond the slow default limits.

Common motivations include:

  • Quickly testing different character build varieties without grinding hours unlocking higher tier perks organically in new save files.
  • Respect existing established saves by reallocating perk points to pivot specialized builds.
  • Experiment with hybrid “jack-of-all-trades” builds utilizing high-tier perks from multiple S.P.E.C.I.A.L. branches simultaneously.
  • Push the absolute limits of min/maxing by unlocking literally every single perk across all seven attributes at max rank.

While arguably overpowered compared to default gameplay, the flexibility of an endless perk pool brings tremendous fun remixing characters. Now let’s explore options!

How to Add Perk Points in Fallout 4?

Method 1: Console Commands for Perk Manipulation

The most direct way to add perk points utilizes built-in developer console commands never officially documented. The Fallout community gradually discovered these debug tools left accessible to players.

Note: Using console commands disables unlocking achievements. Console access varies by platform:

  • PC: Tap tilde key (~) to open
  • Xbox: Enable via system settings
  • PlayStation: Requires jailbreak

Here are the key console functions for perk point modification:

  • Help “perk name” 4 – Lookup perk ID codes
  • player.addperk [ID code] – Add specific perk by ID
  • setgs iGPS [number] – Set player level directly
  • cgf “Game.AddPerkPoints” [number] – Force add perk points

The common workflow looks like this:

  1. Optionally set player level if desired using setgs iGPS command
  2. Add perk points to spend using cg Game.AddPerkPoints
  3. Identify perk ID codes of interest using Help command
  4. Add specific perks via player.addperk and IDs

This empowers spawning points on demand to directly acquire otherwise locked perks instantly. Be sure to study documentation on additional functions available.

Method 2: Script Extender Hacks

For players seeking enhanced capabilities beyond vanilla console constraints, the Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) project proves invaluable.

F4SE taps into lower-level execution of the game binary allowing for tremendous expansion of scripting potential, functionality impossible in baseline game. This includes sophisticated new cheat capabilities!

Here are some prominent F4SE based perk and leveling hacks:

  • Cheat Terminal – Feature-packed trainer with perk manipulation and coding tools for creators. Lua based.
  • Talent reset holotape – Custom crafted in-game holotape adding the ability to reset and respent SPECIAL points on demand.
  • Achieve That! – All-in-one script extender empowering instantly completing quests while accumulating associated experience and perks. Widely used.

Proper installation of the F4SE backend plus integrating the above mods expands options exponentially beyond console commands, at the cost of some stability risks. Powerful possibilities though!

F4SE Perk Hack Usage Tips

  • Study documentation carefully before spawning potentially game breaking items or values. Hard to undo mistakes!
  • Create restored saves to revert before and after testing experimental hack tweaks, avoiding unrecoverable glitches.
  • Double check for outdated mods conflicting with newer game versions possibly blocking extender functionality.

Tread thoughtfully and the richness added through low-level script extension hacking feels limitless. But abuse can easily ruin saves if not careful!

Method 3: Third Party Trainer Programs

Beyond in-game console tricks, dedicated cheat engine programs for Windows PC empower extreme god mode transforms. Specifically manipulating Fallout 4 memory values directly using Cheat Engine or ArtMoney software.

Cheat Engine workflow:

  1. Identify the Fallout4.exe process while running
  2. Activate cheat table with specialized addresses for perk points and stats
  3. Manipulate in real-time to desired values

Does not require F4SE or coding knowledge, just basic software usage skills. Offers unique perks:

  • Instant perk and level maxing with custom tables
  • God mode, infinite item spawning, teleporting, etc possibilities
  • Direct dynamic memory editing during active gameplay

Downside is potential malware risks with some cheat table sources. And possible bans from Fallout 4 online components like Creation Club. Single players are mostly safe though!

Fallout 4 Perk Hacking Guide 2023

I. Core Concepts For Beginners

  • What are perk points and how are they earned normally?
  • Why would I want to use scripts or cheats to get more perks?
  • High-level overview of methods available

II. Console Commands Tutorial

  • Step-by-step guide setting up console access
  • Specific commands for adding points or perks
  • Example walkthroughs and use case scenarios

III. F4SE & Mods Explained

  • Beginner friendly intro to Script Extender capabilities
  • Install a guide covering requirements & configuration
  • Recommended mods for perk hacking with install steps
  • Best practices using mods to avoid save corruption

IV. External Memory Editors

  • simplified starter tutorial on essential memory hacking basics
  • Instructions for setting up Cheat Engine for Fallout 4
  • Precautions needed for stability and malware protection
  • Top perk tweaking table community recommendations

V. Creative Perk Build Ideas

  • Theorycrafting various archetype builds is only possible with hacked perks
  • Hybrid templates mixing multiple SPECIAL lines
  • Accounting for likely game balance issues

VI. Troubleshooting Help

  • Common crashing issues or instability triggers
  • Resetting saves safely after too much experimentation
  • Identifying and fixing mod conflicts
  • Additional technical support options

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can Achieve That! or Cheat Terminal ruin game progress?

Yes! While granting tremendous powers be extremely careful spawning items, quest skips, perks etc that may break saves. Study documentation and only tweak small amounts before reloading backups.

  • Q: Do memory editing cheats work on Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Unfortunately external programs like Cheat Engine only function on PC. Consoles restrict low level memory access necessary. Some glitches like duplication exploits may still work.

  • Q: Where can I find updated perk and level cheat tables?

Check FearlessRevolution or GameCopyWorld forums where dedicated cheat table creators distribute Fallout 4 packs. Beware sites with intrusive ads or malware though.

  • Q: Can too many high-level perks cause game crashes?

Absolutely – the engine can struggle to process the sheer amount of perk buffs and scripts running simultaneously. Save often and troubleshoot conflicts systematically if you notice stability dips after excessive tweaking.

  • Q: Is god mode possible through script extender mods?

Yes! Many trainer packs offer simple toggling of god modes for invincibility, infinite crafting materials, 100% hit chance, etc. Very overpowered so use them judiciously to avoid boredom.

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Maximizing Perk Potential – Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide illuminated multiple avenues for bypassing default constraints toward unlocking the full breadth of perk variety and customization potential within Fallout 4.

While arguably overpowered in some contexts, gaining flexible access to specialized builds or unique hybrids creates tremendous replay value from extensively remixed gameplay.

Tread carefully with stability, and avoid ruining established saves where possible, but otherwise enjoy the fruits of your hacking labor! Now get out there, have fun, and create some delightfully overpowered weapons of mass nuclear wasteland destruction. 😉☢️

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