April 21, 2022

5 Best Online Text Editors For Bloggers in 2022


Best Online Text Editors For Bloggers have many benefits for writers & digital marketers. So, which are the best ones you can use today?


We live in the pandemic era, where most writers work remotely. Today, these remote settings have increased the demand for tools writers can use to improve their craft. One standard tool in such a conversation is an online text editor.

Working on the go, from home, or anywhere while traveling, these tools can be of remarkable assistance. Furthermore, they allow writer’s to collaborate with their fellows and clients when used correctly. 

Best Online Text Editors For Bloggers

Best Online Text Editors For Bloggers

However, not all the tools you find in the search engine are ideal for you. Some are plain text editors, while others are aimed at developers. So, as a blogger, which of these tools should you be using? Moreover, why is it even essential to use them?

Let’s dive in and find out together. 

Why Do Bloggers Need Text Editors? 

Bloggers are constantly looking to write and improve their content. This means ideas can come unexpectedly, and they need to be ready to tend to those. Some of the most common reasons bloggers use online text editors are:

  • To collaborate with fellow writers and teammates
  • To edit and write content on the go
  • To format their text properly
  • To insert images or other media
  • To take notes and store information

These are only surface-level reasons that many bloggers employ online text editors. However, a tool like MS Word or any other word processor costs a bit. That’s why these online text editors are live savers for bloggers around the globe.

Another major reason for bloggers to employ these tools is their accompanying programs. For instance, some tools offer plagiarism checkers and summarizers within their text editors. This is highly convenient for someone looking to find an all-in-one solution for blogging.  

How To Pick An Online Text Editor 

Finding and picking an online text editor is as easy as Googling it, right? No, it’s not. Most of the tools you will find on the first page of SERP are either paid tools or not something they promise to be. 

While we’ve already compiled the list of best tools you can use in 2022, we’ll show you the standard we kept while doing so.

The first thing we had in mind was free usage. Whether a beginner or an established blogger uses it, an online text editor needs to provide some sort of free usage. The second thing we kept in mind was the quality of options that it provides, such as:

  • Ability to insert media
  • Content formatting options
  • Editing properties, hyperlinking, etc.

These are some of the most common uses that a blogger has for such an editor. Therefore, if you’re going to pick a tool on your own, then keep these essential factors in mind. 

5 Best Online Text Editors For Bloggers In 2022

There are many Best Online Text Editors For Bloggers which they can use today. However, some are just fundamentally better because of their ability to help writers edit or create new content. Since the priority of any writer today is the speed and agility of such tools, we highlighted at as well—when formulating this list. 

In this list, you will find tools that stand out with their ability to format content, while some would be ideal for collaborating with fellow writers. So, without further ado, here are the five best online text editors that bloggers can use in 2022: 

  • Prepostseo

PrePostSEO is a proven top-notch provider of tools for writers. It has many remarkable tools, and there’s no wonder the online text editor by this provider tops this list. Why is this tool great for you? Because it has all the necessities you will need as a writer, including its simplified UI design:

All the convenient options, alongside the bottom of your screen choices, make it one of the leading online text editors that any writer can use. Besides that, you can use this tool to edit your text and add other elements, such as media, tables, etc. 

EditPad is one of the first options you see on Google when you look for online editors. However, EditPad has two options for your use, including its plain and rich text editors. Here’s what the rich text editor looks like:

As you can see, this tool provides all the necessities that you’d expect from a rich text editor. This includes:

  • Adding images or other media
  • Formatting content or changing the font
  • Aligning or changing content grids
  • Edit additional text or import it

All these factors, alongside the fact that this is perhaps the quickest and lightest tool on this list, make it the best contender to be your next favored online text editor. 

Google Docs is one of the most employed online text editors today. It comes with Google’s Workspace suite, which features many other convenient tools like Google Sheets, Drive, etc. Therefore, there’s no surprise Google is number three on this list.

But, compared to other online text editors, Google Docs seems and acts like a word processor. In other words, it is akin to MS Word in many ways. 

The tool itself features a detailed yet simplistic UI. You can simply employ it by looking at each option in the top bar. The primary benefits of using this editor are:

  • Autosave to Google Drive
  • Additional tools
  • Inbuilt OCR
  • Ability to share files with multiple people
  • Ideal for collaboration

On top of all this, Google Docs has an immense array of fonts and formatting options. You can access each one by using the top bar after creating a document file in it. 

These factors make Google docs one of, if not the best online text editors. Furthermore, it’s all free, as all you need is a Google account. Besides that, you get an array of other tools that might come in handy in your blogging adventure.

Onlinetexteditor.net is yet another simple and easy-to-use text editing software that you can use to write and edit content online. It does not come with formatting and styling options.

However, you can upload documents to it from your local store and you can also download your written text to your device.

This tool does not require any registration or signing up. You can use it instantly in your web browser.

  • StackEdit 

StackEdit is a remarkable online editor with a variety of options. This tool allows you to edit and write your content according to your liking.

It has all the basics you’d need in a rich text editor, and it’s apparent in its UI.

As seen here, the text editor gives you two different outlooks of your content. You get to write the raw content on the right side, while on the left one, you get it in its blog form. This makes it an ideal companion for any blogger in 2022.


These are the Best Online Text Editors For Bloggers in 2022. While it all dials down to your requirement, each one of these tools has the ability to become your next favorite online text editor.

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