If you are a die-hard fan of games and using Windows 10 for gaming then this post is made for Window users like you. If you love to play games on Xbox and want to play games on Windows PC, then you will surely need Xbox 360 Controller driver Windows 10. Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10 allows users to connect Xbox One Console to Windows PC or Laptops.

Xbox Controller Driver allows users to use a wired Xbox 360 Controllers via Hardware and the wireless Xbox Controllers from the Microsoft Wireless Gaming Console for Windows. The driver is licensed under the GPL.

First, you need to require an Xbox Controller, Wired or instant using the Microsoft wireless adapter. I used a wired controller. However, you should be able to grab the wireless controller to work just as well.

To have your own Xbox 360 station working you’ll need to put a driver in it. The main reason behind this error is outdated drivers and some unwanted corrupted files.

So today, in this post, we are going to fix this issue with the help of some easy steps that you can play the Xbox games on Windows 10 with the help of Xbox 360 Controller Windows 10.

For hardcore gamers who want to have an Xbox controller when compared to a keyboard or mouse to play the game, it is quite easy that plenty of PC games allow you to play games via Xbox Controller using an available USB interface. If your controller isn’t working properly since it used to be, or ought to be, you may need to think again about the issue solved on your own.

So here are the quick fixes where you will have the complete fix solutions for Windows 10 Xbox 360 Controller not working.

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10 – Fix Now

Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10
Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10

If your controller isn’t working now, as it used to be, then my friend, you need to think again about the issue solved or not. There are some unknown causes of this error, so are there any perfect solutions for it or not?

The Xbox Controller for Windows features an extended nine-foot cable and a big ergonomic design. The centralized, glowing Xbox guide option allow users for quick entry to your digital movie, audio, and games libraries.

You should first, always take a backup of your complete system before making changes to your system and also keep all your drivers updated:

How to Fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10 Error?

Below we are going to share the step by step some perfect solution to fix “Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10” and solve it now:

Solution #1: Update Xbox 360 Controller Driver Manually

  • Press, Windows Key + X and choose Device Manager.


  • Now, choose View Option, then select Show Hidden Devices.


  • You need to check to see where you can find the Xbox 360 Controller Driver.


  • Right click on Xbox 360 Controller Driver and select Uninstall.


  • Now confirm the operation and delete the driver software.


  • Restart your PC after this process.


  • After reboot, first, download the latest Xbox 360 Controller Driver for Windows 10 and install it.

Solution #2: Install the Xbox 360 Controller Driver Manually

If you’re using the wireless Xbox 360 controller, you need to use a wireless receiver to connect it to a computer. Sometimes, the drivers of the wireless receivers can cause this issue. To fix this issue, you need to have to download those drivers manually and install the latest Xbox 360 Drivers on your Windows PC or Windows-based laptops.

Simply go to Microsoft Official Site and download latest Xbox 360 Controller drivers for Windows 10. Make sure to select the 32-bit or 64-bit version according to your system architecture.

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Final Thoughts:

We hope you find this guide to fix Xbox 360 Controller Driver Windows 10 useful and helpful and now you can run your games on Windows PC with your favorite Xbox 360 Controller and now you have the complete solution.

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