December 19, 2023

BHGWalmartOffer com Free Subscription 2024 Guide


Listen up all you home decor lovers – have I got an exciting deal for you! If you’re a fan of Better Homes & Gardens magazine like me, you need to check out the free subscription rebate going on right now. Yep, you could score a whole year’s worth of amazing home inspiration and advice from Better Homes & Gardens without paying a penny!


Here’s the scoop – Better Homes & Gardens magazine has teamed up with Walmart to offer the BHGWalmartOffer com Free Subscription. All you have to do is buy pretty much any Better Homes & Gardens branded merchandise from Walmart, whether online or in stores, and you’re automatically eligible to enter.

I’m talking bakeware, bedding, decor, and holiday stuff – even snagging the latest issue of Better Homes & Gardens itself from the magazine racks at Walmart allows you to submit the rebate!

Then, it’s just a matter of going online to and providing your basic deets along with the order number printed on your receipt or product package. Do this within 30 days of your BHG Walmart purchase and bam, you’re entered for a chance at scoring a free 1-year magazine subscription! Yep, 12 amazing issues filled with stunning room reveals, yummy recipes, DIY projects, gardening tips and so much more coming straight to your mailbox free.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hopping over to Walmart to start to stock up on a few new Better Homes & Gardens goodies to qualify for this sweet rebate deal. A whole year of home inspo could be yours thanks to!

BHGWalmartOffer com Free Subscription

BHGWalmartOffer com Free Subscription

About the BHGWalmartOffer Rebate

The BHGWalmartOffer is a special rebate program allowing customers who have purchased qualifying Better Homes & Gardens items from Walmart, either online or in retail stores, to enter to win a free 1-year magazine subscription. This includes 12 issues of Better Homes & Gardens delivered by mail to your home.

Here’s how it works: anytime you buy a product with the Better Homes & Gardens name on it from Walmart, such as cookbooks, gardening tools, holiday decor, kitchen appliances, bedding, towels, magazines, and more, you are automatically eligible to enter the rebate drawing.

To submit your entry, simply locate the order number printed on your Walmart receipt or product packaging, and go online to the website to complete the entry form of “BHGWalmartOffer com Free Subscription” with your contact and order details. Once your rebate is successfully submitted, you will be entered for a chance to win the FREE one-year magazine subscription prize.

This exciting collaboration aims to reward loyal Walmart and Better Homes & Gardens fans with a year’s worth of amazing home advice, recipes, DIY projects, decor ideas and so much more, completely free of charge!

Why the BHGWalmartOffer com Free Subscription?

So what makes the BHGWalmartOffer rebate so worthwhile for Walmart shoppers? Here are the key reasons to take advantage of this promotion:

  • Chance to win FREE magazines – Entering allows you to score a whole year’s subscription to Better Homes & Gardens (a $20 value) completely free just for being a loyal customer. Even if your specific entry does not win, it only takes a few extra minutes to submit your rebate online for a shot at 12 free issues.
  • Open to all BHG purchases – All you need to qualify is ANY Better Homes & Gardens branded item purchased at Walmart, whether a new frying pan, gardening tools, holiday village house, magazine issue, or anything in between. Every order number gets you another entry, so enter after every BHG Walmart order for the maximum number of chances to have magazines delivered to your mailbox at no cost for a whole year.
  • Added value for customers – The rebate program is a way for Better Homes & Gardens and Walmart to give back to shoppers while spreading the word about the helpful advice BHG provides on home projects, cooking, decorating, family life, gardening, and more in every issue. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!
  • Easy, free online entry – Submitting your order details only takes a few minutes at Simply enter your basic contact info along with the order or TC number printed on your receipt or product packaging from any qualifying Better Homes & Gardens purchase at Walmart. That’s all you need to do to be entered for an exciting chance at FREE magazines!

With nothing to lose and fabulous home inspiration to gain, the BHGWalmartOffer rebate is the perfect way for Walmart shoppers to reward themselves through Better Homes & Gardens.

Does Participating Cost Anything?

Great news – taking part in the BHGWalmartOffer and entering the rebate drawing does not cost you a penny over your initial BHG purchase at Walmart!

The only requirement is having an order number from any Better Homes & Gardens branded item bought at Walmart – whether in-store or ordered online for delivery or pickup. Qualifying purchases include everything from cookbooks, tools, small kitchen appliances, bedding, home decor items, magazines, and more.

As soon as you have a receipt or product packaging with a printed order/TC number from a recently eligible BHG item from Walmart, you can submit the online rebate form completely free. Walmart and Better Homes & Gardens handle all free magazine delivery costs for winners.

You do not have to pay any membership fees, submit processing payments, purchase anything additional, or join any clubs. Just enter your order number from your recent BHG Walmart order at the online rebate page. It only takes a few minutes to complete the form and submit your entry for a chance to win a year of Better Homes & Gardens’ best home advice and inspiration shipped to you at no cost!

How to Get the Free Subscription?

Scoring a free one-year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens magazine is easy and breezy thanks to the BHGWalmartOffer rebate! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to entering for your shot at 12 fabulous issues without spending a dime:

  • Step 1: Buy Any BHG Merchandise from Walmart

This can include cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, bedding, home decor items, gardening tools, holiday pieces, and more. Or just pick up the latest copy of Better Homes & Gardens magazine itself! Qualifying purchases can be made either in-store at Walmart locations or ordered online at

  • Step 2: Locate Your Order or TC Number

Make sure to dig out the receipt or packaging from your BHG Walmart purchase. Find the order/TC number printed on it – this is usually a combination of letters and numbers that verify your specific purchase details.

  • Step 3: Visit

Go to the official rebate website and review all terms and entry instructions carefully before proceeding.

  • Step 4: Enter Your Contact Details

Accurately fill out the online form fields including your full name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and other basic contact information.

  • Step 5: Input Your Order/TC Number

Carefully type or copy-paste your unique order number from your Walmart receipt or BHG product package into the designated field. This is essential for verifying and qualifying your rebate entry.

  • Step 6: Select Print and/or Digital Magazine Access

Choose whether you prefer a free print magazine subscription shipped to your home or access to digital issues online, or select both options for maximum eligibility!

  • Step 7: Click Submit

Double check all your details, then finalize your official entry by clicking the Subscribe button. Complete!

Following these seven simple steps could land you an amazing free 1-year Better Homes & Gardens subscription with home inspiration delivered right to you for all four seasons. Don’t wait – enter today!

How to Claim Your BHGWalmartOffer Rebate?

BHGWalmartOffer com

Ready to take your best shot at landing FREE home magazines for an entire year? Submitting online rebate entries at could not be simpler.

Just follow these clear steps:

  • Step 1: Buy Any BHG Item from Walmart, In-Store or Online

Pull out those old Walmart receipts and dig through your online order history! Any Better Homes & Gardens related purchase from Walmart automatically qualifies you to enter the rebate drawing.

Eligible items include everything from tools, small appliances, cookware and bakeware, holiday village collectibles, magazines, books, bedding, towels, home decor, and more.

  • Step 2: Locate the Order/TC Number Printed on Receipt or Package

This is usually an alphanumeric code that starts with letters like B, W, or T followed by a string of numbers. It verifies your specific order details for Walmart and Better Homes & Gardens.

  • Step 3: Go to the BHGWalmartOffer Website

Visit and review the details about entry requirements, rules, start/end dates for the submission period, sponsorship details, etc.

  • Step 4: Complete the Online Entry Form

Scroll down the page and carefully fill out all required rebate form fields with your name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and order/TC number from your BHG Walmart purchase receipt/packaging.

  • Step 5: Select Print or Digital Magazine Delivery

Choose whether you prefer to have print issues mailed to your home address provided or get free access to digital editions online if you win the 1-year subscription.

  • Step 6: Click Submit to Finish Entering Your Rebate!

That’s everything! Double check your info is correct then click the big “Subscribe” button to submit your entry. Watch for a confirmation message that your submission went through. Then cross your fingers and wait to see if you’ve won 12 months of amazing Better Homes & Gardens home advice and inspiration!

Be sure to submit any rebate entries within 30 days of your eligible BHG purchase date for it to qualify per the terms of the promotion. Enter multiple times after every Walmart order containing Better Homes & Gardens items to increase your odds – order numbers cannot be used more than once.

Good luck scoring spectacular home magazines free for a whole year!

An Overview of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

As one of America’s most popular home lifestyle publications, Better Homes & Gardens has been providing endless inspiration focused on cooking, gardening, decorating, family life, DIY projects, and more within its pages since 1922.

It serves as a monthly dose of motivation for keeping every corner of your home running smoothly, looking fabulous, and bringing joy to your household. With insightful tips from trusted editors, eye-catching photography, great ideas to suit a variety of budgets and styles, helpful recommendations for decor updates, tools to get organized, kid-friendly crafts and recipes, and so much more, it’s no wonder millions of loyal readers eagerly anticipate every new issue.

Better Homes & Gardens remains committed to its longtime mission of providing families with endless inspiration and smart solutions for enjoying life at home. Issues contain a winning mix of trend reports, immaculately styled room reveals, budget DIYs, home organization hacks, garden planning guides, kid craft activities, hearty dinner recipes, desserts, and so much in between.

The magazine stands out from competitors with its broad range of lifestyle topics beyond just decor and food like automotive, pets, health, parenting, personal finance, and thought-provoking feature articles. With wide appeal across all ages, BHG offers a little something for every family member and home type.

Flipping through those glossy pages each month gives readers refreshing ideas to enhance their abode along with the confidence and know-how to take action through practical tutorials and actionable tips. Better Homes & Gardens provides both vision and clear plans for bringing joy and function into your household.

Why Participate in the BHGWalmartOffer Rebate?

The BHGWalmartOffer program presents a phenomenal opportunity for any loyal Walmart shopper to score an amazing prize for free – a whole year’s subscription to Better Homes & Gardens magazine filled with incredible home inspiration!

Considering a standard 1-year subscription (12 monthly issues) costs around $20 on average, entrants have nothing to lose by taking just a few quick minutes to submit the online rebate form. If chosen as a winner, you could gain $20 worth of amazing content delivered right to your mailbox covering all your favorite home-related topics:

  • Decorating ideas for every room
  • DIY furnishings and home upgrades
  • Seasonal outdoor updates
  • Exciting yet achievable recipes
  • Kid-friendly crafts and activities
  • Budget-savvy makeovers
  • Organizational tips and tools
  • Garden planning fundamentals
  • Pet care recommendations
  • Automotive maintenance tutorials
  • …and so much more!

Even if your specific entry is not selected, it takes almost no effort to enter the BHGWalmartOffer rebate online after any qualifying Better Homes & Gardens purchase from Walmart for a shot at scoring BIG. With endless inspiration supporting your journey toward enhancing life at home, a free one-year subscription is truly a high-value prize worth winning.

What Can You Find in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine?

A free one-year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens could bring over 500 pages of helpful home lifestyle content to your mailbox. Here’s a small sampling of the myriad topics you can explore in each issue:

  • Seasonal home decor ideas – Refresh your rooms for autumn, winter, spring, and summer with budget buys, DIY upgrades, and tips from style editors on trending looks.
  • Makeover inspiration – Gorgeously styled room reveals offer endless decor motivation for kitchens, baths, bedrooms, entryways, and outdoor spaces.
  • Organizational strategies – Tidy up clutter and chaos with targeted tips for closets, pantries, laundry zones, home offices, toy areas, garages, and just about every other space.
  • Exciting yet achievable recipes – Find approachable weeknight dinners, healthier dishes, kid meal ideas, impressive appetizers for parties, delicious desserts, and classic holiday fare.
  • Gardening fundamentals – Get your yard and garden gorgeous with layout sketches, plant pairings, care instructions, and tips for beginners from the experts.
  • Budget-friendly DIY furnishings – Affordable tutorials make home upgrades like upholstered headboards, throw pillows, wall art, centerpieces, and furniture hacks doable.
  • Pet Care 101 – Keep your furry friends happy and healthy with training advice, nutrition, and exercise guidelines tailored just for cats and dogs.
  • Family focused activities – Crafts, science experiments, road trip games, and engaging projects make it easy to bond with your loved ones.
  • …and so much more! – With wide-ranging lifestyle coverage, every reader finds endless inspiration suited to her passions and style in the pages.

With trusted guidance on home improvement projects, decorating necessities, gardening basics, kitchen tools, recipes, enhancing family memories, and everything in between, a FREE one-year subscription thanks to the BHGWalmartOffer rebate allows you to sample it all.

Am I Eligible to Participate in the BHGWalmartOffer?

Checking whether you qualify to enter this exciting rebate opportunity could not be simpler. Just ask yourself these basic questions:

  • 1. Have you purchased any Better Homes & Gardens branded items from Walmart recently?

Eligible BHG merchandise includes everything from bakeware, cookbooks, tools, and small kitchen aids to bedding, home accents, holiday items, organization solutions, gardening gear, magazines, and pretty much any product sporting the Better Homes & Gardens name in Walmart stores or on

As long as you have an order confirmation receipt or product packaging proving your purchase, you’re good to go!

  • 2. Do you have a valid order number or TC number printed on the receipt/packaging?

You need this unique order verification number (usually a combination of letters and numbers) to submit the online rebate form as proof of buying a qualifying BHG item at Walmart.

  • 3. Are you a legal resident of the United States?

The final requirement is having a valid U.S. mailing address to receive your year of FREE Better Homes & Gardens issues if selected as a winner.

If you answered “yes” to all 3 qualification questions above, then you are eligible to submit your entries to the BHGWalmartOffer rebate to try scoring FREE magazines! Get ready to unleash your creativity and upgrade life at home guided by the pages of Better Homes & Gardens.

How to Submit Your BHGWalmartOffer Rebate Entry

Submitting online for a chance at big home lifestyle prizes takes just minutes:

Step 1) Visit the official website []

Step 2) Review promotion rules and details thoroughly

Step 3) Scroll down to locate the entry form

Step 4) Carefully fill out ALL required fields:

  • Full Name
  • Complete Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Walmart Order Number/TC Number

Step 5) Select print magazine delivery, online access, or both

Step 6) Click the big red “Subscribe” button to finish!

That’s all it takes to get your exciting rebate entered in just minutes online. Watch for a confirmation message instantaneously so you know your submission went through successfully.

Remember, you must enter within 30 days of any qualifying Better Homes & Gardens purchase date printed on your Walmart receipt for it to be valid. Submit entries multiple times after each order containing BHG merchandise to increase your odds of landing a spectacular FREE one-year subscription!

Tips for Winning the BHGWalmartOffer Rebate

Follow these handy tips from rebate experts to maximize your chances of scoring free magazines:

  • Enter the rebate NOW for any past BHG Walmart purchases – don’t wait to dig up old receipts!
  • Submit an entry after EVERY single qualifying BHG order from Walmart for multiple drawing chances.
  • Write order numbers down right after purchasing or snap pics of receipts on your phone so they are handy when entering later.
  • Mark your calendar with upcoming rebate deadlines as reminders to enter within 30 days of any order.
  • Select BOTH print AND online access when entering to optimize eligibility.
  • Check weekly Walmart sales ads and clearance for discounted BHG items to purchase more!
  • Buy generous gift sets of BHG products during the holidays to get lots of order numbers for entering.
  • Share on social media and tell family/friends to enter too to win gift subscriptions.

Don’t let this incredible opportunity for home magazine lovers slip by! Take a few minutes today to submit your entry for a chance at the ultimate prize – a FREE one-year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens courtesy of BHGWalmartOffer.

Contact Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

For any questions about Better Homes & Gardens magazine itself including subscription inquiries, missed issue delivery, changing account details, and anything else magazine-specific, contact their helpful customer service team:

A representative can assist with any needs as a current print or digital subscriber if you are lucky enough to score a free one-year subscription through the BHGWalmartOffer rebate!

FAQs About the BHGWalmartOffer Promotion

Get quick answers to the most common questions about entering the rebate:

  • 1. What is the BHGWalmartOffer promotion?

It allows customers who purchased Better Homes & Gardens products at Walmart to enter to win a free 1-year magazine subscription.

  • 2. How do I enter the BHGWalmartOffer rebate?

Visit and submit your order number and contact details.

  • 3. What do I need to enter the rebate drawing?

An order/TC number proving the purchase of a Better Homes & Gardens item from Walmart is required.

  • 4. What can I win through the BHGWalmartOffer?

The prize is a free one-year subscription to Better Homes & Gardens magazine (12 issues).

  • 5. Does entering the rebate cost money?

No, submitting your entry online is free!

  • 6. When does the rebate submission period end?

You must enter within 30 days of any eligible BHG purchase date printed on your Walmart receipt.

  • 7. How will winners be notified about the free subscription?

Rebate winners will be contacted by mail or email once the promotion period concludes.

  • 8. Is there a limit to how many times I can enter?

You can submit an entry after every qualifying BHG Walmart order, but cannot reuse order numbers.

  • 9. Who sponsors this rebate offer?

It is jointly sponsored by Better Homes & Gardens magazine and Walmart.

  • 10. Who do I contact for questions about the rebate?

Email or call Better Homes & Gardens customer service for assistance.

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The BHGWalmartOffer is an incredible opportunity home decor and lifestyle fans cannot afford to miss! Taking just a few quick minutes to submit this online rebate entry after purchases could reward you with an entire year’s subscription to amazing Better Homes & Gardens content – free.

With literally nothing to lose but fabulous decor inspiration, mouth-watering recipes, budget home project tutorials, and expert tips for upgrading life at home, be sure to enter the promotion right away.

Track down those old Walmart receipts for any past BHG purchases or stock up next on essentials like cookware, tools, storage items, or decor showcasing the Better Homes & Gardens brand to qualify.

Then visit and get ready for a chance to sit back and enjoy year-round home motivation on Walmart and Better Homes & Gardens – right to your mailbox or inbox! Good luck scoring spectacular magazines FREE thanks to this valuable rebate offer.

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