April 20, 2022

What will happen if I don’t renew CCIE Certificate?


Cisco is considered to be the most common networking service supplier associated with multiple organizations. Most of them are in need of System Engineers, Network Engineers, Security Analysts, and some other job roles to manage networking infrastructure. As a major consequence, the Cisco certificates are likely to be highly sought after in the current future and you must know what will happen if you’ll not renew CCIE Certificate.


What will happen if I don’t renew CCIE Certificate?

renew CCIE Certificate

  • These CCIE and other certificates are noted to be some of the fantastic ways to enhance job prospects and skills. However, each one will have expiration dates too.
  • Cisco is known to offer major types of certificates, and those are CCNP, CCNA, CCDP, CCIE, and CCDE. Depending on your choice and the future position you want to hold in a company, go for the certification course you like.
  • In some of the major Cisco certification courses like CCIE, you need to have other certificates like CCNA and CCNP already by your side. You will be able to sit for the written and lab exams of CCIE only after getting these certifications.

Nowadays, you have more Cisco certification alternatives to help you invest and then re-imagine yourself to make a real difference in the jobs that you are willing to perform at work. Some of the centers will include the Network Associate credential in the cyber-security expert training as Cisco is considered to be the most dominant network routing and switching business.

This kind of education is actually going to help you to create a long-term career as a professional working in the field of IT. 

How long will the CCIE certifications last?

All kinds of Cisco certificates like the CCIE certifications are noted to be valid for 3 years from the time you have earned them. The continued validity of every certificate is extended for another 3 years whenever recertification requirements are met. Throughout this entire period, there won’t be any requirements to keep the certifications alive.

  • But, it is mandatory for the candidates to recertify the CCIE certifications to extend their status for added 3 years.
  • Cisco recertification can easily be covered with either Cisco recertification credit or by just passing the same Cisco exam all over again.
  • This recertification procedure is a pretty simple one. With the help of Continuing Education Credits from Cisco, it is even simpler than before.

If you fail to get the recertification covered right after 3 years, then your certification will get banned. Then you have to sit for the initial certification exams and lab tests all over again. Your previous 3 years of hard work will go down the drain, and that knowledge won’t help you to get the best job. Some companies are even strict about relieving their employees of their work if they fail to get the recertification work covered. So, to be on the safer side, it is mandatory to get the recertification before it is too late!

Importance of the Continuing Education Credits:

With the help of continuing education credits, you can focus on the recertifying process. You can further get help from SPOTO regarding the 100% real dumps, solutions, and workbooks designed to help you pass the exams with flying colors.

  • With these chosen continuing education credits, you can recertify without taking the same exam all over again!
  • The Cisco certification program will offer all the certificate holders with various recertify options while procuring new knowledge and improving skill sets.
  • Candidates can further recertify the certifications within a span of 3 years of passing the qualifying exam and earning the credits through some item categories or both before the certification expires.
  • It is mandatory for the candidates to enroll in continuing education program portal and accept Continuing education terms and conditions for recertifying with the CE credits.

You get the chance to earn the credits by procuring qualifying goods in some major categories. Look for the instructor-led training and the e-learning classes to complete eligible courses. Furthermore, to earn the credits, you can take an active part in the live technical sessions or even participate in the exam item writing.

Renew CCIE Certificate with continuing Education program and furthering your lifelong learning. You get to cover your professional development goals at the same time as well. 

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