September 15, 2022

What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story Views?


What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story Views – After posting a story on Snapchat, an eye emoji with a number appears. Tapping on the eye emoji takes one to another page with the username of some friends on the platform. If you’re using the paid Snapchat version, also known as Snapchat +, you’ll also see a double eyes emoji.


While many Snapchat users know what this means, many others still don’t know. So, what do the eyes mean on Snapchat story views? A single eye under the snap indicates the number of views you have on the snap. The double eyes emoji indicates the number of rewatching you have on the snap.

What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story Views?

What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story Views

Snapchat arranges your views to start with the most recent viewers at the top and the oldest at the bottom. That way, you would know if your posts are gaining the traction you expect or not. If they aren’t, you can place an order to Snapchat story views to get verified quickly. 

Continue reading to learn more about Snapchat story views and other Snapchat features.

What Do The Eyes Mean On Snapchat Story Views?

The eyes under your Snapchat story indicate the number of views and rewatch on a story. A single eye represents the views, while double eyes represent rewatches. A rewatch simply means that a particular user viewed the story more than once.

However, you can only see a single-eye emoji using a standard Snapchat profile. To access the rewatch feature on Snapchat story views, you must use the app’s premium version. The rewatch icon is usually denoted by a double eyes emoji.

Snapchat premium is mainly known as Snapchat Plus. Access to its features requires a subscription. There are different subscription plans for a month, six months, or a year. 

An Overview Of Double Eyes Emoji On Snapchat Story Views

Double eyes appear under a story when another user has viewed the story more than once. As we said earlier, the feature is only available for users of the Snapchat + (Plus) platform. The icon is known as the story rewatch counter.

Moreover, there’s a number that appears beside the double eyes emoji. The number doesn’t indicate the number of times friends have rewatched your story. It only tells how many friends rewatched the story. 

Important Things To Note About The Double Eyes Emoji

    • The feature is only available for Snapchat + (Plus) subscribers.
    • The rewatch counter only gives the number of friends that rewatched your snap and not the number of times the story was rewatched.
    • The eyes emoji appear on all stories – My story, Shared Stories, and Private Stories.
  • You can turn off the rewatch counter (or indicator) by toggling off the Story Rewatch Count.

How to Enable or Disable the Eyes (Rewatch Count) on Snapchat Story

If you can’t see the two eyes emoji in your story, then it may have been disabled. Also, if you’re not subscribed to Snapchat+, the rewatch count feature may not be available.

However, here’s how to enable the eyes emoji on your Snapchat story:

  • Launch the Snapchat app and select your Profile icon.
  • Hit the “Snapchat+” membership card
  • Slide across the toggle button beside the “Story Rewatch Count.” You can enable or disable the rewatch count feature using this button.

What is Snapchat + (Plus)?

Snapchat + is the premium version of the Snapchat standard app with additional features not present in Snapchat. To access Snapchat +, one has to pay a subscription fee, which could be monthly, biannually, or annually. 

The subscription packages are given in the table below:

Subscription type Subscription fee
Monthly subscription $ 3.99
Six months subscription $ 21.99
Yearly subscription $ 39.99


However, users can access a free version of the app for a week. After the free trial, they’ll have to subscribe to any of the plans mentioned above to continue using the Snapchat + version. However, subscribing to Snapchat + does not remove ads from your feed.

Features of Snapchat + 

Snapchat + comes with additional features that are not available to users of the standard version. The platform will be used to test new Snapchat features before they are available on the standard Snapchat platform.

Some features are:

  • You can change the Snapchat app icon.
  • Subscribers can pin friends to the top of the chat screen as BFFs.
  • Snapchat + users get a star icon beside their username, indicating that they’re premium subscribers.
  • Users can access the eyes emoji, also known as the rewatch count, under their Snapchat stories. This icon indicates the number of users that watched your story more than once.
  • If a friend is sharing their location with you, you’ll be able to track the location history of that friend. This is available through the Ghost trail feature.
  • Snapchat + subscribers can replace old Bitmoji backgrounds with an exclusive new set of Bitmoji backgrounds.

It is also important to note that Snapchat Plus is unavailable in some countries. Some countries where Snapchat++ iOS 15 is available include:

  • New Zealand
  • The United States
  • Saudi Arabia
  • The UAE (United Arab Emirates)
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Australia

How to Know When a User Views Your Story More Than Once on Snapchat

Compare your latest list of viewers to a previous one. That way, you can find who rewatched your story. Snapchat builds the viewer’s list according to the last viewer on your story. In the same way, it keeps broadening the list as more viewers appear.

For instance, if you check your viewer’s list, the name “David” appears on number 20. Once “David” re-appears on your list as number 1; it means “David” just rewatched your story. 

When more people view your story, the first name on the list gradually moves down. But once a particular name keeps appearing first after you’ve seen it go down, then you got a rewatch from that particular user. 

Since the standard Snapchat platform does not have a way of telling you how many times a user rewatched your story, this method can help you keep records.

What Does +1 More Mean in a Private Story?

If a user on your friend’s list views your story and blocks you afterward, that’s when you get a +1 more on your story. 

In other words, it means there’s no more mutual or otherwise link between you and the user that blocked you. Most of the time, the “+1 more” term appears if you set your profile on Public.

If you’d like to know which user blocked or unfriended you, you can check your friend’s list for a missing user. Though it may be hard to figure it out, people with fewer friends on their list can easily know if someone unfriended them on Snapchat.


  • Launch the Snapchat app and hit your profile icon
  • Tap on “My Friends” under the “Friends” section on your screen
  • If you know and can remember all your friends’ names, scroll across your friend’s list 
  • Once a name is missing, then the user is no longer your friend. 
  • The user can no longer see your posts, stories, or memories.

The same thing happens if you unfriend someone. You’ll have access to see their activities on Snapchat.

On the other hand, if a user removes you from their friend list, you can still see their profile. However, any snaps or messages you send to them will carry a “Pending” status. Until they accept your friend request again, all messages will remain pending.

Understanding The Lock Symbol On A Snapchat Story 

The lock or key symbol next to a story on Snapchat shows that a particular story is restricted or private. This Snapchat feature is not new. It allows users to select who can view their stories or not.

However, don’t think you’re locked out if you see the lock symbol on a story you’re viewing. It means you’re one of the people permitted to see the story.

With the lock feature, you can hide your story from a few users on your Snapchat list. Users can segregate their contact list. Also, they can set who views a particular story. If you’ve used Instagram’s Close Friends feature, they are quite similar.

How Do You Create a Locked/Private Story on Snapchat?

Jump to “My Stories” and hit the “New Story” button. Create your Story and set it in private. Select your preferred friends and share your story. 

The friends you selected will be able to see your story. The ones you didn’t select won’t view the story. It’s easy.

To make it easier, follow these steps:

  • Tap your Profile icon. You can find it at the top-left part of your screen
  • In “My Stories,” hit the “New Story” button to bring up a pop-up menu.
  • In the menu, select “New Private Story.” You should see that it’ll only be visible to specific followers or friends.
  • Rename your private story. Just tap the box with the Pencil symbol at the top of your screen.
  • Choose the number of friends you wish to share your locked story with. 
  • Hit the “Create Story” button.

Remember that you can only create a Private Story before uploading your contents into it. Now you’ve just created one. To upload contents into it:

  • Go to “My Stories” and select the private story you’ve just created.
  • Tap the plus (+) sign, select your contents, and share.
  • Only selected friends in the private story can see your content.

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to create your own private stories.


What do the eyes mean on Snapchat Story views? The eyes emoji, also known as the rewatch counter or indicator, is exclusive to Snapchat + subscribers. To access Snapchat +, users can use a free week-long trial, after which they must pay for a subscription.

The number beside the rewatch counter indicates how many friends watched your story more than once and not how many times it was watched. Furthermore, you will only see the number of times the story was rewatched, not the names of the persons who rewatched it. Lastly, you can turn off the rewatch count feature at will.

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