November 5, 2023

VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA (MOD, Premium Unlocked) iOS 2023


In today’s social media dominated world, video content has become a powerful way to engage audiences and share stories. For aspiring vloggers and video creators, having the right editing tools can make all the difference in producing captivating videos.


VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA is a robust yet easy-to-use video editing app for iOS that empowers anyone to create professional-looking vlogs, social media videos, memoirs and more directly on an iPhone or iPad.

VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA

VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the VCUS Video Vlog Editor App standout features, how to utilize the app’s editing capabilities, download and installation steps, tips for creating great videos, and helpful information for troubleshooting issues. Time to become the director of your own visual stories!

Overview of VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA

VCUS Video Vlog Editor is a full-featured video editing application developed by Miracle Vision Technology Pte Ltd specifically for the iOS platform.

Some key highlights of the app include:

  • Intuitive editing timeline with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • A diverse set of filters, overlays, transitions, text tools, and effects.
  • Audio editing features like volume control, voiceovers, sound effects, and music.
  • Multiple aspect ratio presets for different sharing platforms.
  • Real-time preview allows instant edits as you go.
  • Instant exporting to social sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Cross-platform editing flexibility across iPhone and iPad.
  • Easy file transfer, backup, and project access across devices.
  • Attractively designed templates for quick video production.

The app simplifies advanced editing techniques like chroma keying, green screen effects, split screens, slow motion, and much more. With regular updates, new features are continually being added.

VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA packs professional-grade tools in an easy-to-use package allowing anyone to transform basic video clips into engaging productions.

Navigating the User Interface of VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA

VCUS Video Vlog Editor follows a simple and logical interface design centered around the video editing timeline. Here’s an overview of the key sections:

  • Media Browser – Browse and import video clips, images, audio files, and templates to add to the project timeline.
  • Editing Timeline – Displays the sequence of media in the video project. Intuitively arrange, trim, split, and edit timeline clips.
  • Preview Window – See real-time playback of the video to preview edits as you make them instantly.
  • Toolbar – Top menu with export, aspect ratio, camera, text, filter, effect, overlay, and editing tools.
  • Music & Audio – Access the royalty-free music library, record voiceovers, and adjust audio levels.
  • Transitions – Add transitions like fades, wipes, and slides between video and image clips.
  • Text Tools – Insert and customize text captions, titles, credits, and watermarks.
  • Filters – Modify the look and feel of clips using professional color grading filters.

The uncluttered layout focused on the timeline streamlines the editing process for users of all skill levels.

Enhancing Videos with Editing Features of VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA

VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA is equipped with an extensive toolkit that helps give videos a polished, pro-level look. Here are some of the key editing capabilities:

  • Trim, cut, and split clips precisely by dragging edges or using shortcut buttons.
  • Re-arrange clips seamlessly along the timeline to restructure the story.
  • Adjust speed with slow motion and fast-forward effects.
  • Layer videos and images using the overlay track.
  • Chroma key filtering to seamlessly remove and replace backgrounds.
  • Apply video transitions like cross-fade, wipe, slide, zoom, and more.
  • Animate still images using pan and zoom capabilities.
  • Draw, shape, and emoji tools to annotate videos.
  • Transform clips by adjusting position, scale, opacity, rotation, and tilt.
  • Add eye-catching titles, opening credits, captions, and closing credits.
  • Mix and edit multiple audio tracks, Enable ducking to automatically lower the music.
  • Access ready-made templates for quick editing using pre-designed visual styles.

With this extensive creative toolkit, you have the power to produce truly compelling videos that capture and retain viewer attention.

Sharing Videos Instantly on Social Media

Once your video edit is complete, VCUS Video Vlog Editor offers integrated social media sharing to help you distribute content far and wide.

With a few taps, you can directly share edited videos from the app timeline to platforms like:

  • YouTube – Add titles, descriptions, and customizable thumbnails. Videos are uploaded in the background.
  • Facebook – Auto-detects videos suitable for Facebook vs. Facebook Stories based on aspect ratio.
  • Instagram – Ability to preview how the video will look on Instagram feed. Options for standard and vertical Stories.
  • TikTok – Render and export videos in optimal sizes for TikTok feeds and Stories.
  • WhatsApp – Share privately with individuals or groups via WhatsApp.
  • More – Also supports sharing to Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, blogs, and messaging apps.

Being able to quickly share content without major exporting and uploading steps helps you stay productive and efficient.

Downloading and Installing the VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA

VCUS Video Vlog Editor is a free download on the App Store for iOS devices running iOS 11 or later. Here are the steps to get VCUS installed on your iPhone or iPad:

On iPhone/iPad:

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your iOS device.
  2. In the search bar type “VCUS Video Vlog Editor”. The app should show up as the first result or just click here.
  3. Tap the VCUS Video Vlog Editor app icon to open the app page.
  4. Tap the Get button to start the download process.
  5. You may be prompted to enter your Apple ID password or scan your fingerprint/face for Touch ID/Face ID at this stage.
  6. Once downloaded, the app will change to say Open. Tap this to launch it.
  7. The app will open to the home screen and is ready to use!

The download and installation process is quick and seamless. VCUS Video Vlog Editor is free to download but offers in-app purchases for additional content packs.

Getting Started with VCUS Video Vlog Editor

Once installed on your iPhone or iPad, follow these tips to get started:

  • Watch the onboarding tutorial – Swipe through the helpful tips guide on the first launch.
  • Import media – Bring in video clips, photos, audio files, and graphics to edit.
  • Review editing tools – Explore the toolbar to get familiar with all available filters, text options, effects, etc.
  • Add music – Browse the stock music library or import your own sound files.
  • Use templates – Pick a template and just drop your own media into the ready timeline.
  • Play around! – Try applying different edits and change things you don’t like until you get comfortable.
  • Watch tutorial videos – The app has short built-in video guides for most key features.

Investing some time upfront to learn VCUS Video Vlog Editor’s layout and tools will pay off with greater editing speed.

Creating Engaging Videos

While VCUS provides the editing toolkit, the creativity is up to you. Here are some tips for making compelling video content:

  • Focus on a story – Having a narrative or informative angle gives videos direction and purpose.
  • Write a script – Even a simple outline helps organize thoughts coherently before filming.
  • Shoot with editing in mind – Get additional coverage for more flexible editing.
  • Use music thoughtfully – Pick an audio track that sets the right tone for your video.
  • Mix media types – Combine video clips, photos, graphics, text animations, and illustrations.
  • Use transitions intentionally – Add fades, wipes, and other transitions with a goal in mind.
  • Apply titles creatively – Integrate text to introduce concepts, highlight quotes, or spice up moments.
  • Leverage templates – Start with a professionally designed template to give videos polish faster.
  • Watch and learn – Follow other creators you admire to get inspired and learn techniques.

With consistent effort and learning over time, you can master the art of creating compelling video stories with VCUS.

Advanced Editing Techniques

Once you’re feeling comfortable with the basics, VCUS Video Vlog Editor offers several professional techniques to further level up your videos:

  • Chroma Key Filter – Seamlessly replace backgrounds by keying out a color (green screen effect).
  • Masking – Blur, hide, or reveal parts of the frame to guide focus.
  • Split Screen – Show two clips simultaneously side-by-side or picture-in-picture.
  • Speed Controls – Use fast forward, slow motion, and freeze frame to creatively alter timing.
  • Color Adjustments – Fine-tune brightness, contrast, saturation, and temperature for the desired atmosphere.
  • Keyframe Animation – Animate text, graphics, and other elements movement over the timeline.
  • Aspect Ratio Guides – Compose shots optimized for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, etc.
  • Picture-in-Picture – Layer a smaller video over your main footage.
  • Clone Tool – Duplicate sections of the frame to hide imperfections.

Don’t be intimidated to try these more advanced functionalities. They open up new creative possibilities for next-level video production.

Top 10 VCUS Alternatives

While VCUS Video Vlog Editor is a robust choice for iOS vlogging, here are 10 similar video editing apps worth checking out:

  1. InShot – Great for fast social media videos. Extensive sticker library.
  2. Splice – Excellent for quick trimming and combining video clips.
  3. iMovie – Apple’s free video editor tightly integrated with iOS.
  4. KineMaster – Professional-grade VFX and chroma key capabilities.
  5. Adobe Premiere Rush – Streamlined timeline editing from an industry leader.
  6. Funimate – Popular for vlogs and music videos with the Effects store.
  7. VideoShow – Motion elements, PiP, and green screen features.
  8. VivaVideo – Stylish themes, effects, and collage maker.
  9. Alight Motion – For animating, keyframing, and motion graphics.
  10. Splash – Video messaging app with effects, text, and filters.

Testing different apps is the best approach to finding the right match for your creative style and needs as a content creator.

Troubleshooting Issues

Like any robust software, VCUS Video Vlog Editor may encounter technical issues at times. Try the following troubleshooting tips if you face problems:

  • App crashing – Hardly close the app, restart the device, and check for pending app updates.
  • Can’t save edits – Enable device storage access permissions for VCUS if disabled.
  • Videos exporting without audio – Ensure source video files contain audio tracks as needed.
  • Media import issues – Reboot the device, reinstall the app, and try importing the problem files again.
  • Filters not appearing – Download the effects packs under additional content in the app.
  • Sluggish performance – Close background apps, lower project resolution, disable Overlay Effects.
  • Frozen interface – Force quit using device hard reset (home + power buttons).

Make sure to report persistent bugs or issues directly to VCUS developers via email. Their support team is quite responsive.

Must Try for iPhone Users:


VCUS Video Vlog Editor IPA aims to democratize powerful video editing by putting professional tools within reach of anyone on iPhone and iPad. Its intuitive interface lowers the learning curve while still offering advanced functionalities like chroma keying, keyframing, split screens, and more.

While mastering the full feature set does require time and practice, VCUS makes editing and sharing polished, engaging video content far simpler. Aspiring vloggers finally have the mobile app they need to bring creative video stories to life and share them with the world.

So download VCUS Video Vlog Editor to instantly elevate your iOS video content today!

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