Some people find the exams of CCNA (The Cisco Certified Network Associate) certified exams to be the toughest of all. Globally it is among the leading networking certificate exams for which several aspirants appear at a time. Professionally if you are associated with IT, then getting a degree of CCNA becomes a compulsion. The vendor of CCNA is CISCO, the biggest name among the networking hardware producers, and hence if you are looking forward to pocket a certificate in CCNA, then undoubtedly it is the best decision.

CCNA 200-901 Most Common Exam Topics Explained in Brief


The exam process, however, is not simple, and you need to start your preparation efficiently and with complete dedication. 

Announcement in 2020

A huge announcement was made in the year 2020 by CISCO that they are merging all the certification programs and will be rendering a single certificate of CCNA for several associated certification programs. It indicates that passing of 200-301 CISCO certification exams is essential if you want to have a CCNA certificate degree in your hand. It clearly demonstrates that an aspirant of CCNA 200-901 must understand and learn topics from different niches. These topics may include network fundamentals, software development under the CISCO system, IP services, and much more to mention. 

Preparation of CCNA

A CCNA 200-901 course includes diverse topics, and you need to revise before appearing for the exams. These topics are-

  • Routing technologies
  • Infrastructure services
  • WAN technologies
  • Network Fundamentals- this branch has comparison and comprehension of TCP/IP and OSI models
  • Infrastructure security
  • LAN Switching Technologies
  • Infrastructure Management

Some people considered this exam to be challenging. Is it entirely true?

Training and guided learning make any test more accessible, and here if you take the aid of the CCNA course, then the course can be completed in a month. The course delivered here explains every minute detail about it. If you do not take up the course, your preparation may take 60-90 days according to your learning capacity. This test is simple as the course has not changed for long, but again, if you are not accustomed to marketing, you need to understand several new concepts before getting a grip of it. 

Syllabus of CCNA

The ICND2 has multi topics to cover, which include the detailed information of IP routing technologies, LAN Switching technologies, IP services (SNMP v2 & v3, FHRP, and Syslog), WAN technologies, and LAN switching technologies. Almost all the complex topics related to ICND1 and ICND2 are included in CCNA combined exams. 

Details about the course

The exam that you have to pass under this comprises one hundred and twenty questions. You need to clear your test if you want the badge of CCNA certified professional. This course is wholly related to Information technology. Once you clear the course, you can prove your efficiency in network access, IP services, network fundamentals, automation, IP connectivity, programmability, and security fundamentals. Network engineers are significantly benefited from this course as it is a related level course for them. 

Apart from hands-on training, an aspirant also gets theoretical knowledge on networking, and together these two pieces of training help him/her to stand the real-world challenges. Several institutions are there in the markets that are offering courses related to CCNA. You need to check the learning method they follow and the kind of training they offer to learn from the best. Once you receive the certificate, then the merits of this certificate can be enjoyed for a time span of three years. Renewal of certificate is essential once you complete three years of this certificate to appreciate the merits of CCNA. 

Benefits after getting the CCNA degree

There are several merits that a CCNA certificate holder enjoys. 

  • Accessibility to connect with remote sites using WAN ( extensive area network) is allowed after this certificate.
  • A successful aspirant is eligible to moderate the required system security threats.
  • The basic process of administration concepts is comprehended by the successor.
  • Terminology

Wrapping up

This course is ideal for those Information technology aspirants who see their future in the networking field as you have a lot to learn about the ideas behind networking through this course. Check for more lessons and information online to pass this exam with merits.

By Karan Bhardwaj

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.