OnePlus System Launcher: Exploring Updates and Installation Steps


OnePlus is sending out a fresh update to their System Launcher, and it’s packed with some handy new features. The OnePlus System Launcher is a special tool that comes pre-installed on all OnePlus phones that use OxygenOS.


Now, the company is giving users a new update, specifically version 13.1.03, to make the System Launcher even better.

OnePlus System Launcher

OnePlus System Launcher

The newest update for the OnePlus System Launcher introduces some overall enhancements for OnePlus gadgets.

Plus, the update pack also comes with solutions to various issues, making it even nicer for users to navigate through.

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  • OnePlus System Launcher – APK Mirror
  • OnePlus System Launcher – Telegram

The OnePlus System Launcher is the official app used to change the look of your smartphone easily and swiftly. It lets you make folders, add widgets, and swap icon packs in a really straightforward way.

Now, with this update, the app will also support the new Android 13-based OxygenOS 13.

Diving a bit deeper into Android 13’s OnePlus System Launcher (OxygenOS 13):

The recent update from OnePlus, the tech company from China, aims to provide upgrades that bolster the stability and effectiveness of the app.

Additionally, users will notice a refreshed user interface. It’s vital to note that this update doesn’t bring new features per se but it does enhance how the app performs.

And here’s a biggie: this newest update ensures that the OnePlus System Launcher app works smoothly with Android 13. This means the app should run without suddenly crashing or closing when updated to OxygenOS 13.

Want more details? See the full changelog provided below.

What’s Fresh in the Update:

  • A Revamped User Interface
  • Android 13 Support
  • General Bug Fixes

OnePlus System Launcher’s Android 13 Update:

The latest update for the OnePlus System Launcher, v13.1.0, is ready to roll and works with OxygenOS 11 through OxygenOS 13. This update, v13.1.0, is a moderate-sized download, roughly 35.25MB.

If you’re after a slicker, smoother operation from your system launcher app, it’s recommended to install the latest version pronto. Worth noting, this recent update works with Android 11 and later devices.

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