Does extensive paperwork cause you nausea while working in your office? Are you a student dealing with hefty assignments or theses? Bulk paperwork is time-consuming especially when you have to consider minute details. Besides, you can’t retrieve all the information easily. In this case, Image to Text Converter online tools helps people save so much time, especially in office work.

Benefits of Image to Text Converter

Image to Text Converter

Technology has brought exuberant solutions for our problems, be it anything. With the advent of AI, businesses need new tools to address the problems of people. But to address the current problem of dealing with papers and to extract the information manually from them, a tool called image to text converter is the best.

What is OCR?

It is based on OCR or Optical Character Recognition Technology which extracts data from your images and converts it into editable form. The data can be numbers or symbols or any other script that you want to recover.

In this way, you can easily store that information in your databases and retrieve it afterward.

How does OCR work?

Before jumping onto its working, first of all, you have to know that computer screen is made up of pixels. A pixel can be defined as a single dot on a screen. These dots when joined together, make up the matrix. The matrix divides the whole screen into pixels. It has everything to do with the resolution of the screen.

The greater the pixels, the greater will be the screen resolution. A good screen resolution means a better-quality picture.  Coming to the point, a computer doesn’t identify pictures as humans do. They don’t have that perception about different things.

For example, the image of a flower for a computer is nothing but a combination of certain colors. Therefore, it is difficult to create an image-to-text converter that can understand images and types of text written in it.

What is the technology behind OCR?

In this era of AI, machines can be trained it become intelligent, but it needs a lot of effort and technique to make them operational. It is based on ML (Machine Learning) where its efficiency is increased

manifold. AI is at the back end of OCR software. Because it is trained with different types of texts so the next time when you scan a printed text through online OCR, it recognizes it.

How it saves time with the help of Image to Text Converter?

In the world of computation, time appears to be the biggest resource. Even your efficiency is now gauged by time. As you know competition is becoming fiercer day by day and you have to keep yourself ahead of time to deliver something.

Whether you are a student or working somewhere, you should keep yourself up to date to sustain yourself in this fast-changing environment. Image to text converter helps you complete your work in time which increases your optimization and saves your resources from depletion.

5 Benefits of Image to Text Converter

  • Information Database:

It will take maybe hours or days to write several copies of the text. In an organization, it is a common practice. An authorized person writes a handwritten text, and then you have to rewrite it in the same way may be to spread the text to other members or to share it with other people.

Maybe you are writing the text for marketing or striking a deal with investors. Whatever may be the reason, it’s natural that you counter this problem.

Writing the same text, again and again, causes a headache, moreover, it drains your energy. Above all, the task is time-consuming and badly affects your performance. Therefore, businesses are now upgrading themselves with a new assisting technology called OCR.

With the help of a picture to text converter, you can easily recreate the same text within seconds. Besides, the created text is not changeable. For example, you rewrite a text with your hand but create a mistake.

Now you can’t remove it unless you cut the written text. But this tool creates an editable form of text that can be rechecked as many times as you want and can be edited as well.

  •  Access and Storage:

Once a text file is created through OCR, it can be stored anywhere you want. For example, you can store it on your laptop, PC, mobile phone. Nowadays, space is not an issue anymore. You can save your files in cloud storage software available on the internet.

The main advantage of doing this is easy accessibility. You can access your files whenever you want in a matter of seconds. Even voice recognition search tools can do this task for you. Now how much large the file be, it can be retrieved instantly. On contrary, you had to store your documents by indexing them in large rooms and their retrieval was not easy.

  • Traveling and immigration:

It’s a booming industry. Thousands of flights move to and fro across the globe. According to, “six million people fly somewhere every day”. Imagine the revenue b being generated by this industry.

People travel for various reasons but a huge part of them are tourists. However, this industry would not have spawned to this extent without OCR technology. Image to text tools helps assist the immigration process. By using a special image to text scanners, your identification and data are collected in seconds.

  • Language Translation:

The image-to-text converter is helping people nowadays in learning new languages. Different apps use this tool where fonts of different languages are fed into the system using this tool. You can now learn or translate any language in a matter of seconds by using this tool. Instead, hiring a teacher to learn a language takes much time.

  • Banking and Finance:

Bankers have to deal with a lot of papers every day. Some are very confidential and need proper verification and protection. Everyone visits the bank to do different chores. Some will go to the bank to open an account, cash cheques, write deeds, and much more.

However, image-to-text tools are being utilized in banks to save customers time as well as to optimize the banking sector. Now people can use these tools to scan their cheques at home with their mobile phones and make transactions with ease.


Moreover, confidential files are being uploaded in their databases with signature verifications to avoid theft. Overall, this technology is helping people in saving their time.

By Karan Bhardwaj

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.