November 26, 2022

How to Reset Haier TV?


How to Reset Haier TVSince television’s innovation, it has tracked down its direction into our living rooms and turned into a crucial piece of our lives.


Because of its reputation, electronic companies run to create top TVs with further developed features, abilities, and elegant designs. These days, television works as a PC and runs different applications, and has high screen resolution.

Nonetheless, current issues emerge from contemporary devices. Due to the broad applications and numerous features, the gadget encounters various errors.

How to Reset Haier TV?

How to Reset Haier TV

Once in a while, we have inconveniences as the image isn’t showing or the remote control isn’t working.

In this way, attempt to reset your Haier television with the accompanying technique to recalibrate the television. We should straightforwardly get into it.

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How to Reset Haier TV – Full Steps

There are three unique ways How to Reset Haier TV. It relies on the issue you are encountering. Once in a while, you just have to power reset your TV, and it begins to turn out great.

In any case, on the off chance that this methodology doesn’t determine your concern, attempt to carry out the subsequent strategy, and the factory reset. In the event that they are as yet not ready to fix the issue, attempt a constrained factory reset.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you can’t remove the difficulty, it is smarter to call the customer care focus or take the device to the company’s retailer.

How to Power Reset Haier TV?

You won’t lose your confidential information and settings after the power reset. Assuming you have any outer USB gadget associated with your TV, separate the USB gadget prior to playing out any resetting of your gadget.

  • Restart the television with the remote control.
  • Press and hold the power button on the remote control for five seconds. Until the power off message shows up on the screen.
  • The television will switch off and consequently restart following one moment.
  • In the event that the situation endures after stage one, turn off the main electrical power string.
  • Press the power button on the television and hang tight for two minutes.
  • Plug the power cable once again into the power plug and begin the television.

How to Factory Reset Haier TV?

Playing out a Factory reset will erase all your television’s information-modified settings and applications like channels, wifi, wireless networking settings, and Google accounts.

  • Turn on your Haier television by pressing the power button on the remote control.
  • Press the home button to open the main menu.
  • Utilize the arrow buttons on the remote control to move through the menu choices.
  • Look down and choose the settings from the menu and press alright.
  • Pick the General and press, and then OK.
  • In the wake of choosing the general, choose System Recovery and tap on OK.
  • On the off chance that you have set a pin code on your television, the gadget will consequently request that you input it to eradicate all the content prior to resetting it.
  • Choose the choice of recovery and tap on OK to affirm. It will eradicate every one of the information from your television’s internal storage.
  • Hang tight for a few moments until the setting procedure is finished.
  • Your television will switch off and begin automatically after the Factory reset.
  • After the Factory reset process finishes effectively, it will fix the errors you were encountering recently. Television will begin the initial setup of authority.
  • You really want to choose the Google terms of service and Google privacy policy and set up the settings as per your choice.

Forced Factory Reset

We carry out this strategy to fix the impediments with applications, restarting the TV all alone, not answering the remote control commands, and giving no image and sound display. By and by, carrying out the Forced Factory reset will erase all your customized settings, information, and Google accounts.

A Forced Factory line reset is just pertinent on Android six Marshmallow and later gadgets. On the off chance that you can get to the television menu, you will just have to play out the Factory data reset.

  • Turn off the electrical power cable from the plug.
  • Press and hold the volume and power button on the remote control.
  • Continue to press the buttons down and reconnect the AC power cord.
  • Release the buttons after the LED power light of the television shows up. It will generally take around ten to thirty seconds to show up.
  • Play out the setup at the welcome setup screen. In any case, the setup screen doesn’t appear to. Turn off the cable and reconnect the power cable again after a couple of moments.
  • Kindly go through the setup technique and set it as per your inclinations.
  • Subsequent to finishing the setup, play out a Factory data reset. ( following the strategy referenced previously)
  • These days, televisions accompany the reset function, which returns them to their original settings. Whenever you have reset your television, really look at it by getting to the different highlights utilizing a remote control and the front panel buttons.

Haier Customer Care Service

  • Haier Customer Care team is consistently prepared to assist you with your product inquiries and data. You can contact them through mobile on their complementary hotline number, by sending an email, and even by hurrying to your closest Haier retailer outlet.
  • Besides, they give you the simplicity of the technology and permit you to have a live chat with the support team whenever. You could in fact book a service arrangement on the web and organize an engineer visit to your place to get your gadget inspected completely.


Concentrating on its client’s insight, Haier has made some amazing progress among the main hundred most important Worldwide brands. Flaunting a broad retailer network all through hundred and sixty nations worldwide and delivering the best smart televisions.

Be that as it may, each smart device encounters errors and mistakes because of the different abilities or elements.

Assuming that you experience any strange picture quality, misshaped sound or clamor, or improper display, the applications don’t work as expected. The time has come to reboot your television. Resetting your television will figure out large numbers of common issues and fix them.

On the off chance that your television has a menu button on the top as indicated by your model number, you can easily reset your television by adhering to the guidelines above.

On the off chance that you don’t approach the menu button, you can track down the directions in the customer’s manual to help you.

Besides, assume you are as yet not ready to tackle the issues in the wake of carrying out the above systems. All things considered, it is prudent to take your gadget to the company retailer or get a visit from the engineer to look at it after you tried this guide on How to Reset Haier TV.

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