Top 10 Email Validators Every Business Should Know

An email validator is an irreplaceable tool for any company. If you are taking full advantage of email marketing, the ability to keep the email list clean allows you to cut costs, maintain a perfect reputation, increase conversions, and retain clients.

Best Email Validators

Best Email Validators

Without an email validator, it’s hard to maintain the email list hygiene, putting your company’s marketing efforts at risk.

Let’s look a little closer at what an email validator is and check out the top 10 validation tools.

What is an Email Validator?

An email validator is an application that checks your email list to discover any issues like spam traps, invalid addresses, typos, syntax errors, and more. You can activate this software either as the user enters information or run a list of addresses through it post factum.

The app uses complex algorithms to ensure the validity of your address list and checks it against all the available databases. The program pings the email service provider to figure out if recipients can receive messages without disturbing them.

The benefits of using an email validator for your company include:

  • Good sender’s score – when your emails don’t reach their destination and bounce, your sender’s reputation goes down, making it harder to achieve email marketing goals.
  • Client retention – if you send emails to wrong addresses, you don’t reach clients you wanted to interact with. This can hinder your retention efforts. With 80% of your future earnings coming from 20% of your existing customers, retention is worth extra attention.
  • Lower costs – when you send emails to wrong addresses, you are paying extra money for your marketing efforts and wasting manpower.
  • Better marketing campaign – by cleaning your email list, you are giving your marketing campaign a better chance of succeeding. Sending emails to invalid addresses gives you the wrong idea about your campaign’s effect.
  • Saved time – you can save hours on checking email lists manually. A validator can do it in a few seconds. Real-time email validators can make sure you only add valid email addresses to your list.

10 Top Email Validators on the Market

When choosing the best email validator for your company, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Bulk and real-time validation (API) – can the validator check email addresses in real-time, clean your email lists in bulk, or both?
  • Costs – many email validators come with free trials or demos. They have different pricing plans depending on the software functionality.
  • Online functionality – can you check your email lists online or do you need to download the software?
  • Reviews – how happy are previous users with the software?
  • Accuracy – an email validator should guarantee certain results. Usually, its between 95% and 100%. If the provider doesn’t give any guarantees, consider other options.
  • Security – since the validator works with sensitive information, such as email addresses, it should offer top-notch security,


  • Byteplant

The email validation tool by Byteplant offers a wide functionality for businesses across all industries. It provides both in-bulk and real-time validation and 100% EU-hosted data protection.

The validator offers 99% accuracy, DNS validation, syntax verification, misspelled domain protection, mailbox existence checking, greylisting detection, and much more.

Price: The validator comes with a free trial. After that, the cost per verification starts at $ 0.0029 depending on the number of addresses you need to check.

  • ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce validation service guarantees 98% accuracy. Besides checking your email list, it also offers deliverability tools, including inbox placement tester to check popular ESPs (Email Service Providers). The validator is GDPR compliant.

The service comes with 24/7 customer support and offers online functionality.

Price: The service has a freemium version. The paid options start at $16 per month.

  • Email List Verify

Email List Verify offers a 99% accuracy. The validator has a full set of features to validate email addresses, check for spam traps, identify syntax errors, validate MX records, and much more.

It has both in-bulk and real-time validation options. The service also provides a batch of free tools to improve the quality of your email list.

Price: Comes with a free version (for under 100 addresses). The paid version starts at $4 per 1,000 addresses.

  • MyEmailVerifier

MyEmailVerifier comes with a variety of features, including spam trap detection and toxic email verifier. It offers a quick turnaround and both in-bulk and real-time validation.

The service offers 96% accuracy. It works with email lists of all sizes.

Price: The provider offers a free trial. The paid version starts at $2.88 per 1,000 addresses.

  • QuickEmailVerification

QuickEmailVerification has high accuracy (99%) and offers speedy email checking in bulk. It also provides real-time verification options.

This validator is an excellent choice for companies with thousands of email addresses on different lists.

Price: The provider offers a free trial (100 addresses per day). The paid version starts at $8 per 1,000 addresses.

  • DeBounce

DeBounce is an easy-to-use email validation tool. It can be integrated into many different platforms to serve as a real-time solution. It can be used as a WordPress plugin.

This service also checks emails in bulk rather quickly. The accuracy is 97.5%.

Price: You pay for the service as you check addresses. There is no monthly fee. You can get 10 free credits. 5,000 verifications cost $10.

  • MailFloss

MailFloss offers impressive accuracy and works with all email service providers. It works automatically, checking for bad emails daily.

The service doesn’t come with real-time validation. After you install it once, it keeps checking addresses, keeping your list clean.

Price: The service comes with a free version. The premium starts at $17 per month.

  • GetMail

GetMail is a validation service designed to work for companies of all sizes. It offers both single and in-bulk email address verification, runs domain, and syntax checks. The service also providers API access.

Price: The service comes with a free version that offers 10 credits a month. The paid version starts at $49 per month.

  • MailBoxValidator

MailBoxValidator is an easy to use validation tool that offers in-bulk email list cleansing. It has a 96% accuracy and integrates with all the popular platforms, including Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot, and others.

The validator offers API functionality and top-notch customer support.

Price: Comes with a free version. The paid version starts at $19.95 per 1,000 queries.

  • MillionVerifier

MillionVerifier is a highly accurate (99%) email validation service that checks addresses in bulk and in real-time. It’s designed for large companies with long email address lists.

The validator comes with an easy-to-use interface. The provider offers 24/7 customer support.

Price: The service comes with a free trial. The paid version starts at $59 per 50,000 verifications.

Final Thoughts

Email validation is a highly important factor that contributes to the success of companies of all sizes. To improve reputation, cut costs, and boost marketing efforts, each business owner should consider investing in an email validator.

By taking advantage of the above information, you can choose the right email validation software for your business. Since they all come with free trials or versions, you can try one today.