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White Noise App Review 2020



Most of us have stress related to day to day issues. And people handle it differently. For some people, it is easy to handle. But for some, it is hard to let it go. For those people who cannot handle it, it’s difficult for them to sleep at night. And there are different types of apps for helping them to be in a  state of calm and relaxation. One such app is the White noise app and this is why we are sharing the White Noise App Review 2020 with all our readers.

White Noise App Review 2020

White Noise App Review 2020

It helps in generating sounds over a wide range of frequencies which helps in masking the noise interruptions you have. There are numerous benefits of using the white noise app and they are:

  • Helps you sleep peacefully by blocking distraction
  • It relaxes and reduces stress
  • If you have babies who tend to get disturbed in sleep, then this app helps in pacifying them
  • It increases focus while enhancing privacy
  • It soothes headaches and migraines

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White Noise App Review 2020

There are certain features of the app that makes it the best app and they are:

  • There are 40+ perfectly looped sounds and additional free sounds that can be downloaded from the white noise app or from the website. These help you in getting sound sleep in the night. 
  • It has background audio support so you can use other apps while listening to other apps
  • You can record and loop in your own sounds.
  • There is a revolutionary mix pad editor which helps you in creating soundscapes like a DJ and also adjust the sound position, sound variance, volume  and pitch of each individual sound in the mix
  • You can upload and share your recordings and it will automatically get mixed with the white noise market app
  • Full-screen digital clock with multiple colors
  • Advanced alarm and timer system
  • It has an onscreen media player and volume controls
  • Heart favorite sounds and mixes
  • Their remote media control on lock screen and headphones
  •  Advanced controls are available for adjusting the volume, balance, pitch, etc.
  • You can airplay sounds to Bluetooth devices. 

In fact, most psychologists prefer their patient who comes with sleeping problems to have the white noise app so that he/she can get good sound sleep without being disturbed by the environmental sounds. The app comes with the free version as well that of paid version which is around $0.99 approx. so white noise app basically provides soothing sounds that can make a stressed-out person be calm and relaxed and he/ she can get good sleep to wake up to a bright morning.

White Noise App Pros and Cons:


  • You can adjust the sound position, sound variance, etc
  • The app helps to create your own sounds and loop it with the app.
  • You can download 40+ soothing sounds from the app 
  • There is also background audio support which helps you in using the app with other apps. 
  • You can airplay the soothing sounds to Bluetooth.


  • There are no cons as such for this app.

Hence this app is the best for getting a good night’s sleep.

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