What Bible Says About Charity and Importance of Giving?

Being kind and generous is among the most critical traits of being a Christian. If you look at the book of Exodus in the old testament, you will see that the Bible teaches to be giving right from the beginning such as charity when the Israelites gave freely to build the tabernacle.

What does Bible say About Charity and the Importance of Giving?


So when it comes to money Bible verses that address this aspect can be found in plenty. You will find lessons in being prudent, generous, and non-materialistic. And all of them are aimed to help you live a more peaceful and fulfilling life. Here are some crucial lessons from the Bible about the importance of giving.

Give to Be Blessed

Deuteronomy 15:20 teaches that if one wants to be blessed in all they do, they need to give to those who have nothing. When people do good to others and provide for their needs, God blesses them for their generosity and kindness.

Also, it is vital that you give willingly and not grudgingly, as the verse states. That’s because to give unwillingly is akin to not giving at all. There is no blessing in it. Therefore, always ensure to help people with little to nothing, struggling to make ends meet. In doing so, you will be blessed in return and have a prosperous life.

Be Humble in Charity

The idea of helping the needy or those with fewer possessions is not to gain attention. This is clear in Matthew 6:1, where the disciple states that it profits one nothing to do charity and then brag about it. He says that people who do this lose their reward in heaven. 

1 John 3:16-18 is among the perfect money Bible verses that relate to the situation. It asks how people perceive to have the love of God in them if they hide their possessions from their brethren in need, having no pity on them.

It is imperative to follow this path because when people seek glory for being kind, they take away from their own good deeds. They thrive on the attention and opinions of others rather than what God thinks of them. So, remember that you will find favor with God by being humble and discreet about your charitable actions.

Help the Poor and Needy

Research has been done by reputed sources on how giving makes the heart better. The understanding is that charity is beneficial not only to the recipient but also helps the donor become a better person.

Christianity is a religion based on love, kindness, and charity. James 1:27 explains it best when it states that the purest and most genuine faith in the sight of God is one where people are kind to orphans and widows. The verse also stresses the importance of remaining uncorrupted by worldly materialistic values.


Kindness and charity can manifest in many forms. It can be provisions of food and clothing to the needy, helping a stranger dig their car out of the snow, or the simple act of lending a patient ear to someone who has a lot to say. 

All of the above and more make one a better Christian, for they help embody the giving and loving nature of Christ. The challenge is to be that way every single day without letting it wear one down.