7 Symptoms Of A Bad Spark Plug and Fuel Filter In The Car

In this article below, we will share information about symptoms of a bad spark plug and fuel filter in your car. You must understand what the symptom is, so that you can determine the problem correctly.

Bad Spark Plug Symptoms

Bad Spark Plug Symptoms
Bad Spark Plug Symptoms

Based article on caromega.com, spark plugs have a very important function in the car’s ignition system. The function is to explode fire in the combustion chamber. The performance of the spark plug has optimal time and will gradually decrease with usage. In the end, the spark plug will die and cannot sprinkle fire. If the spark plug is damaged it cause the car to strike. Car damage can be seen by looking at the damage of the spark plug. Generally, the condition of the spark plug that is not good will have a brown color, full black crust, the condition is burnt, melted, and some other bad conditions.

Here are the symptoms to detect the condition of plug in your car:

1. The sound of the engine is rough, if it happens to your car the first thing that you have to check is the plug. If the plug is in good condition, the sound of the car engine must be soft. Besides the sound, you get difficulty in turning on your car, and still the plug must be check firstly.

2. The color of the spark plug is brown and quite worn. It indicates that the spark plug is almost used up. You’d better replace immediately. If not, the spark plug will damage and end.If the spark plug is reddish or yellowish,it indicates that there is excessive heat in the engine. You can check the car’s engine coolant such as a radiator or other cooling component. The problem may come from this component.

3. The condition of the spark plug is burnt and looks black like a crust. This usually indicates that an error has occurred in the fuel settings. You have to check the flow of gasoline or the electrical device, there is a possibility that something wrong happens on it.

4. The condition of the spark plug melts. It indicates that the electrode is burnt and probably caused by compression leaking so that some of the oil is burned on the engine.

5. The presence of a large amount of crust on the spark plug head. It is possible that the fuel settings are poor so there is a leak in the valve sill and makes some oil enter the spark plug.

6. Spark plugs in wet conditions. Wet conditions can be caused by residual lubricants on the electrodes and spark plug heads. You can check the timing or rhythm of the ignition and improve your fuel quality.

7. Usually the car gets stuck or suddenly dies. If this happens, chances are the coil has been heated so what needs to be done is turn off the car and compress the coil using a cloth that has been given a little water before replacing the spark plug, you should first consider the type of your car’s spark plug because not all plugs match the car. Replacing a spark plug that doesn’t match the initial type can cause the car to get stuck often and the pull is unresponsive. The plug has its own optimal time of usage. Spark plugs with iridium-based electrodes have the longest durability compared to standard spark plugs.s

Bad Fuel Filter Symptoms

Fuel Filter is a small part in the car, although it is small but it has an important function to help the engine work properly. It ensures that the fuel entering the engine is free of dirt. The fuel filter is a vital component in a car fuel system because its function is to filter dirt and dust so that it does not enter into the fuel during the combustion process. If there is dirt, even small even though it enters the combustion channel, it carries a carburetor which then causes various problems. If the condition of the fuel filter is damaged or dirty, then of course it will cause the engine to not work optimally.

As a vehicle owner, it is very important to be able to find out the symptoms of a clogged and damaged fuel filter. Here are the following symptoms that you have to know:

  1. Dirt And Dust On The Fuel Filter

You have to check the fuel filter regularly to avoid the broken of yours. Dirt and dust influence the running of the engine.

  1. The Engine Runs Clogged Up

The engine runs clogged up if there is no constant fuel supply by the injector to burn, or not enough. It usually caused by clogged fuel filters. Check when there is an erratic sound or the car is stuck. What you have to do is, fuel must be checked regularly.

  1. Suddenly The Engine Off

A car engine that gets enough fuel will usually stay on. Thus, if the engine stops suddenly it can be ascertained because the fuel supply also stops suddenly. Clean the fuel filter that is clogged with dirt.

  1. The Car Engine Can’t Start Or Not On

The engine cannot turn on because it is blocked by dirt; in this case the fuel filter prevents the fuel from going to the engine. The machine turn on when the air-fuel mixture is sent to the combustion chamber, because the filter is clogged so the fuel is not enough to burn. If only a little blockage will be able to turn on after being tried several times. But if not, it is completely blocked.

  1. Stinging Smell From Oil Or Smoke In The Exhaust Pipe

If you get the stinging smell from the engine, it’s bad signal. Smoke produced by vehicles or excess oil dripping in the exhaust pipe causes an unpleasant odor. You can be sure that this is a symptom of a fuel filter that is clogged with dirt.

  1. Machine Power Loss

When the fuel flow is below the optimal level it causes a lack of engine power. If the filter is clogged it allows the flow to the engine to decrease. When you speed up the vehicle but do not react, or when the engine gets stuck when you try to push it or when you drive with excessive load, it is a symptom of a blocked fuel filter.

  1. Misfires Machine

Engine misfires take place when fuel ignition fails to occur properly. The fuel flow is covered by a clogged filter. Then it causes the Misfires Machine to occur.