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Sustainable Business Choices – How To Create An Eco-Friendly Environment



Sustainable Business Choices How much trash does your business produce? Do you often keep a check on it? In the current times, being eco-friendly is not just a public-relations tool for the companies; rather, it creates a more sustainable environment to live in. Technologies in the present world have made it easy for businesses to revise their choices that will really make an impact.

Sustainable Business Choices – How To Create An Eco-Friendly Environment

Sustainable Business Choices

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So, how can you turn around the choices to make your organization eco-friendly? Let us get started with it!

Changing employee habits

By changing employee habits, organizations can easily reduce waste production to a large extent. For instance, you can tell the employees to bring their own cups or refillable water bottles instead of plastic water bottles. If you have a kitchen in the office, then compost the kitchen waste in the bin. If your office uses paper towels in the washroom, then make a transition towards using hand dryers. It will be a huge contribution to getting paperless. 

Reduce water usage

Let us tell you a fact! Western North America faced one of the driest climates in the past decade. As a result, many municipalities passed stringent water usage orders for businesses and households. In the US weather-related economic events, drought came second with annual losses of approximately 9 billion dollars. 

In accordance with the above facts, we can say that water reduction can help in saving money and conserving valuable resources. You can choose to include – 

  • Low-flow toilets and faucet aerators in the washroom.
  • Repair the dripping taps as soon as possible.
  • Including rain sensors if necessary. Moreover, use the high-efficiency pressure washer for cleanliness purposes.

Reduce the energy footprint

Buildings in the United States of America use nearly 40% of the country’s energy in lighting, cooling, and appliance operation. Therefore there is a high need to reduce this energy emission. 

If you are renovating your business, ensure that you examine various incentive programs offering up-gradation in insulation and solar system services.  

E-waste recycling

Do your business have a surplus of electronic equipment? Then it is advisable that you should keep this equipment out of the landfill. According to the experts at, these electronics contain toxic elements like nickel, lead, or chromium. The release of these elements in the environment creates health problems for humans. Disposing of this e-waste through proper channels is the solution here.

Do you know that e-waste is the fastest growing waste stream globally, with approximately 48.5 million tons of waste produced in the year 2018? Hence, replace or recycle these electronics by putting them to good use. Many companies nowadays provide you with the solution to easily sail through this process of e-waste recycling. You can take their help and make your business eco-friendly. 

Note: Do not forget to delete all the information from any electronic devices before you give them for recycling.

Introduce cloud computing

Nowadays, many companies provide their employees access to information from anywhere in the world. This helps in reducing travel costs and carbon emissions.

Organizations are putting their information on the cloud. This eliminates the need to purchase expensive and power-intensive servers for businesses.

To sum it all up

When the world is facing a lot of environmental issues, it is high time to make your business eco-friendly. It will not only help you in reducing the waste but will also save you overhead costs.

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.