June 2, 2022

Starwood Explorer Program at Starwoodhotels.com/explorer [2022 Guide]


Hello to everyone, today we are going to share a detailed guide on the Starwood explorer program which you can access at Starwoodhotels.com/explorer and if you don’t know how to access this program then you can follow this guide and you will be amazed to see that how valuable program this is for everyone who used to stay in Starwood Hotels.


If you are a co-worker or collaborator of Marriott and Starwood and want to plan a trip then you can follow this Starwood explorer program. There are so many different programs provided by Starwood Hotels but today we are going to share details about the Starwood hotel explorer program via starwood.com/explore an official portal for this program.

Starwood Explorer Program

Starwood Explorer Program
Starwood Explorer Program

Starwoodhotels.com/explore is the webpage where you need to land and follow the steps mentioned below to access the Starwood explore employee program to grab all the benefits from Starwood hotels.

You can explore more about this program by visiting the official portal of the Starwood Hotels Explore Program.

Starwood Explorer Program – Why?

  • In this program, you must know everything about the new advantage research priorities shared by Starwood Hotels, and if you want to go on vacation then you must check this guide.
  • Customers can experience different brands that cost less than $49, $69, and $89 with the programs shared by Starwood Hotels.
  • Program of Hotels from Starwood is managed by Marriott International Inc.
  • Every explorer can get the details about traveling like dates and time of your traveling with harbor via the program provided by the Starwood hotels.
  • It will cost you according to the number of people and rooms you booked in the hotels but this program will also give you plenty of benefits as a program holder.

About Starwood Hotel Program from Starwood Hotel:

This program will only work if only the actual family members such as parents, wife, husband, kids, siblings, and parents-in-law of the Starwood and Marriott can use the Starwood explorer program.

Those explorers who booked any hotels via the program then they can easily enjoy the stay during their vacation after intending one dollar of their stay will be donated to the Starwood Associate Relief Fund.

All the part-time and full-time co-workers of Starwood or Marriott can also take advantage of this program for convenience traveling or non-business traveling.

If you are a fired or retired employee you are not allowed to use this program at all. Only current employees are allowed to take benefits of this program to book unlimited trips according to the fling.

Note: If any employee or co-worker of Starwood or Marriott, misuses this program by booking any booking for a friend then this program will be canceled under the section of falsification or indiscipline, and the employee will be punished or fired from the job permanently.

Important Elements need to Remember While Using Starwood hotels explore program:       

  1. All the customers need to complete the Authorization procedure on the online portal of the Starwood Hotel at Starwoodhotels.com/explorer.
  2. You need to register your authorization form via the explore reservation to your local HR department.
  3. You can start traveling after completing the registration procedure at www.starwoodhotels.com.
  4. All the family members of the employee of the Starwood Hotel can also earn points on their certified shopping inside the hotel.
  5. This program can be canceled anytime as per the right of the Starwood Hotel committee.
  6. Extra charges or taxes will be charged on your certified shopping.
  7. Discounts can be changed or canceled anytime.
  8. Co-workers of any resorts or hotels like W Hotels, St. Regis, Westing, and Ritz are allowed to use this program.
  9. Users should be a member of Starwood or Marriott Hotels before applying for this program.
  10. Full-time employees or Part-time employees can also take all the benefits of the program.
  11. Family members of employees who participate in the SPG and pay the rate of exploration will get extra points as a reward on the basis of appropriate information.
  12. Family members of employees cannot earn any Starpoints for Airline miles for exploring rate.

Final Verdict:

So now you have complete knowledge of the Starwood Explorer Program at Starwoodhotels.com/explorer. But if you still have any queries then you can drop your queries or feedback below in the comment section below and we are ready to help to understand this program based on your query.

Please share this guide with your friends and family members, so they also can take benefit from this Starwood Explorer Program online.

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