Best Sites Like MeetMe [Top 10 Alternatives of MeetMe in 2019]

While in the process of Globalization where everything is transparent with the people worldwide, there are certain platforms that connect people throughout the world and have become the hub for amusement and idea interchange, and that is nothing but Social Media Platforms. But wait there various social media sites that exist but very few are well known because of its good advertisement but yet there are many with certain amazing features which are known by a few and those who use it are delighted for sure.

Sites Like MeetMe

Sites Like MeetMe
Sites Like MeetMe

Among the hidden names of those, MeetMe is also one and this is also the fact that the name is no more blur from the web. But wait for those who already know of MeetMe and yet looking for the same amusing social media platforms where they can chat, meet and have fun with the new people; here is a list of best 10 sites like Meetme they (You) should try.

What is Special about MeetMe?

MeetMe is a social networking website that allows you to contact people who are near you so that you can talk with them, create a meeting, and also know what else. MeetMe users can sign-up via Facebook or directly through the app. In any case, they will be able to set their profile, import the photos they want to show and include any other details as well. In this way, other users can easily see your profile and understand more about you.

Once you set up your Meat profile, you can start searching for the people you have. You just need to look at their pictures or profiles so that you can decide who is interested in you and not interested in you. If you find someone you like, you need to start a private chat. MeetMe is a great tool for getting to know more people with whom you can set up a meeting and have fun. Basically, it is a dating site. You can direct land onto the main site

Best 10 Sites Like MeetMe Alternatives


Engagement is a very popular social networking site which is one of the best sites like Meetme as it has a huge user base. And, because of this, you can easily find someone who matches your likes and dislikes. You can chat together, hang out together, and even be a soul mate. Every day 350 million messages are sent to the site. Since dating is a dating-focused social networking site; it has various features that are very similar to other dating sites that further help you find new people around you easily. To use this site, you need to sign up. You can also log in using Facebook. You can also use Badoo on your smartphone as it also has its own app.


Tagged are another social networking site and one of the nicer sites like Meetme. Tagged features are a lot like twins, and it’s also a dating-focused social networking site where you can meet new people. It is always fun and great to find new people. You can find like-minded people, and also talk to them through chat. Later, you can plan a face-to-face meeting. There are many stories where people found their souls as tagged friends. I know some people from my college time who have tagged many fun-loving girls, and they had serious relationships. To use Tagged, you must sign up which you can also do using Google or Facebook. However, you can also sign up with your email address. This is one of the best Meetme options.

Hot or Not

Hot or not is one of the same dating sites as Meetme which is a perfect combination of social networking and dating. The site is great for meeting new people online and chatting with them. If you want to flirt with someone, you can do it if anyone is interested. This is where its matching feature comes into use. Search, match, and start chatting. Just. This is a location-based app, and it shows the best nearby profiles according to their rating system.

The site states that if you are under 13, you cannot join and users between the ages of 13-17 cannot share or share photos with users over the age of 17. These terms that are used look great at the first view. But you can’t find the age verification process and hence anyone can feed the fake age there and that can be accepted.


Skout is another Meetme alternative site that is a great combination of social networks and dating. You can join the site as a teenager or an adult. This way you will be redirected in the similar peer groups and there you can easily post your comment on other peer posts, post photos, status updates, etc. The best part is whenever a nearby person joins the same peer group; you get notifications.

Overall, Scout is one of the great sites like Meetme that you can use if you are searching about the site where you simply enjoy and also do your dating nice.


One of the nicer sites like MeetMe, and is used for dating purposes. With this site as you join, make your sign-in the process complete and can start meeting people available on the platform online

You can talk to people around you as well as around the world. It has excellent filters that you can use to see people around you. Yes, you can find others around your place who use precedent. In this way, if you have already met online, you can also meet them face to face. Translation makes it interesting and also easy to meet new people.


Hi5 is another site like Meetme and is as beautiful as Tag. Just to let you know that MeetMe has acquired both Tagged and Hi5. Hi5 has been there for a long time and has a good user database. It is doing very well, and it is a good platform to meet new people. You can also join then start using it.


Tinder is the most well-known dating platform in the world, and that’s why it is the best meaty option. I mentioned Tinder in an earlier post which you can read here. Tinder has great features to find the best matches for you so that you can find your perfect match. Tinder has been ruling the dating industry for a long time. You swept to tinder on the web

Friends Finder

FriendFinder is a good dating site similar to MeetMe. You can find love using its features on this dating site. It also has the facility to chat on webcam. The site has all the features a dating site should have that makes it one of the best dating sites. See yourself by joining and using it.


DateHookup is a free dating platform, and one of the nicer sites Meetme likes where you can join and start meeting new people. Once signed up, you will be asked 10 features before asking you to upload your photo. All these characteristics are used when matchmaking.

DateHookup is not the best dating site, but when it comes for free, it definitely works great.


Skyrock is a great dating as well as a social network website that enables you to make new friends. Skyrock also allows you to talk with new friends all over the world. To start a Skyrock website you need to create an account and keep some details about yourself such as: what you are doing, study, relationship status, and interest.

In addition, using such websites you have to set your profile picture. When you create your user profile, you can see people around you that you are and anywhere, you can also find other people who are using Skyrock. You can search for people by gender, sex, and age. The best feature of Skyrock allows you to connect to your Facebook account as well as share photos and videos on your wall. In addition, you are able to create blogs, add profiles and exchange messages with other registered members.

Final Words

AS you have gone through the above list of Best 10 Sites Like MeetMe you have seen all the related sites that further help you to chat, call, Message, hang out with friends and even date. Now by reading the features above you might have understood which one to choose or not because you have seen the related feature description.

These sites like Meetme mentioned you above are top listed and sorted out and hence you can rely upon it when compared to the other similar sites in the market.

So, if you have any issue and problem or opinion as well as suggestions that are directly related to the referred site above, you have the option that is available below to drop your perspective. So, go with the comment box below.