ClickCarePoint Login – You can access Point Click Care’s website to access your existing account. It helps groups manage workflow and track and resolve patient complaints. It also checks the progress of the practitioner and provides good quality of care for the patient.

All types of medicine and nutrition management facilities are also available at PointClickCare Login.

ClickCarePoint Login

ClickCarePoint Login

Point click care is available on a device that has good internet access, through which the features and benefits available by point click care can be used. To avail of such facilities, a person will have to log into their online portal and need the needy.

You can see the suggestions below to understand the ClickCarePoint Login function.

How to Make Easy ClickCarePoint Login

It is not just about login but the procedure should also be safe, secure, and quick to go with. Hence, just follow the step-by-step process that is mentioned here and the process is via its official site.

First, simply open your browser and then open the main site via

The link lands you directly on the main homepage and there you will find the option of Login present there in the top right corner of the page.

  • Click on the option ‘Customer Login’ on the official site.
  • You are redirected now to the other page.
  • There you have to first enter your ORG code.
  • Then the User ID and last is your password in the related section.
  • Now once you have filled all, simply verify whether it is correct and then click on the Login option below.

Forgot Password? Reset It Here?

It is quite a common problem today that you don’t remember your account password due to having so many accounts already online. Here also you are given the option of Password Recovery, following which you will be able to reset a new account in case in the future you need it.

Here is How to Do it:

  • First land on the main login page of the site you can do this by clicking on the ‘Customer Login’ option present on the homepage of the site.
  • Now on the main Login page, you are going to find the option of ‘Forgot your password?’ present just above the Login button and below the username.
  • If not there already then, as you will enter the wrong password in the related section then the option appears.
  • Now as you will follow the link, you might be asked to enter your email address there and submit it.
  • On doing it, you will be sent an email, there you will find the new password setting option and now you can create your new password for your fresh next time entry.

Point Click Care App

The app by the official site helps you access the related service anytime and anywhere you want. One can easily get the app on his phone from the Google play store and App store. Soon you will download and install the app on the phone, you are eligible to perform different activities and enjoy the services of a different kind under this same Point Click Care.

The various feature is easily enjoyed from the official site of Point Click Care which is as follows.

  1. News and Events
  2. Summit
  3. Blogs
  4. Resources and Webinars
  5. Partners
  6. Customer Login
  7. Products and Services
  8. Request a Demo etc.

But yet if you have further queries, want to about something related to Point click and want to have information about the offers and benefits and operation, etc. then you can choose the best alternative of contacting customer care by dialing T-905 858 8885.

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So, we hope now you know the right way to access your account via ClickCarePoint Login and if you still have any queries then drop them in the comment section below.

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