Best Online Shopping Trends in Singapore in 2019

Singapore is a small but prosperous island nation, both a town and a country, situated somewhere off the southern tip of the Peninsula of Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Going to visit shopping malls is a common social activity in SouthEast Asia, and this trend is not likely to disappear any time quickly. Brands are supposed to take benefit of a dual physical and online presence. Ecommerce is a prominent market research company devoted to e-commerce ideas and information in South-East Asia.

Whenever we talk about online stuff the very first stance came into mind is E-commerce. Now there is a lot of trend of ordering and purchasing things online. You just have to sign up your desired website search for an item which you want to click on it have shipment will bring it to your own.

Best Online Shopping Trends in Singapore in 2019

Online Shopping Trends in Singapore
Online Shopping Trends in Singapore

The trend of shopping and especially online shopping is very popular that it is very common nowadays you just have to order by sitting up on your couch and enjoy the corresponding services at one click. Particularly when we talk about online shopping trend in Singapore, the first top-rated list belongs to E-commerce.

Ecommerce statics and trends in Singapore estimate that e-commerce customer usage in Singapore was 57.31% in 2015 and is predicted to reach 74.20 in 2019. Online trending is very wide in Singapore and if you are looking to have a list of all these trends, I will pen down these for you.

Shopping Trends in Singapore

Online shopping trends in Singapore what Singaporean online Customers buy most of the time online are:

  • Enhanced trends in mobile and cross-border purchases
  • Travel category
  • Entertainment category
  • Insurance
  • Fashion

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Enhanced trends in mobile and cross-border purchases:

This basically belongs to the electronics and IT category. Singapore has a rising and vibrant electronics industry. Singapore provides the scope of the value chain of electronics, ranging from research and development, design, production and distribution services. As a worldwide trading and distribution center for electronics and semiconductors, Singapore exported more than 79 billion of semiconductors and electronic integrated circuits to the globe in 2016 and still counting for 2019.

Travel Category:

The use of internet travel intermediaries is commonly recognized and has been one of the main drivers of development in internet travel sales. However, with increasing popularity, other players are competing for a share of profits as well. The travel industry in Singapore remained favorable in 2019, with tourism receipts and inbound tourist arrivals reaching fresh altitudes.

Entertainment category:

  •         Singapore Dance Theater.
  •         Singapore Symphony Orchestra.
  •         Singapore Chinese Orchestra.
  •         The Night Creatures

Fashion Category:

Fashion is also at a peak in Singapore especially online fashion. People get to know currently running fashion outlook through mobile applications and order them online. It is also one of the most prominent online categories in Singapore.


There are many online insurance booking companies and websites where properly registered themselves for insurance as we all know insurance is saving package afterlife so it is also at top demanding online trend of Singapore in 2019.