Today we will learn why online proofing for business is as important as making money in the business.

In an increasingly competitive market, time is money. In many industries, every day counts – every hour is an hour closer to missed sales or unhappy customers. Every minute you spend on something other than your most important task adds to the disruption in your workflow and can seriously impact bottom lines.

Every second spent trying to hunt down misplaced files could be a dollar lost in revenue that you didn’t bring in because of a delay in project completion.

Why Online Proofing for Business is as Important as Making Money?

Online Proofing for Business

You don’t want your most precious resource – employees’ time – being frittered away from one minute to the next by minor delays, which quickly add up over weeks and months.

This is precisely when online proofing platforms can deliver significant results for businesses that need proofing tools to manage their projects and who want to improve workflow so let’s understand why Online Proofing for Business is as important as making money.

What is Proofing?

Proofing is the basic process of ensuring that agreed-upon versions of documents are accurate and free from mistakes or errors. It’s what you do at the end of writing something – be it a novel, an academic paper, or an ad campaign – to ensure all content is up-to-date, correct, and ready for publication or distribution.

This ensures the highest quality possible product delivered to your clients – restoring trust in your business and improving brand loyalty thanks to superior customer satisfaction.

Proofing goes hand in hand with editing (the professional correction or modification of text), which takes place either during the proofreading stage before printing (for example, checking the punctuation and grammar of a document) or after printing (for example, comparing an electronic file to printed copy).

Proofing is not just how you check spelling and grammar – it’s about the process of ensuring accuracy. To understand this better, consider these examples:

One person working on creative projects may think one thing while another creative specialist may think something else. Proofreading ensures both are on the same page.

Letters that misspell words can confuse or even insult your client or customer base. It also slows down their ability to respond (and purchase) if they’re waiting for someone at your end to figure out what was meant in a letter because it wasn’t proofed first.

Team members must agree on what’s being proofed. This is part of the proofing process.

Proofreading often involves comparing printed copy to an electronic file (usually Word or PDF). You can imagine how easy it is for minor errors to slip in when you’re working with large documents, which is why proofing must be done carefully and methodically with clear steps in place to ensure you don’t miss anything along the way.

Now that we’ve established what proofing entails, let’s look at online proofing – its benefits, how it works, and when you should use this solution.

What is Online Proofing and Why It is Important for Business?

Online proofing refers to the digital delivery of content to review before printing or distribution. As an option for proofing, it’s becoming increasingly popular with businesses that need to access files from remote locations or mobile devices.

It’s also a significant move away from the traditional workflows familiar to print industry professionals who have spent decades using paper documents and processes to do their job.

Online proofing is referred to as an online service, but it’s a combination of several different tools:

  • A digital platform where you manage and store your projects (to use as knowledge) and share files.
  • A browser-based client Proofreading software Integrations with trusted third-party services.

Some of these tools might be self-hosted, while others run on the vendor’s servers. Either way, you can be sure they’ll provide secure access to your documents, giving you peace of mind that the files are protected.

How Does Online Proofing Work?

Online proofing platforms allow users to upload or access files for review – then track how each file is being used using workflow tools, so everyone remains on the same page. If changes need to be made, digital proofs can be updated instantly without printing new revisions – saving time and money.

The platform also provides a secure environment where project teams can work together in real-time. Online proofing tools like Aproove offer an easy way for clients or co-workers to give feedback on documents they’re reviewing before it goes live, which saves time, increases accuracy, and accelerates the process of delivering final products that exceed expectations.

When Should You Use Online Proofing?

Online proofing provides an easy way for project managers to control the review process. It also lets you engage with clients and colleagues more efficiently, giving them the ability to participate in meetings without being physically present.

And because online proofing is cloud-based, users can access files from anywhere using any compatible device that’s connected to the Internet – including their mobile phone or tablet.

Providing your team members with this kind of freedom will improve morale by encouraging creativity. Feedback on projects will be faster, making it easier to keep deadlines. Co-workers can use their own workflow, so there’s no need for all members of your team to share one platform or app – saving time and money.

You’ll also have the freedom to send (and receive) files whenever and wherever you like because they’re stored online.

Five Benefits of Online Proofing

Here are five key benefits of using online proofing:

  • Faster Version Turnaround

Documents that need to be frequently updated will benefit from an online proofing platform. Users can easily access the latest version, make changes if required, notify other team members, and determine whether the next version should be printed or saved as a digital file for further use.

  • Lower Project Management Costs

A cloud-based tool means you won’t have to host dedicated servers, so your IT department’s energy is better spent on high-priority projects that will contribute more directly toward growing your business.

  • Accelerated Project Completion

Projects are distributed automatically, so users don’t have to wait for an email or share files with personal assistants. This frees up time, so your team members can focus on other tasks instead of repeatedly requesting the latest file version.

  • Less Aggravation

It’s frustrating when you realize that you’re missing critical documents or that someone has uploaded an incorrect version of a file. Suddenly, everyone is scrambling to find the proper document.

They end up wasting valuable time (and money) trying to resolve issues, which means their productivity goes down the drain. Online proofing saves time because content versions are always available in one place.

  • Less Time Wasting

You’ll spend less time waiting for files because they’re accessible wherever you need them across multiple digital channels. So the next time you work on a project, your whole team will be equipped with the suitable material simultaneously – ending those frustrating “file hunts” once and for all.


The benefits of online proofing are noticeable across multiple departments, including sales, marketing, design, customer support, business development, finance, and legal. Plus, it provides clients with more transparency during reviews because they can track versions and leave comments to give feedback on documents.

As a bonus, using an online platform is also likely to improve client loyalty since updates can be shared seamlessly. Working together will become much easier since everyone will have access to files easily. So if there’s an issue along the way, you’ll resolve it faster thanks to this streamlined process.

In short, online proofing helps you work smarter and boosts productivity, so your business stands out in the competitive landscape.

By Karan Bhardwaj

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.