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My Total Source Login – Employee, Administrator, Accountant [Complete Login Process]



My Total Source Login – The total source serves as your professional employer organization (PEO) using an ‘employment co-employment’ model. It refers to where one wants to gain control over the day-to-day service of employees in relation to their efficiency and work. It also benefits important human resource management and administration responsibilities to the employee.

Total Source provides online login facilities to all its affiliates through which a person can easily log in to their account and use the portal benefits. You can check below to learn how to use the online portal and log in.

My Total Source Login [Complete Step by Step Login]

My Total Source Login

My Total Source LogiIn order to make a successful login to the main portal of my total source, you will simply have to follow the below-given process here and it makes your process easy for next time login.

  1. First of all, you should follow the direct link
  2. This link is going to take you another separate portal that helps you with some of its instructions and as you will scroll down below on the page there you will find the option of Employee Login present.
  3. Now click on this link and the link is going to drop you to the main web page of Login.
  4. Here you have two main sections available, among which the first one is for User ID entry and then another one is for the password entry.
  5. Simply fill the correct information in the allotted sections of it and make sure the information is already associated with your registered account or else you are going to face the login error every now and then.
  6. Once everything goes well, click on the login button below. You are done.
  7. Now you can enjoy all the service and benefits easily from the portal.

Administrator Portal Of My Total Source [Here’s How to Make Login]

After login into the main employee login portal, the second option is to go with Administrator portal.

In order to make a login there, you will have to navigate towards my Administrator portal of My Total Sources.

  1. Now open the web page of My total source first.
  2. Now choose the middle section of the page present there.
  3. Now choose the second option as ‘Administrator Login’
  4. Now the user will be navigated towards a new web page.
  5. Here type the User ID and Password in the allotted section present there.
  6. Finally, click on the ‘Sign In’ button that is present just below the login page there.

How to Login to Accountant portal [Step by Step]

  1. First of all, navigate towards the webpage of the Total Source.
  2. Now view the middle section of the screen.
  3. Now select the second option available there as ‘Accountant Login’.
  4. As soon as it is done, you will be navigated towards a new web page of the main
  5. There you have two sections, one is User ID and another One is Password entry section.
  6. Fill the correct username and the password as it is associated with your registered account.
  7. Now once everything is done properly, click on the Sign In button that is available below.

Reset Your User ID

In order to create a new user ID once you have forgotten it, you simply will have to go through step by step process below.

  1. On the main homepage of the site, first of all, navigate to the main login page.
  2. There you will find the main login portal and below the option of ‘login’ you have ‘Forgot User ID’ option and you will have to click upon it.
  3. On clicking it, you will be taken to the other page, enter the requested query.
  4. Now click on the Submit button that is available below.

Change Your Password [Step by Step]

IN order to recover your password once you have forgotten it, first of all, you will have to make a login to the moan homepage of My Total source.

  1. There beneath the ‘Sign-In’ option, you will find the option of ‘Forgot Password’
  2. Click on that and then fill your email address there and make sure it is already associated with your registered account and then submit that there.
  3. Once everything is done properly, click on the Submit button available below.

Note: If you need more assistance related to My Total Source and its services or have any query or complaint about that then you can visit ‘support-for-client-administrators’ or directly choose to call upon 1-844-227-5237.

Final Words

While you have read the article above about My Total Source Login you would be clarified with complete information about account access, password recovery, registration process and above all even the customer care support no. for your future easy reference.

Now helps you with the complete information of it and not only that the comment section below further allows you to drop your feedback and suggestions if you have any in the future.

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