Lifetime Membership Cost Per Month 2024


What’s up, everyone? As a long-time member at Lifetime Fitness, I know firsthand what an amazing place it is to work and stay active. But I also get asked a lot – how much does a Lifetime membership cost? What do you get for those monthly fees? I’ll break it down for you.


In 2024, a standard Lifetime membership runs about $72 bucks per month. I pay a little more for extra perks, but that’s the starting point. And for that price, let me tell you – you get TONS under one roof! We’re talking state-of-the-art equipment, weights, pools, courts for basketball, and squash, classes like spin, yoga, and Pilates, and luxury locker rooms that feel like a spa. Heck, there’s EVEN a spa and salon in there!

In my opinion, for everything Lifetime offers compared to a basic gym, that $70-some per month is worth it. And they run specials all the time for new members with waived fees and discounts. I don’t mind investing a little more than a barebones spot so I have it all in one place – top talent training, fun events and classes, a pool to relax after cardio. Lifetime provides me with that premium fitness lifestyle without judgment or limits. I’ve never felt better!

Lifetime Membership Cost Per Month 2024

Lifetime Membership Cost

So if you’re debating joining Lifetime because money’s tight, I get it. But take it from this guy who works out 6 days a week – it provides insane value that makes getting in shape enjoyable. This place has helped me make major fitness gains and feel like part of a community.

Hope that gives some real-world context on why I happily pay that Lifetime membership cost each month!

What is the Lifetime Fitness Membership Cost Per Month?

Lifetime Fitness offers monthly memberships starting at around $72 on average. However, prices can vary quite a bit depending on your location, membership level, number of people on the plan, etc.

Here’s an overview of the Lifetime monthly membership cost structure:

  • Individual memberships – Range from $72 to $219 per month
  • Couple memberships – Range from $122 to $369 per month
  • Family memberships (2 adults + kids) – Range from $142 to $499 per month

There are also student discounts and military discounts available at some locations.

Lifetime Fitness Prices: How Much Is a Lifetime Fitness Membership?

As you can see, Lifetime Fitness membership fees can cover quite a wide range but seem to start around $70+ per month for an individual. Several factors affect overall pricing:

  • Location – Major cities like New York and Los Angeles will be more expensive.
  • Access Level – You can pay more for access to multiple gyms/locations.
  • Peak vs Non-Peak – Peak hours may cost more for access.
  • Family Status – Families and couples get group pricing.

There are also typically initiation or enrollment fees when you first sign up, which can be anywhere from $100 to $500 at times.

How Much Is a Drop-In or Single Class at Lifetime Fitness?

If you want more flexible access to Lifetime Fitness instead of a monthly membership, you can opt to pay a day pass or drop-in fee.

  • The average day pass rates range from $10 to $50
  • This grants you access to the facilities for one day
  • Drop-in classes like yoga also range from $10 to $50 per session typically

So if you think you would only go to Lifetime sporadically, paying the daily access rate would cost less than the $70+ monthly fees.

What Does a Lifetime Fitness Membership Include?

When you join Lifetime Fitness, what kind of amenities, facilities, and services come with your membership? Let’s overview the key benefits:

  • State-of-the-art fitness areas – Cardio machines, strength equipment, functional training zones, pools, basketball courts, indoor tracks, and more
  • Group fitness classes – Everything from yoga to kickboxing to dance to cycling and beyond
  • Pools and water areas – Lap pools, family pools, splash zones, jacuzzis, and more
  • Personal training – Work 1-on-1 with a certified personal trainer (added cost)
  • Spa treatments – Massages, facials, waxing, and more (added cost)
  • Salon services – Haircuts, styling, manicures and more (added cost)
  • Kids programming – Activity centers, summer camps, swimming lessons
  • Cafés and restaurants – Healthy dining choices with smoothies, meals, supplements and more

So in essence, your membership covers the use of just about everything except the à la carte services like massages, which require additional payment.

Lifetime Fitness Membership Cost vs Other Gyms

To better understand Lifetime’s pricing and offerings, let’s compare to some other major gym chains:

Lifetime vs LA Fitness

  • LA Fitness monthly fees range from $35 to $55 on average
  • Significant price difference compared to Lifetime’s fees starting around $70+
  • LA Fitness has basic amenities – Lifetime is more premium

Lifetime vs Equinox

  • Equinox monthly fees are $185+ on average
  • Equinox competes as a high-end luxury fitness club like Lifetime
  • Similar premium amenities and service levels

Lifetime vs Planet Fitness

  • Planet Fitness has monthly fees of $10 to $25 on average
  • Planet Fitness has budget facilities compared to higher-end Lifetime
  • Good option for very affordable access but fewer amenities

So in summary, Lifetime competes for premium-tier gym members against Equinox but offers higher end facilities than barebones gyms like Planet Fitness or standard gyms like LA Fitness.

Lifetime Fitness Prices List – Memberships, Day Passes and Services

Here is an overview table of common Lifetime Fitness pricing options:

Memberships & Passes Price Range
Individual Monthly Membership $72 – $219 per month
Couple Monthly Membership $122 – $369 per month
Family Monthly Membership $142 – $499 per month
Student/Military Membership Varies – Ask Gym
Day Pass for Classes $10 – $50 per class
Gym Day Pass $10 – $50 per day
Personal Training $60 – $100 per session
Pilates Classes $60 – $100 per session
Massage Therapy $60 – $100 per session
Hair and Salon Services Varies by service

As noted, there are also additional charges for services like the spa, salon, massage, classes, training, etc. These vary quite a bit based on the exact treatment.

Can You Negotiate the Price at Lifetime Fitness?

The prices and rates at Lifetime Fitness typically won’t vary too much from their standard membership costs. However, some locations may offer discounts or incentives at certain times of year to attract new members.

Tips for negotiating or lowering the Lifetime Fitness membership rates:

  • Ask about any limited-time special offers or pre-opening rates.
  • Mention competitor gyms and their pricing to see if they can match.
  • Ask about off-peak membership options to save on premium peak period pricing.
  • Inquire about past member referral bonuses – sometimes they come back.
  • See if they offer longer-term sign-ups, like 1 or 2 year prepaid rates.

The best approach is to call your local club and speak to a membership sales rep. Let them know you’re strongly considering Lifetime Fitness, but the pricing is holding you back. They may be empowered to offer you 10-20% off standard rates or a few months free if you join.

While negotiations aren’t guaranteed, it’s always worth politely asking about any wiggle room on the Lifetime Fitness membership fees. You never know what deals they have to go that month!

Is Apple Fitness or Other Perks Included in My Membership?

Lifetime Fitness wants to be your go-to fitness hub. Because of this, they are proactively partnering with other health brands to add value for members.

Some examples include:

  • Apple Fitness+ – This workout app is now included free for Lifetime Fitness members.
  • Fitbit Premium – Discounted $9.99 per month for Lifetime members.
  • Theragun Percussive Devices – Up to $200 off retail pricing.
  • Hyperice Recovery Tools – Savings up to 25% off retail rates.

They also offer member savings on Under Armour athletic apparel, CorePower Yoga studios, Reebok gear, and more. See their website for current fitness and wellness partners.

The goal for Lifetime Fitness is to be a holistic life fitness club – so they’re expanding beyond just gym access into broader health initiatives with leading brands.

What’s the Highest Level Lifetime Membership?

The highest level Lifetime Fitness membership available is the “Paid in Full Premier Membership”. This is an upfront annual contract that includes:

  • Access to all Lifetime Fitness nationwide locations – over 150+ clubs.
  • No restrictions on gym access – prime hours are always available.
  • Includes all group fitness classes.
  • Access to all amenities and facilities.
  • Full nationwide reciprocity in the club network.
  • Additional service discounts of up to 20% off.
  • $0 initiation fee waived.

This paid-in-full tier allows complete flexibility and freedom to use any Lifetime club. Monthly pricing can approach $200+ for this unlimited membership level.

Workout Classes and Services at Lifetime Fitness

Now let’s talk about the bread and butter of Lifetime – the actual fitness experiences and services inside the gyms! They pride themselves on having nearly any activity imaginable.

Group Fitness Classes

Lifetime group workout options include:

  • Cardio – Cycling, rowing, Zumba, cardio dance
  • Strength – Bodypump, GRIT Strength
  • Mind/Body – Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi
  • Athletic – Kickboxing, basketball, swimming
  • Functional – TRX Suspension, HIIT workouts
  • Much more – Check your gym schedule!

Personal Training and Individual Support

  • Certified Personal Training – Private or semi-private coaching with programming tailored to your goals. Usually sold in packages ranging from 4 to 12+ sessions over a month.
  • Health Coaching – General wellness guidance around nutrition, sleep, managing stress, injury prevention, lifestyle behaviors, and more.
  • Private Yoga & Pilates – One-on-one flexibility training and attention.
  • Swim Lessons – All ages teaching for any swim level, stroke technique, water safety

Recovery Services

  • Massage Therapy – Assortment of massage modalities from deep tissue to sports massage. Usually 30 to 90 minutes in length.
  • Physical Therapy – Clinical rehab and recovery services usually by referral/prescription from a doctor.
  • Salon & Spa – Hair, nails, skin, waxing and other beauty services.
  • Interactive Recovery – Specialized tools like compression boots, cryotherapy chambers, and massage beds provide faster healing.

And much more – Lifetime aims to be a one-stop body and health optimization center.

Lifetime Fitness Locations – Find Clubs Near Me

Wondering where your nearby Lifetime Fitness gym is located? Use the club finder web tool to discover:

  • Closest Lifetime Fitness gyms by zip code.
  • Amenities, class schedules, and hours for each location.
  • Virtual club tours and photos.
  • Directions and contact info.
  • Current membership specials and rates.

There are over 150 Lifetime Athletics clubs spread across nearly 30 states, with a heavy presence in the Midwest, East Coast, and Southern United States. Use the gym locator to get specifics for your area.

Lifetime Fitness Cost – Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s recap the key details around Lifetime Fitness membership fees and pricing with some rapid-fire FAQs.

  • Q: How much does a basic Lifetime Fitness membership cost monthly?

A: Around $72 per month for one club access but rates range from $70 to $220 monthly.

  • Q: What does Lifetime membership include?

A: Access to fitness areas, gym equipment, group classes, lap pools, sports courts, with add-on costs for personal training, spa services, salon, massage, etc.

  • Q: How much do classes, training sessions & treatments cost at Lifetime?

A: $10 to $50 for drop-in group classes, around $60 to $100 per session for personal training, massage therapy, Pilates, swim lessons etc. Salon & spa services are individually priced.

  • Q: Does Lifetime Fitness offer any membership discounts?

A: Yes, students, first responders, teachers, and corporate partners may receive 10-20% off monthly rates.

  • Q: Can you negotiate cheaper pricing at Lifetime Fitness?

A: Possibly – inquire about new location opening deals, off-peak membership rates, prepaid annual contracts to save per month.

  • Q: Is Lifetime Fitness more expensive than competitors like LA Fitness?

A: Yes, Lifetime is a premium gym while LA Fitness monthly fees run $35-55 for a more standard gym experience.

  • Q: What membership offers total nationwide gym access?

A. The Paid-In-Full Premier membership grants access to all 150+ Lifetime locations with no restrictions.

  • Q: Does my Lifetime include free Apple Fitness or Fitbit Premium?

A: Yes, Lifetime members now get complimentary Apple Fitness+ along with Fitbit Premium discounts.

  • Q: Where is my closest Lifetime Fitness gym location?

A: Use the club locator tool on to find over 150 locations across the U.S.

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Conclusion – How Much Does Lifetime Fitness Membership Cost?

Lifetime Fitness competes among the more premium, luxury gym experiences – closer to Equinox than budget gyms like Planet Fitness. As a full-service fitness resort for the entire family, their monthly membership rates span $70 to $200+ on average for comprehensive access to state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, amenities, and programming.

While not the cheapest gym around, they justify higher monthly pricing through diverse facilities, specialized group classes, modern equipment, and total wellness services like salons, spas, pools, sports leagues, and youth programming.

Pay a little more for the premium experience!

Hopefully, now you have a detailed sense of how much a Lifetime Fitness membership costs every month along with reasonable expectations around service pricing.

Take a tour of your local Lifetime club and discover the premier fitness lifestyle for yourself!

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