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Kodi Chromecast – How to get Kodi on Chromecast? [Easiest ways]



Kodi Chromecast – Today I am going to share some instruction about “Kodi Chromecast” streaming device and I think everybody will agree that Google Chromecast is one of the awesome streaming devices in this generation. As you all know that streaming from Chromecast is as very simple and easy as pie but sometimes streaming from the network streaming application like Kodi chromecast have become the very tricky task. Don’t worry about its easy with our how-to chromecast with Kodi chromecast.

Kodi Chromecast

If somebody didn’t have knowledge about this best device from Google yet, so, today I am going to share some important things about chromecast? And then we shall let you know that what is chromecast device?

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What is Chromecast device?

Chromecast is a best and latest Google’s media device, this device released on February 3, 2014. This device is HDMI dongle type product which is basically like Roku and Apple TV or even Google TV. This device allows you to stream from your tablet, iPhone, Laptop to your television especially Netflix or youtube.

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You can even cast chrome browser directly to the HDTV and that way you can get access to other absent media sources such as Hulu that are not currently supported by other apps. This 35$ HDMI device plugs into your HDMI port on the television.

Some of you must have been thinking that this is a Google TV, but it is not a Google tv. This device is a separate product from Google which offers an exciting way of streaming media to your TV. However, here a huge bunch of issues with this device initially but later they were fixed and still the fixing process has been going on.

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The last update of the Chromecast app was updated on December 17, 2015, with the help of General bug fixes and overall improvement. So, according to NDP group which is also called as National Purchase Diary, and about 400 million can have been sold in its released year which confirmed that Chromecast is the best and trendy top-selling media device in the united states.

So, now I am going to share some instruction that how to use Chromecastxbmc in a very simple and very easy ways. So, we have two methods here to Chromecast with Kodi, one is very easy and simple but battery consuming way and the other one is a little bit long (about 7 steps) but this device not consume so much battery and a choice is all yours.

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Note That: We all are using an android device to stream Kodi content and streaming Kodi on Chromecast from the iOS device is not supported.

How to get Kodi on Chromecast?

The Short Procedure:

  1. Open Chromecast app on your android phone. Now open the menu and select the “cast screen/audio”. So, I am going to share some instruction for connecting to Chromecast.
  2. Open Kodi and Find and play the video you want to watch.
  3. I will now start playing on both devices, the battery consuming thing here is that you can’t turn off the screen or attend calls etc.

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The Long Procedure:

  1. Download Kodi, Es file explorer, localcast, and playerfactorycore.
  2. Open Es file explorer and search for its setting then display settings. Make sure that “show hidden files” is selected there.
  3. Now also make sure that Kodi (formerly XBMC) media center is connecting to Kodi app.
  4. Now searching to the folder where you download playerfactorycore.xml file and copy it.
  5. Go to android>Data>org.xbmc.Kodi>Files>.Kodi> here look for userdata folder. Now paste the playerfactorycore.xml file in this folder.
  6. Now, open Kodi and search for the video which you want to play. It will not automatically launch the localcast app. If it asks to choose from Chromecast and localcast simply select localcast.
  7. Once it completes loading, it will ask you to play and choose the device to stream.
  8. Now again it will prompt you to play and finally, your video will start playing on TV connected with Chromecast.

So, In this instruction, if you have any difficulty in executing steps, just follow this video guide by raybansandfedora on youtube below.

If the above two are somehow not working for you then simply use Yatse (free Kodi third-party remote) or cast4Kodi (5$) to stream Kodi to Chromecast from Android.

Use Kodi TV as Chromecast

So, if you want to achieve a polar opposite of the above-mentioned tutorial. Here you can find a complete guide on how you can play any link on your KODI TV from your smartphone. In other hand and other words, here is the method of turning your Kodi TV into a Chromecast.

And, Android has a lot more option as compared to iOS and that is why I would recommend you to use an android phone to Chromecast to Kodi tv.

  1. First of all you will need to open setting of your Kodi Tv and go to system>services. Here you will you need to enable remote control.
  2. Now, after that all you will go to setting > system info and note down IP address of your Kodi TV.
  3. Next, you will install Kore Kodi Remote app on your smartphone. I have provided the Google Play store link below. Use Kodi as Chromecast
  4. After the app installs, open it up and it will automatically scan for your Kodi TV on the network and show you the same.
  5. Connect to the Kodi TV from the remote app and now minimize the Kore app using the home button.
  6. Now, open any video link, whether it be in you tube app or in Google Chrome on your phone and press the share option.
  7. You will see a bunch of options; I want you to select the “play on Kodi” option. This will push the link to the TV and now you can even turn off your smartphone Wifi and the video will still continue to play. Just like in a comment.

Kodi Remote App – Download Here

Final verdicts:

Apply any of above guides and start streaming Chromecast with Kodi now. I dame sure that this article will helps you. If you loved this post then shares it with your friends and relatives on social media. If you have any question regarding the Chromecast and Kodi then let us known by connecting below.

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