Bitcoin & Silver IRA – People are panicking about inflation, and they’re starting to decline their trust in the Federal Reserve when they manage the monetary policies (read more). Along with the Congress’ spending, people begin to anticipate market corrections right and left, also predict the downright crash. It is not surprising that investors protect their money by having various investments before everything’s gone with all these situations.

Investing In Bitcoin & Silver IRA

Bitcoin & Silver IRA

Safeguarding the assets is the priority, but it must be carefully planned. You have to know what to gain from a specific asset and the right time to invest. When bonds, mutual funds, and stocks collapse, some investors tend to see the price of precious metals is rising. Silver and gold are then excellent choices to save money in the meantime. 

The losses when investing in precious metals are not as bad as the stocks. Besides, the value of several metals like gold recovers quickly, which makes it perform even in times of recession.

During the financial crisis last 2008, gold lost its value, but its gain from 2007 to 2009 was around 25%. If you compare with stocks, the peak was in October 2007, but its lowest point began in March 2009. And from these years, stock market indexes suffered an almost 50% decrease.

Investing In Bitcoin

Bitcoin is gaining popularity today. The currency is regarded as the first decentralized digital currency and used as a worldwide payment system. This cryptocurrency network works on a peer-to-peer basis, and the transactions conducted by the users are made on the network through the use of cryptography. All transactions that use the network will be verified by nodes and recorded directly on a public ledger. This ledger is a system that maintains the currency’s member identities in a pseudo and secure version.

The Advantages Of Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin was created in 2009 and is considered a new kind of currency. Knowing well about its benefits will help you decide whether it is a suitable investment for you.

  1. High Return

The main reason why people are interested in investing in cryptocurrency is its high return potential. Its prices are highly volatile. It even can change drastically on a daily and monthly basis. For instance, the cost of bitcoin in March 2017 was $975.70, but in December, the price spiked to $20,089. And years later, in April 2021, its price reached its highest level of $64,000.

By considering this fact, investors see it as one of their potential investments. And with the growing number of users believing that this is a promising global currency brings them to a higher return potential. Many businesses and investors adopt it with the belief that bitcoin will still gain returns in the long term. They predict it might reach $500,000 by 2025.

  1. Liquidity And Accessibility

Cryptocurrency also sees no borders, including Bitcoin. A major benefit of this investment is that it is a very versatile and accessible currency. Users can easily transfer bitcoins to other users within minutes. 

It also can be used to purchase services and goods from certain places that accept this currency. Using crypto enables you to exchange for other currencies and spend money on other countries easier, with no fees applied. Users can also be sold them at any moment easily.

  1. User Transparency And Anonymity

This crypto investment uses numerical codes as the user’s identity. It brings multiple public keys, which ensure no transactions are traced back to the investors and no public tracking. Bitcoin investment is also transparent, but it still gives you safety from fraud because of blockchain technology (link: So, only you, as the owners, can know the crypto money you have. 

There are other ways to keep your account anonymous and secure. One of them is by generating a new wallet address to substitute the previous wallet that is being public. Compared to a traditional system that personal info can be leaked from a bank, you don’t need any personal information required to have it when using Bitcoin transactions.

Investing In Silver IRA

Silver IRA or Individual Retirement Account is an investment that is done after retirement, which enables to turn the money into precious metals like silver and gold. The process helps to convert your cash into a silver and gold IRA account in exchange for silver and gold coins or bullion bars. This allows you to make money faster and keep it safer at the same time.

Investors choose this valuable metals investment because it can grow your assets tax-free. Also, after retirement, you may withdraw the cash without having to pay tax for the amounts you take.

Why You Have To Invest In Silver IRA

The demand for silvers is the highest among other valuable metals, which are good as assets, especially in an economic turmoil. When people lose interest in investing in money, it is the turn for tangible assets like this metal.

  1. The Demand Remains High

Besides being used as a means for investment, silver is also widely used in several industries. It is a critical part of water treatment, solar panels, and also electric vehicles that the manufacturing demand is expected to grow this 2021. With the increase of the industry, the need for this valuable investment will increase even more.

  1. Portfolio Diversification

A silver IRA holds the value over time that makes it a great safe-haven asset. And in the world of investment, it is not advisable to put all your money in one place. Diversification in the portfolio is a must.

If you want to put your money in silver, invest a portion of your whole money in Bitcoin & Silver IRA. When putting the funds in a stable asset, you are protected when the economy is down. This part can be an anchor for the portfolio, while you can invest others in more high-return investments.

By Karan Bhardwaj

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.