September 9, 2022

How to Send Starbucks Gift Card via Text?


How to Send Starbucks Gift Card via Text – Do you want to give a Starbucks gift card as a present but didn’t know how? You can send a gift card via text message, email, or using the Starbucks mobile app.


If the receiver has an iPhone, they will receive an instant gift voucher in their chat app, in android it will display a URL link to the gift card online in the browser window.

How to Send Starbucks Gift Card via Text?

How to Send Starbucks Gift Card via Text

How can you Send Starbucks Gift Card Via Text? 

With an iPhone, you can just text to send a Starbucks eGift to your family members or best friend without any effort. 

First, you have to Sign up for the Starbucks Rewards account today After logging in, go to the eGifts page. This is where you’ll find gift cards with gorgeous photos and texts.

There are several concepts that are available for you to pick up, including special days like anniversaries, birthdays, and many more. 

After you’ve chosen the card you want, you’ll need to decide your Starbucks Card’s value. 

Remember to provide contact information for both persons that are involved, as well as a private message if necessary. Then it’s time to pay with the Starbucks card to complete the transaction.

The gift card will be sent immediately to your friend when he\she will receive and views it, you will also get a notification. 

Can you send a Starbucks Gift Card Through Email?

Yes, it is possible to send a Starbucks gift card via email. But there is an issue. If the recipient’s device is iOS 10 or even newer, they will only receive an eGift voucher in their text messages. If not, all you will receive is a URL link.

Can you send a Gift Card Through the Starbucks App?

Yes, it is possible to send an eGift card that works with the Starbucks mobile app. You will find the step-by-step instructions on the brand’s YouTube account in the form of online video instructions.

FAQs (frequently asked questions):

  • How can I send a gift card online?

There are some ways to send a gift card online. One way is to go to the gift card company’s website and enter the receiver’s information. You can also email the gift card to the recipient, or print out a physical copy and give them in person.

  • Can you take a screenshot of the Starbucks barcode?

Yes, it is possible to take a screenshot of the barcode on your Starbucks receipt. This will get you rewards and discounts from Starbucks.

  • What Can I Use a Starbucks Gift Card For?

Starbucks eGift cards are versatile. It also works as a physical gift card that you can use to buy Starbucks drinks, food, or merchandise. Plus, you can make online payments at stores with it. 

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