How to Improve Performance of Data Center?

For modern companies, such as a managed service provider or a cloud-based developer, data centers hold key importance in business strategies. In fact, it is probably the only thing that can fulfill the need for the highest possible connectivity across platforms for these businesses.

While some companies choose to lease a pre-equipped data center facility, others resort to simply setting up their own infrastructure. Of course, the cost is one of the major factors that influence this decision, but is it the only one?

How to Improve Performance of Data Center?

How to Improve Performance of Data Center

Through years of research and investigation, industry experts have come up with some of the most influential factors that can affect the performance of a data center. And subsequently, the operations for a company.

4 Things That Can Impact The Performance Of Your Data Center

Let us have a look at the 4 most influential of these factors.

  1. Heat Dissipation

The increasing industry demands have also increased the need for installation of more and more hardware within the limited space. While this helps reduce the redundancy factor, it also increases the heat generation by the system. Experts in data center cooling suggest that circulating cool air over the server components can help reduce the temperatures significantly. In addition to this, there must also be proper heat dissipation systems that not only draw out the heat but also drain it down a heat sink. It needs no saying that the electronic devices operate better within their specific temperature range. Therefore, cooling down the data center temperatures can surely improve performance. 

  1. Zombie Servers

As already mentioned, growing infrastructural needs have also demanded more hardware installation. Besides generating a lot of heat, this has also led to another serious issue with the data center management. Many of the data center operators often forget to remove their assets which are no longer necessary or useful. These assets eventually turn out to be zombie servers. Since these zombie servers are no longer in use, they occupy unnecessary data space and thus affect the overall performance.

  1. Clearing Off The Clutter

In addition to removing the zombie servers, another possible way to improve a data center’s performance is to declutter the room. Unnecessary wires or cables not just give rise to accidents, but also add up to the thermal coefficient of the room. These materials are traps for heat and can load the cooling systems unnecessarily. Subsequently, the performance of the data center is affected along with increasing energy consumption.

  1. Replacing The Conventional HDD Storage With SSD Formats

Considerably, when upgrading the infrastructure of a data center, a good decision would be choosing solid state devices over hard disk drives. The SSD memory devices are more efficient, less energy peckish, and also take up a lot less space as compared to their older counterparts- HDD. This is by far one of the easiest methods to improve the efficiency of a data center.

Datacenter management is indispensable to modern businesses. And the increasing demand for better performance also demands better infrastructure in these facilities. At the same time eliminating any factor that could hamper the performance also needs to be removed.