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How To Get A New Birth Certificate Online/Offline?



First, we need to know why the birth certificate is a crucial document that one needs to have with them. A birth certificate issued by the law in itself a proof that establishes the date and facts of one’s birth. The Indian government offers 21 days of time-window to register a new birth online/offline and on that basis, a new birth certificate is issued.

How To Get A New Birth Certificate Online/Offline?

New Birth Certificate

New Birth Certificate

So, don’t be worried if you just became parents of a newborn here is a quick guide:

  1. First, Get a Birth Certificate Confirmation Form from your local municipal authority’s Registrar’s Office.
  2. Second, Fill up the form within 21 days of the child’s birth.
  3. Third, When a birth record submitted by the parents (date, time, place of birth, parent ID, nursing home, etc.) has been checked by the registrar, the receipt will be provided for the new birth certificate.
  4. Fourth, (For the curious parents) After 7 days of receiving the recipient one can take a follow-up about the estimated date of the new birth certificate release.
  5. Fifth, Through sending a self-addressed envelope to the local municipal office, the birth certificate will be sent to the corresponding address within 7-14 working days.

*Note: If by any chance/reason the birth certificate is not registered within 21 days of its occurrence, the birth certificate shall be released after the review by the police authority.

Looking for an online guide to the new birth certificate registration process?

In case you are not able to make it to the local municipal office a number of the websites registered under the law provide you with an online application process.

This process will be just as similar to the offline process but much more easily accessible.

  • All you have to do is register on the website, a note will appear along with a request to search your email ID to validate your registration.
  • You can check your email inbox for any recent mail regarding set up a new password for login. Set it up and sign in once again.
  • A form will pop up to fill in the name of your child, his or her parents, and the location.
  • Fill it upload the required documents online and submit after 24 hours.
  • Once the process is done you can print that form and submit it to the municipal office.
  • Don’t be worried now the new birth will be reaching you within the next few working days.

A lot of people/parents in and around the world are still not aware of the fact ad use of an officially published birth certificate, here is why you need to get your kids certificate!

-“Birth certificates are essential because you intend to register for other government records, such as your personal identity card, school, and college application, visas and other related papers. If you don’t have one, your age will still be in doubt, which would make anything else a very tiresome operation”.

An individual without a birth certificate will not be recognized as an Indian citizen and will not be eligible to receive all benefits/rights.

And, please try to get your child’s birth certificate as soon as possible after conception!

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