Have you ever come across image theft? If your answer is yes, you already know how common image theft is on the internet and how difficult it is to detect.

Nowadays, with the internet playing such a significant role in the photographer’s work (including making a living), tracking your images can be a challenge. Digital image theft is becoming a growing problem, especially on social media.

How Do You Know if Someone is Stealing Your Images?

How Do You Know if Someone is Stealing Your Images

According to a search, more than 3 billion pictures are posted on the web every day, and about 85% of being used without a valid license; this is a widespread act of image theft that can cause enormous damage to the digital economy.

Luckily, this guide explains precisely how to discover stolen online with the goal that you can begin securing your copyright straightaway. It also introduces the most common and effective methods for detecting image plagiarism on the internet.

Access the Image Search Tool

The most effective way to find out if a photo has been stolen n the internet is to perform a reverse image search and a bit of detective work. The picture search tool helps to obtain information about your work. For example, if you are a professional artist or photographer with prominent social media. Uploading photos of your work is essential for maintaining or enhancing your digital image. the image search tool can help you find out if your content has been stolen or used without your approval and consent.

You can search using images to explore all pages or sources that use your content, and all the details.

The functions of this tool correspond to those of Google, Bing, and Yandex. All you need to do is to upload the picture you want to search. This advanced image search engine is based on content-based image search (CBIR) through which you can aptly search by image.

Many people are interested in searching for similar images for various reasons, such as finding the source of the image or a higher resolution image.

Head to Google Reverse Image Search

Internet search engines can be a great tool to find out if anyone is using your photos for picture searches without your permission. When using the picture searching option on a search engine, you are mainly looking for images on the internet, not searching.

Performing a reverse Google image search is a good way to get a rough idea of ​​where the image has been used on other websites, and if so, how often.

This search by image method will display similar images, other sizes of the picture you are looking for, and any websites, blogs, or personal information that use stolen images. This is especially useful when you are looking for a single image.

Google reverse image search can find out if your picture is used by someone. For that, you need to go to google images. Click the small camera icon in the search bar, a window titled search by image will open.

You can opt for any of the three search methods i.e. paste into the search box, view the image URL by right-clicking the image on the Web, and selecting “Copy Image Address”. Press the upload picture option and select one of the photo files. Drag and drop photos from the computer into the search box.

What If You Find out Your Picture is Stolen?

If you get to know that your images on the Internet have been used without your consent, you have many options. You can check out the steps below to get closer to the result that works best for you.

  • Contact that Person or Website Directly

Sometimes someone uses other people’s pictures without realizing it. There is a misunderstanding that if something is easily found on the Internet, it can be used harmlessly without permission. If you find that someone has used your photo, you can contact that person directly.

By Karan Bhardwaj

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