2019 saw a new high in the cost of ransomware attacks that surpassed $7.5 Billion. And it is expected to rise even more in 2020. The issue is that technology has become smarter and is a blessing in so many ways. But its users have become even smarter and found ways to turn this blessing into a curse for others. From the invention of the very first computer virus to the ransomware havoc, technology manipulation has come a long way, and businesses are the key consequences bearers of this mess.

How to be Safe from Ransomware Attack?

How to be Safe from Ransomware Attack

Someone reaches out to your system, freezes it, and asks for a hefty amount if you want the data and control of the system back. That’s what ransomware is, and that’s what has become one of the worst nightmares for businesses.

But isn’t there any way to stop this fraud and save your data? The answer is: Yes, there is!

Here are given some tips and tricks to sharpen up your safety mode and secure you from ransomware attacks:

Update Your Operating System

Your operating system is the gateway that let’s such attackers in and take control of your system. So always keep your operating system updated with every new update. These updates are for your own good and come up with a new security system to prevent any security disaster. So don’t ignore such updates because they are your savior.

Install Antivirus Software

Besides updating your OS, installing a good firewall program is also a key factor that determines the strength of your security system. It prevents a malicious website from opening in your browser and blocks spammy emails that can also be a phishing attack. So antivirus software is a must-have to save ransomware attacks.

Back-Up Your Data

Keep yourself prepared for the worst. Why ransomware attackers succeed in getting money out of your pocket is because they get hands-on your data that you can bear to lose. But what if you have a copy of your data saved in another hard drive? You wouldn’t have to worry about data breach or file getting corrupted. So regularly keep a data back-up to save yourself from any future unfortunate situation.

Be Cautious While Clicking Anything

Online criminals have become way too intelligent than you can think of. They have levied the web of fake websites and email phishing attacks that can make you a victim of such attacks if you end up clicking on such sites or downloading any file attachment. So check the domain and sender’s name and the body of the content carefully before clicking on anything.

Train Your Employees

No matter how good your firewall system is, if your employees aren’t sensitized enough regarding the underlying issue, they can end you up in trouble. So keep special training programs for your employees and guide them about what they should and shouldn’t do while using the internet. You can hire special training firms that have in-depth knowledge of the possible threats and proven ways to obscure the possibility of such attacks. They can guide your employees for good.

Build a Security Policy

Build a security policy that strictly revolves around the online conduct of the employees, who should have sensitive business information, how to prevent the possibility of an attack, and what to do if any unfortunate incident occurs. When you are dealing with brainy criminals, you have to think one step ahead. It not only involves what you should do to prevent any attack but also revolves around what you should do if any such incident occurs to minimize the dire consequences of such attacks.

By Karan Bhardwaj

Karan Bhardwaj, Founder of Geeknism worked as a Digital Marketer since 2012 and has expertise in Tech Niche. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.