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How to Apply for Death Certificate?



Death certificate application and it’s procedure varies from person to person. Specifically, in the case of Delhi, the issuing of the death certificate is made mandatory for every person. The process has to be stipulated in the given period of time. The act of registration that was passed in the year 1961 states clearly that all the deaths have to be recorded under the death act provision in Delhi.

How to Apply for Death Certificate?

Apply for Death Certificate

Apply for Death Certificate

The authority of issuing a death certificate in Delhi lies under the various functions performed by the Municipal corporation. This certificate is important for state records about its resident citizens. 

The Requirement of a Death Certificate

The death certificate may be required for many important tasks to be fulfilled after the passing away of the deceased. Some of the important things for which death certificate is a must are as follows:

  1. The cause of death can only ever be expressed and accepted via the mode of government authorized and issued a death certificate. This has a vital role in cases of suspicious circumstances of death.
  2. All the important information surrounding the death of an individual is covered under the death certificate. It includes the purpose of death, the time of death and the place of that. All of it is legally verified. The medical records are matched and only the details are dispatched.
  3. For many issues concerning social importance, legal purposes and many official records and claims death certificate can be a must requirement.
  4. When a person passes away without claiming their property rights to heredity, the disputes solving may require the death certificate as a primary document.
  5. To recover any insurance claimed by the name or under the details of the deceased, the claim can only be recovered by providing a government-approved death certificate.
  6. In the case of genealogical information also, the death certificate is a necessity.

Registration of a Death Certificate

The registration in the state of Delhi has to be completed within a stipulated time period of 21 days only as under the state government headlines. The person who is responsible for the task of registering for the death certificate is also specified in the official rules and guidelines. 

The people who are eligible for the process of registering for a death certificate are as follows:

  • The registrar office is the place assigned for the purpose of death certificate registration. In the case of a common household, the process has to be completed by the oldest member of that household. Others are not eligible for this purpose.
  • If the death is due to a medical condition or while the purpose of hospital stays, the responsibility falls among the hospital authority and medical representatives to register the death in the registrar office. 
  • In case of a death that has been recorded in the jail premises, the responsibility falls among the staff and in charge of the concerned jail. The nearest registrar office has to be visited and death details are registered by the jail staff.
  • In rare cases of public death, the police department is required to report the death to the registrar’s office. The head of the village is also considered as eligible for this process.

The cause of death is carefully put on the certificate after proper examination of all the details such as date, time, place of death. The process of death certificate approval goes through the medical examiner as well as a local police verification and examination. The documents are only then declared as valid by the state government and acceptable to various other organizations as a legal submit able proof of death.

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