House Paint Mod Apk for Android [Complete Guide]

Hey buddies! Looking for the latest House Paint Mod Apk? Or Looking for the best and easiest method to download the House Paint Mod Apk? If yes, Then we have the best solution for the same. With the help of this article, you will be able to download the Latest Mod of House Paint. The method that is described below is the easiest one. Anyone can apply it and download the game. So what are you waiting for? Go through the article and read it completely to get more information about the game and its exciting features.

House Paint Mod Apk

House Paint Mod Apk
House Paint Mod Apk

House Paint is like a Puzzle game that will take you to your childhood once again. You will enjoy the game a lot. As there are so many exciting features of the game. The game has 300 different levels that a player has to complete to proceed in the gameplay. All you have to do is to drag the brush with color in the empty white area of the house. While coloring the house, you will have to face some obstacles like Doors, Windows, bricks that will try to make coloring difficult for you. Also, you have to keep in mind that you can drag the brush in only one direction. So you have to make a strategy and then play.

Info – House Paint Mod Apk

      Name: House Paint Mod Apk

      Latest Version: V1.3.2

      Supported Android OS: Android Version 4.1 and later

      File Size: 25.5 MB

      Category: Mod, Puzzle game

      Last Updated: June 25, 2019

Features of House Paint Mod Apk

Here are the exciting features of the House Paint game. It is recommended to read them before moving to the steps section. So have look.

1. Gameplay

The first feature that players love the most is the Gameplay of House Paint. The gameplay of House paint is very simple, easy, interesting and engaging also. In this modern era, everyone is busy in his daily routine and work schedule. Nobody has time to perform fun activities to reduce their stress and tiredness. In this situation, some stress-relieving games can help you. And House paint is one of them. The gameplay is so satisfying that is will reduce some of your stress.

White houses always look boring right? It is time to color the houses. When you will start the game you will have to complete the level first to move forward in the game. You just have to swipe the brush in the white space or you can say empty space of the house in order to color it. And when all the spaces will be filled then you will pass the level.

You will find some obstacles like windows, doors, bricks while coloring the wall. As the gameplay will proceed and you will go up in the progress ladder then the levels will become harder. You have to complete and pass all the levels in order to win the game.

2. Levels

A game is always incomplete without tasks and levels. Levels in the game always add more fun in the game. Therefore, House paint includes 300 difficulty levels for its players. So that players can always find something new in the game and they will not get bored with the game. You will find every level interesting because each is like a puzzle. And it is specially designed to reduce stress and to attract users.

There are so many games available on the Internet that claims to offer interest and engaging content to the users. But not every game can provide you that. This because most of the games have only limited content to offer. Gamers start feeling bored with the game after some time because of the limited gaming content.

But this will not happen with the House Paint. As there are 300 different levels, with different difficulties, are waiting for you. You just have to drag the brush in the empty white area and fill the colors. But remember that you can swipe the brush in only one direction. So, carefully make a strategy to complete the level.

3. Easy Controls

As we have mentioned that the House Paint game has interesting and engaging gameplay to offer. Also, it has great content to deliver to its players. And additionally, there is one more feature that makes it more interesting. And that is its controlling system. The controlling system of the game is very simple and easy to handle.

There are so many games available on the Internet that comes with complex controls. The problems come with these games is that not all people can play them easily. This is because not every user is techy enough to handle the complex controls of the game. And therefore the House Paint game includes very easy controls that you can easily handle. And it results in that every user can play the game easily.

4. Graphics

When we talk about the graphics of the game then it has the best quality graphics. The objects are designed with fine and smooth detailing. The colors used in the game are very eye catchy and seems very attractive and beautiful. We can say that graphics, lighting effects, and colors used in the game are one of the major factors that attract most of the users in the game. So we can say that the graphics of the house paint are of very good quality.

How To Download House Paint Mod Apk

  1. First of all, install House Paint game from Play Store.
  2. Now, it’s time to install king of mod app Lucky Patcher in your Android phone.
  3. Now, open Lucky Patcher & look for House Paint in it.
  4. Click on it and select available number of MODs.

Final Verdict

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