Hello readers, Welcome to our website and on this page. From the article here you are going to get the ultimate ‘GoDaddy Webmail Login’ guide. In this article, you are going to get the step-by-step easy guide of GoDaddy email account logingo daddy account creation, Webmail creation for your business or personal profile, Forgotten Login password recovery, customer support number, and much more.

Godaddy is known for its online service related to domain and hosting. It serves more than 13 million customers and more than 4908 employees are successfully working for the company worldwide. So, go through the article below and you will end up with clarity about the Go daddy Webmail access and you can find multiple Godaddy Alternatives.

Godaddy Webmail Login

Godaddy Webmail Login

What is Godaddy Webmail Account?

Godaddy Webmail provides you (go daddy web browser but not a common client) the service of sending and receiving the email with the Go daddy server. All the email of Go daddy is stored on a server. The server can belong to email providers, web hosting providers, or that of the internet service provider. You can personalize your webmail address with go daddy. In short, we can say that the go daddy Webmail is a Personal, domain-based, business email that works as Word mouth advertising of your website as well as your company.

With this go daddy webmail service, you become absolutely secure in exchanging your email because it has tied up with PROOFPOINT which is a next-generation cybersecurity company.

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Salient Features of Godaddy Webmail

Go daddy Webmail which is commonly known as Go daddy workspace email service. The go daddy workspace emails are stored and backed up independently from your Cpanel account if you have a hosting account.

This Go daddy workspace email service gives you the authority to create an email address corresponding to your chosen domain name like yourname@yourcompany.com (Tomjoe@quickcreate.com).

The Go daddy email workspace (webmail) is the better choice and alternative available for small as well as large businesses.

You get a 50GB email storage cloud as well as 1 TB secure online storage and Microsoft Office 365 installed in your respected PCs or Mac.

What is a Webmail Account?

Webmail is basically a professional mailing platform that can only be created of that particular Domain, with which you are having your business, website, or online platform. So ultimately, the webmail also gives you the identity of your business with your name.

For example, if your name is David and you have a website named samplework.com and you want to have the Webmail account of it, then you can created it webmail account as Davidjoe@samplework.com

If you have a company or business and want to give access to your employees to your companies webmail account then you can buy it from your account managing option. And most of the company use this mailing service to give access to their employees to their company webmail itself which looks professional rather than like davidjoe@gmail.com

Note: You can exchange email (send and receive email) between your Webmail and Gmail account and also between your business webmail (e.g. davidjoe@samplework.com) and other business webmail (e.g. brownbie@technogig.com)

Go Daddy Webmail Login – All Steps

To go with one of the many login portals of Go daddy i.e ‘Go Daddy Webmail Login’ then you can follow the below instructions mentioned to you here which is secure and quick because you will be able to access your account via the main official website of it.

  1. So first visit the official website of Go daddy via the official website link i.e godaddy.com
  2. Open your PC or Laptop You are using and in the URL section of it, type the official website in there and press the enter button of your keyboard.
  3. As soon you follow the link, you will be redirected to the main homepage of the site.
  4. There on the main page, look at the top right corner of it and you will find a login button present.
  5. Now you will have to click on that login button and you will be shown a pop-up menu with so many options in it including Login portal links of the different portals.
  6. Check out the ‘Go daddy Webmail Login’ option on that pop-up which you will find in the middle of that pop-up, click on it.
  7. On clicking, you will be redirected to another separate page dedicated only for Go daddy Webmail login.
  8. The same Go Daddy Webmail Login official page can also be opened by the direct link.
  9. Now once you are on the main official Go daddy Webmail Login pageyou will be shown two main sections out there.
  10. The first one is Email which is the first section and followed by the password section in the second place.
  11. You will have to fill in your Username in the first section and followed by your registered password in the second section of it.
  12. Make sure that the login credentials entered there are already associated with your registered account or else you will be shown the login error again and again.
  13. After entering your Login credentials correctly there, you can check the small square box present just beside the ‘Keep me signed in’ option on that login page.
  14. This will help you by remembering your email and password for your next time easy login go.
  15. Now you will have to click on the Sign In button below and you are done.
  16. Now you will be taken to the webmail account of you with go daddy.

Forgot Your Go daddy Webmail Password? Follow Here

Since today due to our so many accounts online, we often forget our password for the registered account. In this case, if here also, you have forgotten your Go daddy Account login password which ultimately obstructing you to access your account by showing you the Password error again and again, then follow the information to get the best alternative it.

  1. On the main Go daddy Webmail Login page, which you can go via the above instructions mentioned to you, you will find the ‘I forgot’ option beside the Password entry section.
  2. Click on that ‘I forgot’ option and in the next step, you will be taken to another page where you will ask to fill in your email address.
  3. Here one thing is to keep in mind that the email address you are mentioning there is already associated with our registered webmail account of go daddy.
  4. Fill the email there and below that you will see the ‘I am not a robot’ option which verifies you whether you are the robot and not and then gives your account access.
  5. Verify yourself there by clicking on the small square box there.
  6. (as soon as you click on that square box you might be shown some of the Google Captcha and images there which you will have to match by the instructions given to you and then click on the CONTINUE button present below.
  7. In the next step, you will be sent an email with the new password recovery instructions. So check out the inbox of your email and follow the link sent to you there. This is the instruction about new password recovery which you will get by just following the instructions step by step.
  8. In the next step, you will have to fill in your new password and submit it. You are done.
  9. Now you are with a new password in your hand, use this new password for your next time easy login to access your account.

Not Having Account with GO DADDY? Registered Here.

As you know that login is only possible when you already have an account with Go daddy because Login is actually the key to access your account.

So, if you don’t have an account with Go daddy and you are not registered with it then follow the step-by-step guide given here and by following it you can easily register yourself with Go daddy and have personal access to it.

Once you land on the main Homepage via the link in.godaddy.com look at the top right corner of that page and you will find the Sign In button there.

Once you click on it you will be shown a pop-up and from the pop up you will have to select the option of ‘Create my Account’ and you will have to click on it.

On clicking you will be redirected to another page where you will be asked to fill in the following details:

  1. Your Email address
  2. User name ( this you will have to enter at the time of Login)
  3. Related password
  4. Support PIN ( this pin will be useful when you want to contact Support in the future)

Fill the above information in the allotted section for it and better write it somewhere which is going to help you at the time of login, if you don’t remember.

Once you have filled in all the information correctly, click on the Create Account button below.

You are done. Now you are successfully registered with the Godaddy account.

Steps to Create/ Setup Go daddy Webmail Account

Follow the information given below step by step to know how can you create a Webmail account with your Go daddy Personal account and keep in mind that this is the only way you can have a webmail account of your domain, Hosting, or business. So here, follow the steps to know the way you can have your Go daddy Webmail account.

  • First of all, Login to your main Go daddy accounts with the help of your go daddy account USERNAME and PASSWORD.
  • Once you are inside your account, you will find a ‘My Product’ option present on the top left side and beside the Home button.
  • Click on the MY PRODUCT button there and you will be shown you go daddy product list and services in the next step.
  • Now you click on the ‘Mange’ option present beside the list of accounts you want to create webmail for.
  • In the next step, you will have to click on the SETUP option.
  • Now you will have to select your credit type, Size and Region as well.
  • Select your Domain/ Product you want to associate with the email account you selected and then click on the SETUP option.
  • Now come back to your email list and then click on the Manage button present next to your account you want to use.
  • Now click on CREATE button present at the top of the email address list.
  • Here you will have to fill the EMAIL ADDRESS you want to create like YOURNAME@betterway.com [e.g. jasmit@betterway.com]
  • Now enter a New Password and confirm that password to your email address.
  • In the end, you will have to click on the ‘CREATE’ button to set up the Go daddy Webmail address.

GoDaddy Customer Service Contact Support

If you want to get help or information directly by contacting Go daddy then go with the information below. Go daddy voice support is available 24/7 and the service is quickly responsive.

U.S. customer support numbers are:

  • For English Call: +1 480 505 8877
  • For Espanol Call: +1 480 463 8300
  • Alternatively, you can call on the no. 1-866-938-1119 which is reported to have the lowest waiting time.
  • Indian Go Daddy Voice Support No: +91 40 49187600

You get a Complete List of Go daddy international Support number here in.godaddy.com/contact-us BETTER YOU LINK THIS URL to here the word

Godaddy Mobile Login: Mobile Mail on Your Phone [Android or iPhone]

Today when mobile has become the easiest tool for us to utilize the service. You can use this to access the Go daddy Mobile Mail. Mobile Mail is a simplified webmail interface that you can use on your phone’s web browser.

In order to access Mobile Mail, log in at mobilemail.secureserver.net, or mobilemail.yourdomain.

Set Up My Email on Android

As you know the use of the android phone is at the peak so, Go daddy has also launched the workforce emailing app which you can download and use for your android phone. Via the app, you can send and receive business emails easily.

Depending upon the make, model, and network provider, the steps to set up the email on your android device may vary. However here we have given you the common issue resolve (username, password, and server setting) for your easy webmail account setup on your android phone. Follow the steps below:

  1. So, first, open the installed application of go daddy mail on your android device.
  2. If you already have an email account set up, then first click on the Menu button and tap on the Account.
  3. Press the menu button again and now tap on Add account.
  4. Now it will ask for some details like email address and password.
  5. Fill in the account-associated email address and password there in the sections asking for it and click on the Next button below.
  6. Next, tap on IMAP and enter the following setting for the incoming server
  7. For the outgoing servers enter the setting mentioned below.
  8. Now when you are sure that the Username (your full email address) and related password entered there are correct, click on the Require Sign-In
  9. Now done click on the Next button below.
  10. Once again type next
  11. Now name your account and enter the name there which you want to be displayed for your outgoing messages.
  12. Next tap on done

You have successfully set the android web mailing account. To check whether it is set, send one email from your webmail account for outgoing server test and again sent a mail to your webmail from another mailing to test your incoming server works.

Points to Be Noted:

Some android devices and email clients do not require sign in. in that case if the above setting doesn’t work for you, then go back to step 7 and uncheck Require sign-in and then proceed with the Setup procedure.

Once have followed all the steps above but it didn’t work then you might need some additional setting and changes depending upon the place you live and the ISPs you use.

In that case, contact the Customer voice support no. to get your issue resolve. Follow the contact details from the customer contact section mentioned to you.

Set up My Email on iPhone or your iPad

If you are an iPhone or iPad user and want to access the Go daddy mailing app installed in your iPhone or IPad so that you can send and receive the business emails easily, then follow the instructions here.

  1. First, click on the Setting App of your Phone.
  2. Next, Click on the Wifi option and OFF it by tapping on the toggle button beside it.
  3. Once done tap on the setting button again to go back to the setting screen.
  4. Next tap on the Account & Password option there.
  5. Tap on ADD ACCOUNT.
  6. Next tap on
  7. Now tap on the ADD MAIL ACCOUNT option present there.
  8. Here in this step, you will have to fill in your Name which you want to be displayed to the receiver.
  9. You Email Address
  10. Related Password in the next section and a little description if you want to live there.
  11. Once you have filled in the information there, click on the Next button present above.
  12. Now tap on IMAP
  13. Go to the Incoming Mail Server section and Under New Account enter the following details:
  • Host Name: ‘imap.secureserver.net’
  • Your webmail (workspace email) Username and Password.
  1. Under the Outgoing Mail Server section enter the following details:
  • Host Name as ‘smtpout.secureserver.net’
  • Next your Email (Username and password) of Workspace email.
  1. Once done the information filling there, click on Next, and your mobile device will start verifying your setting. (Stay calm because it may take several minutes to verify.)
  2. Tap on the save button below.
  3. Now go back to your setting screen and set Your Wifi ‘On’.
  4. Tap the mail present there to open the application.
  5. To check whether it is set or not, click send an email to yourself and reply to that message to check whether Your outgoing server works properly.

Note: In case the above setting doesn’t work, better call back to the customer voice support of Go daddy from the section given for customer contact.

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Final Word

Hope at the end of this article you are completely satisfied with your query related to GoDaddy Webmail Login.

From the above article presented to you, we have tried to cover all the related information about the GoDaddy Webmail Login, and step by step process to access it, Password recovery, the significance of webmail, how to create it, international Go daddy customer support no. etc. with easy step by step process. You are also given the direct link to land on the related page easily.

By now you are satisfied with the godaddy sign in the information provided to you. If you find this article helpful enough, let us know via your feedback which you can drop in the comment section of our page. You can also connect with us via the official email in case you have any queries.


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