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GLS Tracking – Courier Tracking of GLS in Italy, Germany, Ireland & UK



Well, greetings readers, today we are going to provide you all the important information related to GLS Tracking which includes GLS parcel tracking, GLS courier tracking, GLS tracking contact number, GLS tracking number format, and many more. We are going to provide all information related to those step by step.

GLS guarantees trustable solutions for shipping in Europe and all other worlds whether it is nationally or internationally. Don’t worry you are able to find all related information related to GLS tracking.

GLS Tracking – Complete Process

GLS Tracking

GLS is extended its parcel to 41 countries in Europe and seven countries in the United States of America. GLS has reliable partners in many other states. GLS with its subsidiaries is known for its trustworthiness, reliability, and high quality of standers. They have a very keen eye on the market and also have knowledge of their markets.

There is a regional next-day parcel service named Golden State overnight Delivery Service incorporation. it is known as the leading in regional provider the next day. This is owned by GLS. You can estimate what kind of brilliant service providers are working as its subsidiaries.

We are also going to provide the tools for GLS Tracking that is would be updated easily. With its help, you will be able to find the details of the present status of your courier and track the path of the package.

GLS Track will provide batch management for shipment, GLS tracking API, and different options for receiving automated notification.

For it, GLS uses the third party tool which is basically a parcel tracking tool. The name of this tool is Tracking More. This tool is also famous as a multi-carrier tracking tool. It has a responsibility to support postal couriers and parcel tracking around the world with 477 express online.

For it, you need to enter a tracking number, reference number, or air waybill number to trace the packages whether it is national or international.

For it, you need to upload the CSV files or shipment tracking API if you want to track more than one packages.

TrackingMore tool will display all details of tracking at the same time in one place but the condition is that you need to check the status of international parcels shipping through GLS. You will get all the information of both countries from it was started and from where it is ending.

Subscribe notification of email delivery in the Tracking of GLS result page if you want to get automatic alerts on the update of order status.

About – GLS Track

Many of you must have listened to the name of the famous GLS Company in its field. Who don’t have any idea about it I am going to provide a brief introduction to the GLS company.

GLS stands for General Logistics Systems. GLS is a logistic company which is acquired by Dutch British. GLS is established in late 1999. Most of you don’t know that in Europe it is the third biggest logistics service provider, which is working right now in 42 countries of Europe.

GLS is known for its service providing expertise worldwide. Only some high-risk countries due to political view, are far from its’ range for Postal services.

For your kind knowledge, GLS has made a record by shipping 363,000,000 parcels for customers with numbers of 220,000. That generated €1.75 billion as revenues.

How to Track GLS Parcel/Courier by Tracking System?

I have already mentioned the name of the tool for Track GLS Parcel. The name of the tool is TrackingMore. Here I am going to tell you how to use this tool to track the GLS Parcel/Courier.

The tool is used to getting real-time details of GLS Parcel tracking, GLS courier tracking, GLS package tracking and also provide the options of many languages like French, Spanish, German, English, and many more.

Below I am providing you steps of how to use GLS-Tracking for Package.

  1. Management for Shipment Tracking
  • Notification for Automatic GLS tracking and Delivery- first get login the shipment tracking API. Then set up the Notification Setting. It will help the system to automatically track the GLS waybills and sequencing give notification when getting transited, picked up, delivered, or other exceptions.
  • It is very compatible with different companies. GLS will collect all the data together so that it is easy for you to manage the shipment in a particular place.
  1. Linguistic support-Do you know that GLS Tracking has the ability to support sixteen different types of languages? That is very useful and convenient for other countries to enjoy the services.

Which Companies Support GLS Track System?

As we know that GLS Company is most reliable and trustable. so there are too many companies working as its customers. Here below I am going to tell you the details of those companies which are compatible with GLS Tracking.

eBay, Aliexpress, Magneto are the most popular among those companies. You need to have the account in the TackingMore tool for these companies. GLS will collect data altogether.

GLS Contact Numbers

If you want any information about the GLS offer, having any feedback on improving service, you can contact them in the numbers I am providing you below.

  • For the GLS United Kingdom – 0344 800 4466 they will be available Monday to Friday 8 AM to 6 PM, charge on local rate.
  • For GLS Italy – +39 199 151188, you can get it from the official website
  • For GLS Germany- 06677-646907000
  • For Ireland- 01-8606200

Official Website:

More Guide:

Final verdict:

Congratulations folks you have got all the information that will be very useful for you when you are going to use GLS Track for tracking parcelscouriers, and packages. We have given the information from the scratch. If you read this complete article you will find that the possibility of loosening your packages will be lessened. This article has all the information about GLS Tracking from head to toe.

We are very happy to provide all this information regarding GLS. If you find anybody else who is in dire need of this knowledge, then recommend this article to them.

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